DESIRE IN DENIAL | Romantic Love Story | Episode 1 | Stories by Ima Udott
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Intro: Explore this romantic love story with inks of heartbreaks, emotional starvation, and of course desire in denial.

                    EPISODE 1

"...oh yeah! You keep blabbing about how I suddenly avoided getting intimate with you, have you also told her how many times we used to do it in the past before I decided to stop after realizing that you couldn't perform?

"I couldn't perform? How come you always screamed my name and begged me not to stop whenever we did it?"

"If you could do it, then why on Earth are we still here... with no kids?"

"I'm sure you meant to ask why you're not pregnant yet because I'm so sure it has absolutely nothing to do with me or my 'inability' to do it the way you want it. who knows what you've been doing in secret? You should..."

"Enough!" Melissa shut the two parties. She had had enough, watching the two-year-old married couple, display their madness before her.

Working as a Sex Therapist hadn't been the all-so-smooth experience she would've wanted it to be, but growing up and seeing her parents' poor sexual life; she started to dream of becoming one so she could help couples with their sexual health, help with healthy sexual appetites and rekindle the fire in relationships through great sex. 

She found the whole experience exhilarating and made sure she proffered a possible solution to each problem brought to her.

Similar cases like this had been brought on several occasions to her. She believed that just as she was able to help the others, she'd be able to solve their problem. She knew just what to do, hence, her self-confidence grew every day.

"For how long have you been married again?" She asked, looking at the couple who were waiting expectantly for her.

"Two years" replied Mr. Jones.

"Great. Mr. and Mrs. Jones, there's something you should know. First, there are couples out there who have been married for more than fifteen years without a child, yet the love still waxes stronger.

Second, you need to know that there's a difference between having sex and making love. From your arguments so far, I'm convinced that you have been having sex and not making love.

Tell me, how was the sex you had on your wedding night? Compare it to the ones you've been having on other days, is there any difference?" Melissa asked.

"Yeah. There's been a great difference. You are right. On our wedding night, we made love. The type I can never forget. It was a night I never wanted to end.

But after then, the rest of what we did was have regular sex. No emotions attached. I felt like we were just doing it because that's what every couple does. At some point, it became so boring to me," Mrs. Jones replied.

"Exactly my point. You have been married for only two years. It's too early to start blaming each other for infertility issues. Your marriage has a long way to go. In fact, this is the period you should enjoy each other's company to the fullest.

This is when you should get to know each other better. During this period, your libido should be extremely high. As long as none of you have a fertility issue, making babies shouldn't be a problem at this stage.

Babies will come at their will. What you should do now is get to know each other, enjoy yourselves and be the best couple you can ever think of.

From now on, be spontaneous in the art of making love, try out new stuff, and talk a lot about what you both like and prefer. Do not schedule when to have sex and when not to. You need to start making love. 

Think of that first night you shared. Bring back that passion, the hunger to devour each other, the uncontrollable desire. Allow yourselves to fall in love afresh. Promise me you will do exactly as I've told you from henceforth" Melissa said.

The couple looked at each other for a while and then in unison, they replied:

"We promise"

As soon as they left, Melissa heaved a sigh of relief and went back to fiddling with her laptop. Her office was an all-white room, with a large table and a swivel.

There was also a huge white sofa in the room and beside it, a giant potted purple plant. On the walls were sensual portrait photos of scantily class women, black and white vignettes of alluringly suggestive pictures which revealed to anyone who saw them her love for sensual pictures of herself and people around her; with their consent of course. 

On her desk were framed photos of her and her husband, a laptop, books on sexual health and healthy sexual appetites, a pen case, a coffee mug on a coaster, and a couple of papers that she needed to look into.

She was obviously exhausted from the day's activities. She looked at the time, picked up the telephone, and dialed the front desk. The phone was picked up by Priscilla, her secretary.

"Cancel every other appointment for today. I'll be leaving in a few minutes,"

"Dr. Walter is everything alright?" Priscilla asked through the phone. It was unusual because Melissa hadn't left the office this early before. 

"Just a slight headache. I'll be fine by tomorrow. Every other appointment should be rescheduled" 

"Alright, Dr."
Melissa left the office, feeling feverish. It was shown in her appearance that she wasn't okay. When she got home, she noticed that her husband's car was already packed in the garage.

Curious to know what her husband who was supposed to be at work would be doing at home by then, her gut feeling wasn't helping matters, so she hastened her steps into the house and what she saw made her knees give out.


Anticipate episode two.

Writer: Ima Udott