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THE OTHER GENDER - Victim 1 (True life experiences)

Hello Ima, my name is (withheld). Thank you so much for making an opportunity like this available for we male to express ourselves, God bless you.

My story may sound unbelievable, but it actually happened. First, I want to make it clear to those thinking that whenever a man has an erection, it automatically means he is horny. No, in so many cases, that is a pure lie.

I was too ashamed to tell my friends that I was raped by three ladies some years back. Yeah, it may sound funny and unbelievable, but it happens, yet we can't open up.

If you are a man, you'd understand how painful the balls could be if violently hit, especially if it's against your wish.

I used to be a very shy guy back in my secondary school days. I went to a government school where we had very big and mature guys and girls as students.

There was a girl I used to like back then, but she laughed at me the day I got out of my shell to ask her out. She was lousy, but I believed I could change her if we became friends.

I was very happy when she came to me one afternoon after school and told me to visit her that evening. She told me her house address and I felt honoured.

That evening, when I got to her house, she took me straight to her room, telling me her parents had traveled. I was scared when I realized I was going to be in the same room with my crush because I had never been intimate with my opposite sex before.

But when we got to her room, I met two other massive ladies. She locked the door and did a brief introduction. I felt very uncomfortable, especially when one of the ladies came and sat on my laps.

I knew I had a crush on the girl and all, but I hated the fact that she lured me to this.

"This one fresh o," the lady who sat on my legs said. She turned around and tore off my top.

She was too fat. She pressed her whole body on me, forcing me to lie on the bed. The other lady took off my trousers, leaving me naked. That was when I heard myself begging them not to rape me. They laughed so loudly that I was irritated and ashamed.

I struggled to free myself, but their weights were just too much on me. They were all on the bed now, smooching me. I tried to force my manhood not to respond, but I was erected.

They took turns, hitting me hard while my balls hurt like it was going to peel off. I begged them to stop, but they didn't care.

I became very weak that I couldn't lift my hands, but they still wouldn't stop. Even when they saw that my manhood and balls were red, they still didn't stop.

When they saw that I was on the verge of fainting, they wore me back my clothes and pushed me out of the house. I couldn't walk well for almost a month, yet I couldn't tell anyone because I knew they wouldn't believe me or they'd laugh at me.

After that experience, I became scared of my opposite gender. I almost developed hatred for them because some of them are very manipulative and heartless.

Maybe you didn't know, it is one hundred percent true and possible that a woman or women could rape a man. I was a victim of rape and I didn't find it funny or enjoyable one bit.

Just as a woman is traumatized when raped by a man, a man also gets traumatized when raped by a woman. Protect the man too, he is also a human being.

From Ima Udott:
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