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Melvin gave Cecilia a look that told her what he was going to say next. She read him right and before he could say it out, she spoke immediately.

"Hey, I mean no harm. I only want you to merry your worries away since you don't wanna open up to me. You wouldn't need to stay over if that's what is bothering you" Cecilia said. She sounded innocent and convincing.

"Alright. I'll let you know when I'm done for the day," Melvin replied.

Cecilia smiled and stood up. "I'll be waiting,"  she said, before leaving the office.


Melissa was agape at how bold Jared sounded. One thing she had learnt in the course of her job was exercising patient with her clients. 



"Right! Mr. Jared, I'd appreciate if you go straight to the point and desist from whatever it is you're doing. I do not appreciate that."

"Oh, pardon my bad manners, Dr. Walter. I was only kidding. Thing is," he suddenly became very serious, "every girl I dated broke up with me, giving me a similar reason. I had always found it difficult to believe that the fault was from me, but when my last girlfriend whom I loved so dearly ended it with me yesterday, I felt it was time I sought your advice"

"What is this similar reason?" Melissa asked. She was so interested in helping this particular client.

Jared looked down and the confidence on his face vanished. 

"They say I don't know how to give a woman satisfying pleasure... you know"

"Like, you can't satisfy them sexually?"

"Exactly! We could kiss, smosh, caress and all, but once I thrust in to begin the real activity, my thing... you know, becomes shy and before I even start rocking her, I ejaculate ... it's not my fault, really. I've tried, but it keeps happening to me... I need your help, Doc," his facial expression told Melissa he was really worried.

Melissa couldn't help but smile. She always felt like a goddess in charge of the entire world whenever a man succumbs to seek help from her. Though she wasn't an arrogant lady, but she was definitely proud of her job.

"Mr. Jared, you do not need to be worried. It's a minor issue and I can assure you that when you leave here today and try out the tips I'm about to give you, you'd come back to appreciate me," She said, boldly.

Jared sat upright, looked straight at her, expectantly, while she did the talking. Melissa was fond of using her both hands to express herself, while dishing out solutions to her clients. This was exactly what she was doing to Jared.

"Whenever you want to ejaculate, I'm very sure your brain gives you a signal, which means you're always aware when it's about to happen, right?" She asked.

"Sure," he replied.

"Good! Now, you're not going to have the usual sex anymore from henceforth. First, you need to know that you can control yourself. You are in charge of every part of your body and you can instruct and influence them, psychologically on how to respond to certain stimulus.

How do you do this? When you're making out with your spouse, you need to let your brain know that you're in charge. You need to be conscious of yourself. Once you thrust in, make sure not to be too hasty about it.

Take it slow, enjoy the moment and as well make sure your partner enjoys every bit of it. When you feel you're going to ejaculate when you aren't supposed to, stop and withdraw. Go back to kissing and caressing, let her touch you too.

After some minutes of smooching, thrust in again. Still slowly. Do it repeatedly and you'd realize that you'd last longer than you've ever lasted," she concluded.

"Wow! That was indeed a good one. I will definitely try it out and get back to you. I'll do just as you said. I just hope it works. Thank you so much, Doc," Jared looked relieved.

"You're always welcome, Mr. Jared," she replied, smiling.

"I must say, your husband must be very proud of you. Your ability to proffer solutions to every problem brought to you makes me very sure that your husband can't think of looking outside for any pleasure. Such a lucky man, he is," Jared wouldn't stop raining praises at Melissa.

Only if he knew that Melissa's husband was going through a contrary of what he was saying. Melissa smiled, pretending that she was okay with his praises. But within her, she prayed he could leave her office already.

When finally Jared left, she sighed deeply and went back to operating her laptop. Her eyes suddenly fell on the portrait which had a beautiful picture of her and Melvin.

She looked at the picture for a while, not knowing her mind had drifted back to when they took the picture. Their wedding day.

It was the most beautiful day of her life. She remembered how eager she was to finally say yes to the man her heart desired so much.

On their wedding night, she remembered how hungry she was to devour the man beside her on the portrait. How he made her feel like a complete woman. How she pleaded with him not to stop doing those crazy things to her.

Few years later, she had decided to take her job to a new level. She believed her husband was a distraction to her, hence, she made the decision of keeping him at arm's length.

She thought it was nothing. She thought he understood. It wasn't a big deal, after all, she wasn't divorcing him. She was going to give it to him as soon as she got what she needed. She doesn't want kids now, that doesn't mean she does not need them forever. Why then was he making a great deal out of this?

"Dr. Walter, is everything alright?" Priscilla brought her back to reality.

"Sure, I'm fine. Any other client?" Melissa asked, absentmindedly.

Priscilla chuckled, "Ma'am, it's a few minutes after eight. Remember we normally close by six"

"It is?" Melissa asked in surprise, looking at her wrist watch.

"Yeah," Priscilla replied.

Melissa got home, tired and exhausted as usual. She noticed that Melvin's car wasn't packed at the garage. She quickly looked at her watch again. It was some minutes to ten. Her husband usually got home before her. It was unusual that he wasn't home yet that day.

As soon as she got into the house, she brought out her phone and dialled him. The phone rang, but Melvin didn't pick up. She dialled again and was relieved when the phone was finally picked.

"Yeah baby... harder...harder..." was what went straight to Melissa's ear as she clung to the phone in astonishment.

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