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A lot of things ran through Melvin's mind as he watched Jared drive off. He locked the door and went to the living room, wondering what was going on.

He didn't know what to believe anymore, Melissa was the same person who had refused to show him any atom of affection not even a peck, and all of a sudden, she waltzed into the house with another man kissing him fully on the lips.

He didn't want to believe that man was the reason his wife had refused to accord him the due affection he deserved.

He'd let her be for now, he wouldn't want to say anything about whatever was going on. With that thought he locked up and went to bed.

Melissa laid in bed that night hoping that at least Melvin would show a little bit of jealousy. She was thankful that Jared had offered to help her get back at Melvin.

"He's a good kisser though," she thought to herself, smiling slightly at the memory of the kiss they had shared.

The next morning, Melissa woke up to the smell of bacon and scrambled eggs. She wondered if Melvin was making breakfast for her, she was really excited at that thought and she hoped that it meant everything was settled.

She hurriedly rushed down to the dining to find Cecilia and Melvin seated, having breakfast like a normal couple, it took everything in her not to throw everything on the floor.

Cecilia watched Melissa in amusement, to spite her, she turned to Melvin, pecking his cheek.

"Melvin honey, we're still going to the gallery tonight, right? I really can't wait to spend a lot of time with you, it's almost like we do not spend a lot of time together."

"Cee bear, we just spent the whole of yesterday together and now, we're having breakfast, don't tell me you're missing me already."

He looked up and saw Melissa standing there in suppressed fury, and to make her more angry, he held Cecilia's hands and kissed her palm, looking straight at Melissa's face.

"Oh hey Melissa, didn't see you there"

"Of course he didn't," she thought sacarstically, rolling her eyes. She faked a smile and replied:

"Oh, I'm sure you didn't, I see you two are having breakfast. May I join you guys?"

"There's no need for that, we're almost finished and Melvin has to drop me off at the office before he goes for his meeting," Cecilia said, smirking at the now red-faced Melissa.

In less than ten minutes, they were done and left for work. Melissa stood in anger, watching them leave.

Immediately they left, she swiped everything off the table to the ground and screamed in anger. How dare Melvin disrespect her that way and that Cecilia girl, such guts she had to talk to her like they were friends.

If Melvin actually thought she'd sit back and watch him treat her like dust, then he'll have another surprise coming.

Just then, Jared rang her. She smiled when he told her through the phone that he was going to pay her a visit in her office later that day, to tell her of the latest plans her had come up with, for her.

She was going to spend almost the whole of that day at the office to attend to all the clients she couldn't attend to, the previous day.


Melvin laughed so hard in the office, while discussing with Cecilia of how successful their plans had worked so far. He, of course had used Cecilia to teach his wife a lesson of her life.

Only if he knew that even though Cecilia had initially agreed to his plans of playing along with him to get Melissa jealous, she was gradually falling in love with him.

While he was busy thinking of the next step to take, so that he could once again see the frustration on his wife's face, Cecilia was busy thinking of how to make him hers for real.

She looked at him in admiration, while he was talking. Right there in his office, she envisioned Melvin making love to her.

She fast forwarded her imaginations to the end of the month and saw Barrister Stanley finally dissolving his marriage. Then, she saw Melvin proposing to her immediately after the divorce.

Finally, she saw herself pregnant and even giving birth to a set of twins for Melvin. She was smiling and still drown in the ocean of her fantasy when Melvin brought her back to reality with a question.

"Cecilia, did you get what I said?"

"Huh?" She asked, startled.

"Seriously? What's up with you?" Melvin asked when he noticed she wasn't alright.

Cecilia pondered whether to tell him the truth that she was starting to fall for him. But then, she thought, what if he decides to end his friendship with her after telling him.

She didn't want to lose him. In fact, she was going to play along with him till she gets what she wants. She was going to seduce him for real. This game wasn't only going to be about Melissa anymore, she was going to be a full part of it.

"Nothing... just a slight headache," she finally replied.

"I guess you're stressed out. I'm sorry it's all my fault. I promise to reward you handsomely very soon"

"Jared, I want to ask you a question," Cecilia said, sitting up. She looked serious.

"Sure, shoot"

"Are you sincerely ready to divorce Melissa by the end of the month?"

"I can't stand losing my wife, no matter what happens. As a matter of fact, I'm doing all of these because I want her back.

I love Melissa so much that whenever I'm alone, I cry to God to give me back the woman I married six and a half years ago.

I only do all of these because I want her to realize her mistakes and come back to me. If she does, I'd be the happiest man on earth. I'm ready to receive her with open arms.

Cecilia, I'm sorry that I'm using you to get back at her, but believe me, I feel hurt each time I see her frustrated because of my actions. But all of these are meant to change her.

I actually felt very jealous when I saw another man kissing her last night, but something tells me she's trying to get back at me because the Melissa that I know has never cheated and will never cheat on me, no matter what.

Despite our misunderstandings, something inside of me melts each time I set my eyes on her. I want my wife back, I really do," he concluded.

Cecilia was boiling inside of her, while smiling outwardly and pretending she was cool with Melvin's confession.

"Melvin, you are my friend. I will do anything to help you get back your wife," she said and added within her, 'Anything! Even if it means getting pregnant for you'.

Since she was going to spend another night with Melvin to get Melissa jealous, she thought of a plan to execute her own selfish desires.

She was going to seduce Melvin and sleep with him, right inside his house, that night. The thought of this made her smile to herself when she left Melvin's office to hers, that afternoon.


Melissa was done attending to her clients that visited that afternoon. Just as she was about resting her back on the chair, Jared knocked and walked in.

She became cheerful all of a sudden when she saw him. She had waited patiently for him to come tell her the plan already.

"You said Cecilia sleeps over, right?" Jared asked.

"Yeah," she replied and even told him what happened that morning before she left to work.

"Great. How about I also come sleep over...in your room? We needn't sleep on the same bed, I can use the couch, provided it's in the room. I bet he'd be coming to eavesdrop on us every second," Jared said.

"Jared, I know my husband isn't right by bringing a woman to our matrimonial home, but I wouldn't want to do same. It's not right," Melissa said.

"I know, but you know why we're doing this. You have just a month's time, Melissa. You need to make a good use of it.

This is the period you'd get to know if truly your husband loves you. A man who watches his wife bringing another man home without taking any action, obviously doesn't love that woman.

If he gets jealous and reacts, then he'd pass our first test. Remember, he didn't react when I kissed you yesterday. So, you gotta try something else," Jared said.

"Alright then. You'll be home with me, tonight," Melissa said. Jared gave an awkward smile. His plans were gradually working.

While they were still conversing, Priscilla knocked and walked in with a letter in her hand. She handed the letter to Melissa and left.

Melissa quickly opened the letter and began to read. Her countenance suddenly changed as she throw the letter on the table and began pacing up and down the office in anger.

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