Pc: ReGain


Just then, his eyes fell on a red panties. He quickly suspected it fell from the clothes Melissa carried to the bathroom. He carried it and walked towards the bathroom.

He paused and wondered when Melissa started wearing panties to bed. He knew quiet well that Melissa wasn't a lover of undies, so, when did she start wearing them to bed? He thought.

Just then, Melissa opened the door to meet him holding onto the panties as though his life depended on it.

"I was just about to..."

Melissa snatched it from him, went back inside the bathroom and slammed the door behind her.

"Jesus Christ! Do you wanna break the door?" Melvin screamed.

"If it'll make you disappear from this room, I'd gladly break it!" She screamed back.

"You can as well wear belt and padlock... undies ain't just enough for the night. Just as it fell off on your way to the bathroom, it might as well fall off while you're asleep, if not supported with belt and padlock...you know," Melvin said and went back to the bed.

"Fuck you!" She retorted. Melvin couldn't help but giggle at her reply. 

Melissa got back to the room, dressed in her pyjamas. She met Melvin asleep. He didn't even take his shower and he was stinking. He was exhausted from the journey.

She was almost tempted to tap him so that he could go shower, but then, she didn't want to give him the impression that she cared about him, so she climbed the other side of the bed and slept off.

The next day, they both prepared and left to the big hall for the seminar. As soon as they approached the hall, Melvin offered his right arm, with elbow bent so that Melissa could put her hand under it.

Rather, she looked at him in disgust and was about to walk ahead when he stylishly stopped her.

"Remember, thousands of people are staring at us. They believe we have the best marriage ever and they're ready to learn a lot from us today. This was why I was invited alongside, else, they would have invited just you.

So, for the sake of your job and your millions of followers, I want you to use your head. If you don't want to, you can as well let them know that we're going to be divorced in a few days time, since you can't just pretend to be happily married for just a week to save your career," Melvin whispered.

Melissa had no choice but to do as he told her. He had a point, the press was ready to release any news at the seminar and she wasn't ready to be used as a tool of negative news to create contents for the hungry public.

And she was very sure her rivals and business enemies were present. They could capitalize on any contrary action she took so as to bring her down. She didn't want this, so she put her hand under his arm and curled it back over it.

"You can try smiling too, remember you don't wanna let them know we aren't in good terms. In fact, we are supposed to be in the best of terms," Melvin whispered again.

Melissa quickly beamed a beautiful but fake smile as they walked into the already filled hall. They were shown to a seat, specially made for them.

While the seminar was on, Melvin kept stealing glances at Melissa. She was so beautiful in her red gown. He wished they weren't in such a bad term, he would have whispered to her of how beautiful she was.

But then, her focus was so into the seminar that she didn't even notice the camera in front of her. Melvin whispered something into her ear and she immediately smiled. Not that she wanted to, but for the sake of the camera before her.

Soon, Melissa was called to the stage to talk about the importance of sex in marriages and how couples can rekindle their marriages with love making.

Melvin made sure to record everything his wife said. He was agape when Melissa explained how helpful love making could be to a couple.

"I have a question, Dr. Walter," a lady from the audience said. She was given a microphone.

"Go ahead," Melissa said.

"I have been following you on Twitter and Instagram. You're an incredible woman, the best sex therapist I have ever known. Your advices are always genius and helpful.

But then, you said something about sex being the most important thing for married couples. And I want to know, what if in the course of the marriage, the wife gets tired of sex and just wants a space perhaps to concentrate on her business or something?

Second, what's your advice on spouses who deny their spouses sex...say, a wife who deliberately refuses her husband from touching her for months. What's your advice for the husband?" The lady asked.

This was just the best seminar for Melvin. He wanted to shout 'God bless you for that question' to the lady, but when he remembered where he was, he comported himself and kept quiet to listen to what his wife was going to reply the young lady. 

All eyes was on Melissa. She quickly looked at Melvin and their eyes met. She knew that the crowd was expecting excellent answers from her and she wasn't ready to disappoint them. So, she cleared her throat and began:

"Any woman who chooses her business over her husband isn't worthy to be called a wife. Why was she married to him in the first place if she wasn't ready to sacrifice for him?

Love making is in fact the best medicine to renew a marriage. As couples, there should be a lot of understanding between you. 

You shouldn't starve your partner sex because of your personal interest, that's very wrong. The best place to settle your differences is in the bedroom with your spouse...."

Melvin could not believe what he was hearing from the woman standing in front of thousands of people. 

He couldn't stop himself from staring at her, when Melissa met his stare, she saw the disappointment and shock in his face. 

She could see the questioning glance in his eyes, and she quickly looked away and kept on with her speech.

The next thing he did shocked Melissa and everyone in the hall. He raised his hand to say something. Melissa's heart began to pound so hard that she knew she was going to fall sick very soon.

As soon as the microphone was given to him, the hall was silent. All ears were eager to hear what Melvin was about to say as he cleared his throat and looked straight into the eyes of his tensed wife.

Anticipate Episode twelve, soon!

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