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I thought you were supposed to be her closest friend?
To make her feel at ease in your genuine embrace?

I thought your left hand was to pull her back to yourself after disciplining her with you right hand?
Then why?

Why have you chosen to make her afraid of your presence?
To instill fear in her with the words of your mouth?
To give her nightmares with your poisonous tongue?

Why have you chosen to be the cause of her concealment?
To allow her die slowly in silence,
Because of the fear of your reaction
When she spills her failure to you?

Yes! She might not live up to your expectations!
Might not be that perfect daughter you had always anticipated.

She might return a black bird,
Rather than the the dove you expected.
Might cause you ignominy,
In place of honour.

Yes, she deserves to be slapped by her mistakes!
But do you have to kill her
With your toxic tongue?

Could you not forgive?
Could you not take her back?
Could you not remind her that
She is in a safe hand?

What happened to your left hand,
That was supposed to pull her back to you?
Why pushing her away forever?

Why allow her conceive suicide?
When you were supposed to be
Her source of hope and
The reason for her new beginning?

You were supposed to
Be different from others
Because she calls you mother!
But you have chosen
To become one of her murderers.

You have failed as a mother!
For you have allowed your toxic tongue
To murder your daughter.