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          Chapter 2

The next minute, Sandra got out of her room with a big plate of food and also headed to Ken's room. I slightly opened my curtain, ready to watch a free movie.

"Shebi you have a boyfriend, what are you doing here?" That was Sandra's voice from the room.

I sat up and peeped so I could have a good view.

"It baffles me how a stingy girl like you suddenly became a cheerful giver as soon as Ken packed in. I'm sure you've applied something into that food. Ken, tell this Olosho to carry her charm out of this room," Cynthia retorted.

"Please stop! Okay, I'll eat from you both. Just  drop them in the kitchen. Thank you so much, I appreciate you two," Ken said as he stepped out of the room.

I sat back on my chair and pretended to read the book before me. Then, I heard a knock on my door. My heart skipped. I knew he was the one because he left the two girls in his room.

"The door is open," I said, looking  seriously at the book.

Ken walked in, greeted me and sat on my bed. Once again, the fragrance of his cologne filled my room

"How have you been?" He asked me.

"Fine," I replied, still looking at the book.

I was shocked when Sandra and Cynthia knocked and came into my room without my permission. These were girls who never visited my room for any reason.

"Your room is fine o," Cynthia said. She walked about the room like an evil spirit, pretending to admire my pictures. 

Sandra sat beside Ken. "What are you guys talking about?" She asked, placing her left hand on his lap.

I felt like tearing her into pieces but it seemed Cynthia was already on it, so I just did the watching while they did the acting.

"Ken dear, please I want to tell you something. It's very important," Cynthia said. She walked up to him and stood before him, not minding Sandra who was beside him. 

"What's that?" Ken asked.

"You know that next week Sunday is Valentine's day," she began. The mistake she made was to take Sandra's hand off his lap while talking.

"Why did you push my hand?" Sandra asked her, standing up from the bed.

"What was your hand doing on his lap? Can't you keep your hands to yourself?" Cynthia asked. She then turned to Ken, "As I was saying Ken..." 

A push from Sandra got Cynthia crashing on the floor. Cynthia stood up and pushed Sandra as well. They both landed on my bed. Oh God, my new bedspread suffered.😭

Ken stood up to separate them, but it was too late because the two girls were already rolling on my bed, fighting.

So, Ken and I left them in the room and stepped outside. We sat at the veranda till they were done fighting. 

I couldn't help laughing when they both came out. One side of Cynthia's eyelashes which she fixed was out. I knew it was the handiwork of Sandra.

Sandra's hair was like that of a mad woman. I wondered why they were both fighting over a guy who obviously didn't care about them.

Funny thing was that while they were fighting inside, Ken and I were seeing a movie on his phone. 

"What are you laughing at?" Cynthia asked me.

"This movie o, it's very funny," I said.

"Anyways, Ken, I wanted to ask if you'd be my val?" Cynthia asked. I was amazed. I had never seen a girl that bold to shoot her shot.

"Look at you, Olosho. You are not even ashamed to open your mouth and ask a guy to be your val. You're so cheap! Do you think as handsome as Ken is, he'd want to have anything to do with a cheap thing like you?" Sandra fired.

This time, they both stood before us like dramatists performing on a stage. I looked at Ken. He was as surprised as I was.

"At least I have shoot my shot. You, what exactly do you want? Na pride go kill you. We all know that all you have been praying for is the opportunity to have Ken all to yourself. 

As baba no gree look your side, kukuma comot body na, shuu! I accept to be cheap, leave him for me na," Cynthia said.

Ken stood up finally. "Cynthia, thanks for asking me to be your val, but I'm sorry to tell you, I have a val already," he said.

I was very angry within me. So, he had a girlfriend all these while and here I was, killing myself over him. I knew it! A handsome guy like Ken could not be single.

My pride didn't even allow me to ask him before I disfigured my waist that day, helping him to clean up his house. Stupid me! 

Sandra began to laugh. "So Ima is your val. This one with flat everything. Haba, Ken, I expected to see you with a very classy babe na. Look am na, this babe no fit you. You too fine," Sandra said.

Cynthia gave me a stern look, hissed and walked inside. Sandra laughed and followed her inside.

"They think I'm your val," I said and we both laughed. I fought so hard within me before I was able to come up with the question. "So, who's the lucky girl?" I asked.

"I don't have, I just don't want them to bug me again" he whispered.

I was surprised and happy. But wait o, why was I happy? This guy didn't look like he was going to ask me out.

I wondered why he kept staring at me, yet refused to say whatever was in his mind. I hated situations like this.

For goodness sake, he was a guy and a guy was supposed to ask a girl out, not the other way around. But wait o, it wasn't written anywhere that it must be that way everytime.

Okay, what if I ask him out and he turns me down? What if he ends up seeing me as a cheap girl just as Sandra said? What if I wasn't even his type? What if, just what if? I battled with my mind.

Okay, I'd do this! I'd shoot my shots, if I perish, I perish! I sat up and looked at him. He was so handsome to behold.

He gave me a do-to-me-whatever-pleases-you-I'm-all-yours look and my heart skipped. I heard my heart beating very fast. 

I had never asked a guy out before. This was a tough one, but  I guess Cynthia and Sandra made me understand that the violent can always take it by force.

"Ken, I'm in love with you. Please be my val," OMG! That just came out of my mouth! I didn't even ask him if he'd be, I told him to be! God! My stomach rumbled.

He looked at me, I'm sure he knew my heart was pounding. He took hold of my two shaky hands and smiled.

"Only val?" He asked me. 

Why was he making this difficult for me? 😡. I already confessed that I was in love with him, was he expecting me to spell it out that I wanted more than a val? Fine! Since that was what he wanted, I'd tell him!

"I want more. I want you in my life," I didn't know how that came out of my mouth, but I knew I was the one who said it. Damn! It was now so easy to shoot shots!

"I wanted you first. I just wanted to confirm if you wanted the same thing. So yes, I will be your val and I am ready to be yours, if you are ready to be mine!" He said, looking into my eyes, still holding my trembling hands.

I felt like I was on top of the world! Just as he was about to kiss me, the script director shouted 

"Cut! That was a beautiful scene! You guys can go on a break. We'd shoot the next scene by 2," concluded the director.

Na so I take leave stage. It was a drama by the way. 😋😋


Genre: Fiction
Writer: Ima Udott