PC: Indulge Express

One afternoon in school, a beautiful lady passed by a group of students with a huge and heavy black bag clinging to her back.

A sharp, powerful and unpleasant smell escorted the breeze around her and it seemed she left the breeze with the group of students who sat outside to ponder over while she entered the classroom and sat comfortably.

"I sure say this one no dey baff. E be like say she and water na big enemies o," One lady from the group said when she was sure the lady was completely out of sight. She clasped her hand on her nose so that she could not perceive the unpleasant smell.

"Or maybe she repeats dirty undies. The smell is too strong," another said, spitting out saliva.

"As she fine so, she no fit take care of herself. God forbid having such a smelling pig as a roommate. My boo would stop visiting me because he's allergic to dirty people.

I'm sure her house is as dirty and smelly as she is. If she has a roommate, I pity the unlucky fellow. One can't even eat the same plate of food as her. Who knows the last time she brushed?" Another said. She quickly brought out her portable fan, turned it on, and directed it to her face.

"Maybe she and toothbrush and paste are enemies too," said another and they all gave an uproar of laughter.

A few minutes after, it was time for class. The students outside walked into the class and carefully avoided sitting with or close to the lady because of the smell. So, she ended up sitting alone.

When the lecturer started teaching, he couldn't pretend to perceive the bad smell. Because he was a jovial man, he walked up to her and playfully asked what was inside the big bag that she had to place on the floor instead of the desk.

She smiled and told him she had to keep the bag there because of what was inside. He asked her what it was, she told him it was crayfish and fish. She was a wholesaler of crayfish and fish. So, the smell was after all from the bag.

The lecturer instantly remembered that she was the same girl that brought cold zobo drinks to sell in school some days back. He had personally bought it and it tasted good. She had as well sold crunchy Chin chin and cakes to both students and lecturers.

After the class, he demanded to see her in his office, and of course, the students began to gossip. The girl boldly carried her bag and followed the man to his office.

"What about your parents?" The lecturer asked her.

"I lost my father last year. My mother sells periwinkles in the market," she replied very cheerfully.

He looked at her and wondered why she was still cheerful even with what she was going through.

"So, who takes care of your school needs?" He finally asked.

"My mom and I. She sends me the little money she makes. When I realized it wasn't enough, I ventured into selling different things to support myself. Now, I sell fish and crayfish and I've been earning from it," she smiled and added, "Sir you will love this fish o. Just buy it, and your wife will ask you to buy more. The crayfish are very big and sweet, you need to taste them in your food," she said, still smiling.

The man smiled. "How much is everything in the bag?" He asked.

She was very surprised and happy at the same time. She told him the price and he bought the whole fish and crayfish and even told her to bring more for his colleagues next time.

She got a huge sum of money that day and danced outside, happy and encouraged, not minding whoever was staring at her.

Note: In the school environment, different people come out from different backgrounds. If you are opportune to have your parents or relatives sponsoring and looking out for you, appreciate God.

If you decide to carefully trace the background of some of your colleagues, you'd realize that people are going through a lot.

Some people do not even know how to tell their landlords that they have no money to renew their rent in school because they're the ones fending for themselves.

Some students go out every weekend to carry bricks, weed people's farmlands, run errands, and do a lot of unbelievable things just to pay their school fees because they have no one to send them the money you've been enjoying without having to stress yourself to get it.

So, when you see certain things that happen to people, you can shut up if you have no solution to their problems.

If he/she smells bad, try getting them perfume instead of laughing at them and saying all manner of shit against them. I believe that before you laugh at them, you have that thing abundantly, so help them.

Encourage others the best way you can because a lot of people have dropped out of school, not because they wouldn't like to finish, but because they have no one to help them.

You can use the time you could have sat to laugh at others to add value to their lives. Let's look out for one another and make the world a better place.