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Jared waited for Melissa to tell him why she became furious all of a sudden, but when it was obvious she was ready to pace the office all day without saying anything, he picked up the letter from the table and read it.

"Melissa, I see nothing wrong with this letter...I mean, you should be the happiest woman on earth to be invited by one of the biggest and most influential companies for a therapeutical seminar and dinner party.

You aren't only invited, you'd be one of the speakers. You'd get to showcase your prowess and as well meet dignitaries. 

Your dreams of elevating your business might as well begin from there because I believe after addressing the audience, you'd be endorsed," Jared explained.

"I know about that," Melissa said, still pacing.

"Then can you slow down and tell me why you're upset?"

"I'm sure you didn't read the letter to the page that stated that I must be there with my husband. Since it's a one week program, they'd book us a hotel.

I don't want to spend a day in the same room as Melvin, talk more of a whole week. What am I gonna do?"

"Do you think Melvin will accept to come with you?"

"I don't know. I don't even want to go with him!"

"Melissa, inasmuch as I'm willing to help you, you know I can't come with you, pretending to be your husband because first, everyone knows that Melvin is your husband.

Second, Barrister Stanley had clearly stated that both of you must sleep in the same house every night. So at this point, I think you have no option but to go with Melvin. It's just for a week..."

"Just for a week, you say? Jared, it seems you don't know how irritated I get staying in the same house as Melvin.

What even helps me is the fact that I wake up very early and leave for work, then return late at night. But over there, we aren't going anywhere. We'd be in the same room for one good week," Melissa said.

"So, what are you going to do?"

"I don't know!"

"Melissa, I want to ask you a question,"


"Would you really divorce your husband if you had the opportunity?"

"I would! Melvin doesn't love me anymore. He's a cheat"

"How about you, do you still love him?'

"No, not after he cheated on me,"

"Alright. If you don't love him anymore, I don't think you should be scared of staying in the same hotel room with him. You can always get yourself engaged. 

For the sake of your job, Melissa, please go with your husband. Remember your job is your priority," Jared said.

Melissa thought for a while before she replied him. "Fine. I'll show him the letter when I get home"

"Perfect! So whatever plan we have will have to wait till you both return," Jared said, smiling.

"What's funny?" Melissa asked.

"Just imagining how he'd react when you show him the letter,"

"Well, if he refuses to go with me, he can go to hell"

"Hey, don't say that. In fact, you need to pray he accepts to follow you, else, you may likely not go and you know what that means," Jared said.

"Whatever!" She snapped.

When Melissa got home that evening, she wondered how she was going to show the letter to Melvin. He was in the guest room with Cecilia and she wasn't ready for any drama.

While she was still contemplating in the sitting room, Melvin came out to get a bottle of water. Melissa pretended she was operating her laptop when he walked past her. Coming back, Melvin couldn't help but chuckle at how uneasy she looked.

"You need not pretend to be busy, I know what's biting you. Don't worry, I also received the invitation letter. I will go with you," Melvin said, before he left with the cold bottled water.

He didn't even give her the opportunity to say anything, but then, she felt greatly relieved. Now that Melvin had agreed to go with her, she was going shopping the next day since they were leaving in two day's time. She needed to look good for the program.

Melvin got to the guest room, only to behold naked Cecilia on the bed. He was surprised because he had never seen her naked before.

"Cecilia, what are you doing?" He asked.

Cecilia smiled, "Playing along with you," she replied and stood up to meet him.

Melvin immediately got her message when she started to touch him. He suddenly felt like he was with a total stranger. He didn't expect this from Cecilia.

He got rid of her two hands to stop her from caressing him further. "Cecilia, why are you doing this?" He asked.

"Fine, I will tell you why. Melvin, you're a good man. Your wife has deprived you for so long and from the way you're glaring at me right now, it's crystal clear that you're starved, Melvin.

That's why I want to offer myself to you. After today, we don't have to do it again. I just want to satisfy your hunger, Melvin. Or, don't you want it?" She asked, seductively biting her lips.

Melvin became weak when she rolled her tongue into his ear. He didn't know when he let go of her hands, so that she was able to run them in between his legs.

Cecilia pushed him to the bed and went on top of him. She was in full control, while Melvin surrendered as though he was hypnotized.

Melissa started to feel sleepy, so she carried her system and headed to the room when she heard some familiar sounds coming from the guest room.

She was tempted to eavesdrop. She remembered that this was the same sound she heard on her husband's phone the other night when she called him. 

Tears began to gather in her eyes as she listened. She hastily ran to her room and cried her eyes out that night. Her hatred for Melvin increased. As for Cecilia, she knew exactly what to do to her.

Before her marriage to Melvin is dissolved, she was going to first of all dissolve life out of Cecilia since she could go as far as having an affair with a married man in his matrimonial home and in the presence of his wife.


Two days later, Melvin and Melissa got to the hotel where they were supposed to stay all through the week for the seminar. 

They didn't converse with each other all through the journey and from how they were so busy with either their phones or systems, it was obvious they were going to mind their business for a living.

As soon as they got to the hotel room that evening, Melissa carried her clothes and toiletries to the bathroom. Melvin hadn't seen her nakedness for a very long time and today wasn't an exception.

Melvin just sat on the big bed, trying to take in the beautiful room. He stood up and strolled to the window where he opened to have a good view of the outside.

Just then, his eyes fell on a red panties. He quickly suspected it fell from the clothes Melissa carried to the bathroom. He carried it and walked towards the bathroom.

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