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"Even if it means you're pregnant?"

"Pregnant? That's impossible, doctor, my job is too important for me to get pregnant! Moreover, I am seeing my monthly flow," Melissa said, confidently.

Dr. Edward chuckled, "Relax Mrs. Walter, I'm only joking. It seems you're solely against having kids."

"I'm not. I'm just really tired. Can you tell me what's wrong with me?" Melissa wasn't ready to discuss anything related to pregnancy with the doctor. The thought of it irritated her.

"Just as I said earlier, you need to rest. There's nothing wrong with you other than the stress you're going through," Dr. Edward said.

"Alright. Thank you, Doctor Edward. I appreciate"

Dr. Edward observed her for a while before he said:

"Melissa, I have been your family doctor for six years now, I want you to know that you can confide in me if anything is bothering you"

Melissa stood up to see off the doctor who was already on his way out.

"I definitely will. I promise to rest, just as you said. Once again, thank you so much, Doctor Edward,"

Just as the doctor got to the door, he paused and added:

"You should appreciate your husband. He was so worried about you when he called me this morning. He cares about you so much." With that, he left.

Melissa locked the door and went back to the room. She picked up her phone which she had earlier left on the bed and saw five missed calls from Priscilla.

She quickly returned the call, after which she hastily showered, dressed up, and left for work.

She barely entered the reception when Priscilla rushed to her, got her bag and jacket, and briefed her on what had been happening.

Melissa was not surprised at the large number of people awaiting her at the reception. Most of them were in pairs. She knew she was in for another hectic day. She forgot the promise she made to Dr. Edward.

"Dr. Walter, I need to talk to you..."

"Dr. We need your advice. It's really urgent..."

"Dr. Walter, my wife has been..."

It was obvious that her impatient clients had been extremely eager to talk to her. She couldn't attend to all of them at the same time at the reception. So, she instructed Priscilla on what to do, before majestically walking to her office.

Priscilla got all of their names and sent them to Melissa, just as she was instructed. Melissa was able to attend to them, one after the other.

Just when she thought she was done attending to all her clients, Priscilla came in and announced the latest client who just arrived. Melissa, though exhausted, but for the love of her job, told her to send in the client.

Melissa was agape for some minutes when a Greek god stood in front of her. He was tall and had a broad chest, she could see some hints of a tattoo on his arm as he wore a t-shirt.

He flashed her a charming smile and she could swear he bleached his teeth because they were so white and perfect.

Her eyes swallowed his huge body and his long legs, she drank all of him in one glance. She couldn't believe a man could be so beautiful.

"May I?" He motioned to sit.

"Suu.. sure! Please sit," Melissa stuttered.

"Thanks. My name is Jared. I need advice from you, Dr. Walter" He said, looking Melissa straight in the eyes. He had the loveliest baritone she had ever heard.

"Okay? I'm all ears," Melissa managed to say.

"Well, it's more of a disturbing habit. I get easily aroused, especially when there is a hot doctor sitting in front of me," he said, smiling deviously at her.


"Melvin? Melvin are you alright?" Cecilia, Melvin's colleague called out.

She had been in his office for some minutes, but he seemed not to notice her presence. His eyes were fixed on the portrait on the table, but his mind had traveled far away. He was lost in thoughts.

"Melvin!" Cecilia called again, this time very loudly.

Melvin jerked from his seat. His countenance told Cecilia something was wrong with him.

"For how long have you been here?" He finally found his voice.

"Forever! Melvin, what's wrong? This isn't you," Cecilia said.

"Nothing. I'm fine,"

"Oh please, spare me the pretense! Even a blind man can tell that something is wrong with you. Melvin, I am not a stranger that you should hide things from. I am your friend, I can help you if you open up to me,"

Melvin looked at her briefly. Cecilia was a very beautiful lady. She was one of the most intelligent lawyers around. She was also a good adviser. This was why he liked her.

"Cece, I'm fine. I wouldn't want to bother you with my problems. I appreciate your concern, but I'm fine," Melvin finally said. He didn't know why he couldn't open up to her.

"Okay. How about dinner together, tonight?" She asked.

Melvin thought for a while, looked at her, and asked : “Where?”

"At my place," she replied, smiling.

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