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"Yeah baby... harder...harder..." was what went straight to Melissa's ear as she clung to the phone in astonishment.

She looked at the phone to be sure it was her husband's number that she dialled. When she was sure there wasn't any mistake, she listened again and still heard the same sound. Then, the call ended.

Everything then became clear to her. Her husband hadn't only been masturbating, he was also cheating on her. She was yet to recover from the shock previous shock and now this?

Hell no! She wasn't going to go ahead with this anymore. She had had enough of his sheer indecency. That was the height of disrespect.

She cleaned the tears that had found their way to her cheeks, dialled barrister Stanley's number and he picked immediately.

"Melissa, is everything alright?" The barrister said through the phone. He had been their family lawyer since when they were married.

"I want a divorce," she blurted out.

"Melissa, have you been drinking?" The surprised barrister asked.

He was one of those who thought Melvin and Melissa to have the best marriage ever. He had never in his wildest imaginations thought that Melissa would think of anything related to divorce.

"I know what I'm saying, Barrister! I want this marriage dissolved, immediately!" Melissa was crying.

"Okay. Can you at least calm down? Melissa, it's late into the night. I want you to get some rest, I will see you tomorrow. We'll talk about this, tomorrow. I promise,"

"There's nothing, absolutely nothing to talk about! I want a divorce,"

The barrister who was still in shock, paused for a while, confused on what to do. He ran his hand through his hair, sighed before he resumed the conversation.

"Melissa, you know there's no way you can divorce through the phone, it's not done that way. Your husband is a lawyer as well and I'm sure you must've learnt some constitutional rules regarding the legal dissolution of a marriage from him, one of which is; both spouse must sign the divorce papers. Very important.

So, you can't do it alone, Melissa. Melvin has to agree on the divorce and as well sign the papers. It has procedures. Therefore, I'd advise you sleep over this decision and I will see you and Melvin, tomorrow. Good night." He ended the call before Melissa could say any other word.

Melissa cleaned the tears from her eyes. She lost the appetite to eat. She waited all night, but Melvin didn't return. Fresh tears started to drop from her eyes. She was restless.

The next morning, Melvin returned. He met Melissa pacing the room like an angry tiger who lost its prey.

"What's got your panties in a twist?"

Melissa looked at Melvin in shock. The nerve of the bastard coming in here and talking to her like all was well, how dare he ask her such question. She looked at him in disgust, and turned her face away looking the other way.

"Melissa I'm talking to you! What is wrong with you?"

"How dare you ask me that stupid question, you insensitive conniving hypocritical son of a bull. You are very very very very mad if you think I will answer your questions."

"Alright fine then. Don't answer, and see if I care" with that he turned to go

"Are you seriously leaving? Are you seriously just going to pretend you do not know what you did and walk out of here?" She asked hotly.

"Yes I am leaving, and no, I do not need to pretend I do not know what is going on especially when I do not. If you're not going to say what your problem is then forget I even asked. I had a very busy day yesterday and I just need to shower and get some rest."

"Of course you had a busy day yesterday, why wouldn't you...when you were busy making some other woman scream harder, all night. You lying monster. How dare you!!"

"Melissa, why are you making a great deal out of nothing? I was..."

"Really? I'm making a great deal out of nothing? First, I caught you jerking off yourself, and only heaven knows for how long you've been doing it. I barely got over it and just yesterday, I called you, only for a woman to moan through the phone. Melvin, I don't want to know how long you've been cheating on me. I just need you to do me a favor,"

"Which is?"

Barrister Stanley is expecting us in the next thirty minutes, so I want you to dress up let's go!"

"For what?" Melvin asked in surprise.

"We are officially dissolving this marriage. You are a lawyer, I'm sure that word is not strange to your ears"

Melvin smiled. "You're joking, right?"

"Do I look like a clown to you? Melvin, you have always wanted a woman who would satisfy your needs; a woman who will be willing to give you as much kids as you want, immediately. A woman who wouldn't say no to you, each time you want to make love to her.

It is crystal clear that I am not that woman. I want to liberate you from a toxic marriage. Melvin, I want to let you go. So dress up, let's go," Melissa said.

Melvin looked at her for almost a minute. He looked at the woman he was once in love with. Melvin had been so in love with Melissa that he had never thought a day like this would come.

"Melissa, have you paused to think of the decision you're about to make? Are you sure this is what you want? Because, inasmuch as my needs matter, your happiness also matters a lot. By divorcing me, will you be genuinely happy?" He asked.

"Yes Melvin! I will be the happiest woman on earth. I want a divorce, Melvin and there's nothing anyone will say that'd make me change my mind"

The expression on Melvin's face was incomprehensible. "It's fine. For the sake of your happiness, I'm obliged. I will follow you," Melvin said, before walking to the closet to dress up.

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