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Melissa waited patiently for Melvin to dress up. When he was done, she walked to the garage where their cars were parked.

"I'll drive us," Melvin said as he entered his car, expecting Melissa to enter as well.

But instead, Melissa walked to where her car was parked and hopped in. "I will drive mine," she said before driving out.

Melvin wasn't really surprised that she refused riding with him. They hadn't ridden together for a very long time. Every morning, she'd leave for work before he even woke up. On Sundays, he'd step out to have a drink with his friends while she did the laundry.

They had been this way for such a long time that they adopted it as a normal routine. They couldn't even recall the last time they had physical contact like hugging, pecking or even sitting together to see movies or eat. They were both always engrossed with one thing or the other.

After some minutes drive, they finally arrived Barrister Stanley's office. He was already seated, waiting for their arrival. Melvin began to feel uneasy when he walked into the office. He tried conversing with Melissa using his eyes, perhaps, to beg her to change her mind, but she deliberately avoided staring at him.

After exchanging pleasantries, the atmosphere became heated all of a sudden, especially when the old Barrister began to question the two parties.

"I'm sure you both are aware of the reason for this meeting?" Barrister Stanley began. Melvin noded while Melissa replied.

"Without wasting time, Dr. Walker, I'd like you to tell me why you want your marriage officially dissolved"

Melissa cleared her throat. "Alright. Melvin and I have been married for six and a half years, though most of the years we hardly spent them together. I mostly travel out of the country because of my nature of job. Melvin also goes on business trips and all. But we've never had issues with this. Everything was going pretty well until I decided to take my job to another level.

Because of this, I told my husband to give me just two years to put things in place, before we start thinking of making babies. But my husband doesn't seem to understand. He became a major problem to me by trying to make love to me at every slightest opportunity.

Melvin couldn't even wait. He was so desperate that he started giving himself pleasures. Just yesterday, I got home and realized that he wasn't home yet. As a caring wife, I decided to call him, only to hear the moan of a woman through my husband's phone.

So, I have decided to liberate him from this unhappy marriage. I am clearly not the one for him. At least, he's still very handsome, he can go get married to a woman who will give him everything I couldn't give him. That is why I want this marriage, dissolved," Melissa concluded.

Melvin laughed out loud, making both Melissa and the barrister to look at him in wonderment.

"It's your last line for me. 'As a caring wife...' Wow! A caring wife who couldn't satisfy her husband's needs; who didn't care one bit about what her husband had been going through; who chose her job over her husband; who has no single respect for the man she calls her husband; who plays by her own rules, while that of her husband doesn't matter. You deserve to be given an award as the best wife in the world," Melvin said, still laughing.

"Before the papers are brought for signing, I want you both to know that once your signatures are in those papers, you both are officially single. Hence, if there's anything that'd make you change your mind after then, you must be married again.

Once again, Dr. Walter, I want you to think deeply before you make this decision. Think of how highly the society sees you. Think of your reputation. Think of the millions of people looking up to you, praying to be like you. Think of the number of people you will lose after they get to know about your divorce.

Think of your job. You said you wanted to elevate your job. Come to think of it, how would you be able to elevate it when you're going to lose millions of clients? Have you thought about the mockery you'd get from your competitors? The awards you'd be denied and the disappointment you'd get everyday?" Barrister Stanley asked.

Melissa realized she didn't even think about all of what the barrister mentioned. She loved her job so much and she didn't want anything to bring the downfall of her job. If she must achieve the dreams she had always wanted to achieve, then she had to rethink.

She looked at the barrister, and then Melvin. She didn't want to be in the same house with this man anymore after her experience the previous night.

"Barrister Stanley, Melissa stated clearly that she'd be the happiest woman on earth if she divorced me. I want her to be happy. I do not want to be the reason for the downfall of her job since it matters to her so much.

Though I never thought a day like this would come because of the genuine love I have always had for her, but I can't be greedy by forcing her to stay in a toxic marriage. So, I am ready to sign the papers and let her be finally free," Melvin said.

"Melissa, are you ready?" The barrister asked, but Melissa didn't reply, she was lost in thoughts.

"Alright. Since you're in a state of dilemma, I want you both to do something for me. Go back home and think again, then come back with an agreed decision. You have a whole month to do this.

Meanwhile, by the power invested in me as a barrister, I give you both the right to do whatever you want to do, during this period. You have the liberty to go out, party, visit and even bring friends without being questioned by the other spouse.

Just live as if you are not married. This way, you're learning the processes of being single again so when you finally dissolve your marriage, it won't be difficult for you. Live as though your spouse doesn't exist. That freedom you've always wanted, have it and make use of it.

You need not sleep on the same bed if you don't want to. Make sure you enjoy yourselves to the fullest before the month ends. But, never ever sleep out. Make sure that no matter what you do, you both come back home, every night," Barrister Stanley concluded.

It sounded like the best idea to both Melissa and Melvin. They both agreed to the idea before they left the office.

"See you in a month's time," the barrister said, smiling as they walked out of the office.

As soon as they got home, Melvin called Cecilia to come over. Melissa overhead the call he made and was about to question him who was coming, when she remembered the agreement they had with Barrister Stanley.

She walked past him to the sitting room and turned on the television. She constantly stared at the door and it was so obvious that she wasn't focused on the television. She wanted to see who was coming to see her husband.

As soon as Cecilia arrived, she stretched her neck to see her. Melvin welcomed Cecilia, took her hand bag and led her by the waist to the guest room and locked the door. Mouth agape, Melissa stood up and walked briskly towards the guest room.

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