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"I'm ready. Let's go," A said to B when she came out of the room, well dressed.

B scanned her, disgusted as though A had committed a serious crime

"Babe, How much did you buy this your  gown?" B finally asked.

"One thousand five hundred naira," A replied.

"And the handbag?"

"The woman said it was 3k but after so much negotiations, she agreed to sell it for 2k" A said, earnestly.

"See, let me not lie to you," B began, "this your gown and handbag are substandard. I can't even mention your shoes, they make you look outdated. Check out my gown.

Touch it and you'll realize that it's not like all these cheap things you wear. The gown alone costs me 20k. This bag I'm using, you will only see celebrities using it. I don't use children's bags. My vendor sold the bag 10k for me. I didn't bother bargaining the price because it's worth it.

As for my shoes, I ordered it from Lagos. It's just 25k. Look at the quality and you'll know that I don't do cheap things.

See, I'm not bragging o, but you can't wear these cheap antiquated things and follow me," B concluded.

A was easily convinced by B. She became ashamed and got gripped by a sudden feeling of inferiority.

"What do I do now? I don't have any better outfit to wear. I wish I was like you," She said.

She was discouraged to go out with B because she felt she was not in her class and therefore not worthy to step out with her.

"Come, I'll give you my outfit to wear. But try and buy classy wears, not those cheap "bend down select" rags you call clothes," B said.

She led A to her room and brought out beautiful shoes, dress, wig and handbag to her. She kept telling A how much she bought every blessed thing she brought out for her to wear.

When they finally stepped out, a very good looking man approached A and engaged her in a conversation. B stood, looking at them. It was obvious that she was jealous, but she hid it.

Two weeks after, A came to B and announced that the man had asked her out and she had accepted. B pretended to be happy and congratulated her.

After some months, B had a conversation with A which led to the mention of her fiance.

"So, how is your man?" B asked A.

"He's fine o. We're planning to get married towards the end of the year," A said.

"Wow! I'm happy for you. What does he do for a living?" B asked.

"He's a trader,"

"Ha! You want to marry an ordinary trader? How could you even think of it? What will people say when they find out that an educated lady like you is getting married to an ordinary trader?" B asked.

"But he still has the intention of furthering his studies since he's the one sponsoring himself. He will..."

B interrupted her, "He will do nothing! You are the only child of your parents. They count so much on you. You are a graduate of one of the best universities. Yet you want to marry and ordinary trader. Do you want to suffer?

If I were you, I'd end it now that it's not too late. You are my friend and I want the best for you. That man isn't worthy to touch your cloth, talk more of getting married to you.

You deserve a better man. A man whom you'd be proud to flaunt anywhere you go. A rich and educated man. Take a look at yourself, babe, you need a classy man, not a trader," B concluded.

Once again, A became ashamed and convinced by B.

"You're right. I need a better man. I'm breaking up with him this evening," A said.

Truly, she broke up with her fiance that evening and never went back to him. He cried  because he loved her, but had to console himself and move on with his life.

Months later, A bumped into her friend, B in a boutique. She was about asking her what she came to get when she saw her ex fiance approaching with a wedding gown.

"Honey, come and test this one, it will sure fit you," he said to B, his new fiancee.

A got to realize that B started dating her ex fiance the week after she broke up with him. B actually talked A out of the relationship because she wanted to go into it.

And she succeeded after all because she got married to him and there was absolutely nothing A could do but to live in regrets for the rest of her life.

How did it start? It started with A allowing B to make choices for her. When she was easily convinced and made to look down on her own self, she didn't understand what her so-called friend was doing to her.

It still wasn't clear to her until B again succeeded in making her leave a man who valued her so much.

These are the realities of life. A lot of people do not want anything good to locate you. There's no way you will not come across these people in life.

It is left for you to either allow them control your life for you or let them know that you are capable of controlling it by yourself.

As long as those clothes are yours, why should you let anyone make you feel inferior for putting on your own outfit?

You should be very proud of what is yours and should be ready to defend them anywhere. No matter how cheap that cloth is, you should wear it with pride because you didn't borrow it. It's your property.

When you allow people to make decisions for you, get ready to follow their instructions. You might not be able to regain what they'd make you lose while you follow their instructions. Therefore, learn to make your own decisions and stand by them.

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