Melissa had expected Melvin to jump up in surprise or feel embarrassed. But it baffled her that he rather looked up at her from the bed and went back to jerking off himself.

"Melvin!" She screamed again.

"I heard you clearly, the first time," Melvin answered. He was careful enough not to let his hand slide off his cock.

"Melvin, for heaven's sake, you're masturbating!"

"Are you asking or telling me? Melissa, I'm in the middle of something really really important, and I'd appreciate it if you'd let me arrive at my destination without disturbance. Please lock the door behind you. Thank you very much!"

Bewildered and confused about what to do, Melissa locked the door, dropped her bag, and watched her husband giving himself pleasure till he began to make some familiar sound.

This made her remember the last time she had heard him release such a sound. It was during their wedding night when he was about to reach his orgasm, while he was making love to her.

Melvin's helpless moan brought Melissa back from her thoughts. She watched as he wiped his cock with the tissue beside him, and pulled back his trousers, after which he stood up finally to meet her.

"Welcome home, Melissa"

"Melvin, what just happened?"

"What just happened? Well, since your eyes have suddenly developed fault this afternoon, I will tell you what you just saw.

What you saw my darling wife, was a sex-starved man giving himself the pleasure his supposed wife could not give him. Now, his wife is well-known, in fact, the best sex therapist in the world, receiving awards on almost every occasion she attends.

She gives the best advice to her clients, rekindles relationships with her genius sex tips, and mends broken homes with incredible ideas on how to awaken sexual appetites and all.

Yet, her own home grows from bad to worse, each day. She pays no attention to the needs of her supposed husband. She keeps telling him that she doesn't need kids yet because of how demanding her job is.

This is all because of the desire she has to help others, forgetting that her husband is also a human being and as well have needs"

Melissa could not believe what she was hearing from the man standing in front of her.

"Melvin, the fact that we haven't had sex in a while doesn't give you the right to do that, on our bed without any ounce of shame. That's sheer indecency"

Melvin barked out a loud laugh, shaking his head at the woman he once loved.

"You of all people should know better than to talk about indecency. Oh and tell me why I should be ashamed? I should cower because I chose to help myself rather than go out?

Oh wait, I should be ashamed because I touched myself without asking for your permission? Oh wow! Her Majesty, lady of the seven seas and planets. I am so sorry for not kneeling at your feet and groveling for your permission to help myself. Would you forgive me, lady hypocrite?"

Melissa was furious. Who the hell did he think he was to call her that? So what if they hadn't had any sex in a few months, what did it matter? There were more important things than having sex.

"Oh wow, you keep painting how bad a wife I am, but have you also stopped to think of the kind of husband you have become?

If this was the same attribute of the man with whom I fell in love and agreed to marry, six and a half years ago, then even the scariest creature on earth couldn't have forced me to marry you.

Melvin, you have totally and completely transformed. And it all started when I asked for a simple request - that we shouldn't make babies yet. We both agreed to this.

Why are you making a great deal out of this? Why are you making it look like sex is the only thing we could offer in this marriage? When we agreed to the 'no sex policy' why didn't you complain then?"

Melvin gave a sarcastic cachinnation. He walked up face to face with his wife and clapped briefly.

"You deserve an accolade! In fact, you should get a medal tonight as the best wife in the world. You know, now I think of it, I never agreed to the no-sex rule of yours, Melissa for goodness' sake what the hell is wrong with you?

I remember correctly telling you to either go to the clinic to get pills or a cap to prevent you from getting pregnant but you refused, giving flimsy excuses. Do I look like a child to you, a puppet you think you can bend to do your bidding? You're very funny.

I'm a hundred percent sure that your reason for refusing me sex is not just about having a baby. And I'm definitely not going to be surprised if you're seeing someone else!"

The woman standing in front of him looked at him in blazing anger,

"How dare you! How dare you question my honor?...."

"Your honor? Oh sweet heavens Melissa, do you have a heart at all? You expect your husband to stay in the same house with you for two years without sex, all because of your job?

Sometimes I wonder how on Earth a sex therapist does not enjoy sex, how selfish of you! And you're here proudly talking about honor?

Anyway, I do not want to come in between you and your job, I'm very sure you have gained a lot of satisfaction from it today. I'm going out to meet my friends. Don't wait up for me...not that you will, anyway" With that, he buttoned up his shirt and banged the door at her.

Melissa broke down in tears, wondering where it all went wrong. She loved Melvin and still loved him, she just didn't feel like having sex all the time and she felt it was perfectly normal she wished he'd understand that, but since he thought the worse of her, then he can go fuck himself in hell.

That night, she waited up all night for him but he didn't come home. She was worried that something might've happened to him or he was with another woman, God knows if Melvin walked into the house with another woman she'd kill her.

She could barely sleep all through the night, she kept thinking about how they had been at the beginning, how they had basked in the euphoria of their love...she didn't understand how everything crashed.

The next morning, Melvin got back home and realized that his wife hadn't left for work and it was some hours after when she was supposed to leave for work. When he got to the room, he met her shivering. She had fallen sick.

"Melissa, are you okay?" He asked, sitting beside her.

"What do you care?! Just get out of here now, leave me alone!" Melissa snapped.

"Really? I'll just go, take a shower and prepare for work," he said.

"Exactly what you should do, because that's what you know how to do best. Go!"

Melvin went to the sitting room, to make some calls before he went back to the room to prepare for work. Just before he left, the family doctor arrived, so he had a brief chat with him before he drove off.

"I don't think I remember calling you, Dr. Edward" Melissa said, when the doctor announced his arrival. She had managed to walk to the sitting room when she heard his voice.

"Well, your husband did. How are you feeling, Melissa?"

"Sick. Fucking sick," Melissa said, sitting down. She was still in her pajamas.

"Melissa, you need to take a break and rest. You are stressed and it isn't good for your health" the doctor said after observing her.

"Break?" She sat up, "I don't think you know what you're saying. My job is very important to me. Right now, I feel like I've lost a million clients, just being absent for a few hours and you're saying I need a break? No way, that isn't possible,"

Dr. Edward looked at her and smiled

"Even if it means you're pregnant?"

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