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               Chapter 1

Life was normal, I was sane and everything was fine till I heard a knock on my door one evening.

I hated the fact that the sleep I was trying to catch was interrupted. I pretended not to hear that it was my door that was knocked. I kept my eyes shut, grabbing my pillow even tighter.

But then, it seemed whoever was knocking wasn't ready to give up, because the knock came again. This time, like an angry drummer. My eyes became red with anger.

"Who the hell is that? Do you want to break my door?" I screamed.

There was no reply. I stood up, marched to the door, and opened it fiercely.

"Na you wan break my..." I paused. My voice automatically ceased. Instead of completing my statement, my mouth was agape.

I saw myself arranging my top. My hands found their way into my hair for a quick rearrangement. My face lit up with a smile that took over my once angry face. I cleared my throat.

The guy before me was exceptionally handsome! Damn! I did a quick mental calculation and nodded my head. I was lost, helplessly staring at him. 🥴

His eyes were soft and charming. He was everything masculine. His dark and flawless skin got me wondering if he was a human being.

Man! He was huge! I couldn't take in all his charming features. A part of me even whispered that he could be a merman because he was just too perfect.

"Hi," he said. Oh me oh my! His voice was deep. I still didn't recover.

"Hello, are you there?" He said again. God! His accent was wow! I was finally awoken from my Imaginary world.

"Hey... hello," I stuttered.

"I'm Ken. I'm so sorry for disturbing you. I actually saw a notice that there are rooms for rent here, so I decided to come check. I tried the agent's number but it didn't go through. Do you know how I can reach out to the agent?" He asked me.

"Yes! I'm the agent," I heard myself said.

"You are?" He asked.

"No, I meant to say I know where the agent lives. It's just a stone throw from here. But you need not worry, you will like the rooms. They're spacious," I said.

"Okay. Can you please direct me on how to get to the agent?"

"Sure! Come in and sit down, let me wear something, I'll show you," I said.

He came in and sat on my chair. The smell of his perfume filled my room.

"I'm sorry, I don't know your name," he said.

I blushed en. "My name is Ima," I said, fiddling the cloth I carried to wear.

"Oh. Your room is big and beautiful. Is this how the empty rooms are?"

I smiled. "Sure! I told you the rooms are spacious," I said, blushing stupidly. I went into the bathroom and came out a few minutes after, dressed.

We got to the agent's house and luckily for me, (yes luckily for me, because I couldn't afford to lose this guy) he was around.😎

After some discussions, Ken accepted to move in the next day. I was too excited. He paid the agent right there and got his receipt.

"Which of the rooms did you choose?" The agent asked. That was when it dawned on him that he was yet to choose a room. (The room adjacent to mine was empty! Guys, are you thinking what I'm thinking?)🤔

"The room facing mine is empty. It is very big. You need to see the kitchen, it's so beautiful. The tiles in the toilet are excellent! The room is already painted. The ceiling is wow," I said, not minding the agent who was giving me a confused stare. 🤷

I was ready to attack him if he asked if the other rooms weren't painted or didn't have fine tiles, kitchens, or ceilings😒. For goodness sake, I was helping him to advertise the house. I even did his job more than he did. He should even give me a half payment of the agent fee.😏

"Alright, let me go see it," Ken said.

We got back to the apartment and he checked the empty rooms, one after the other while I prayed that he chose the one close to mine.

Well, who said God doesn't answer prayers because He answered mine speedily. Ken took the room adjacent to mine! I don't know why I was so excited about it.

The next day, he packed into the room. Like a good neighbour😋, I was there to help him arrange the room. We swept, mopped and cleaned up the house. In the evening, we were done arranging the room.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I wasn't the only person in the apartment. There were others. When some of the dwellers got back and saw me helping Ken, they made funny faces and walked into their rooms.

Ken had a generator and a television in his room. He even had a standing fan. Because of the constant light he had through his generator, others became fond of going to his room to charge their phones and other appliances.

I noticed that Sandra, the most beautiful girl in the flat started visiting Ken's room even when his generator wasn't on. She even started cooking food and dishing for him. (Sandra who everyone knew was the stingiest girl in the neighborhood)

Cynthia was another rugged girl. She had the most beautiful shape. She was cute too. It seemed she competed with Sandra because both of them had eyes for Ken and here I was with flat nyash, also crushing on the same Ken. 😭

I wouldn't deny the fact that I liked Ken the very moment I opened my door and saw him. But I didn't want it to look like I was throwing myself on him. So after I helped him arrange his room, I stopped visiting him.

His room was close to mine, so I felt if he needed my help, he'd come to my room. But Sandra's sudden generosity towards Ken got me worried. It was crystal clear that she was rooting for him.

One evening, I got back and met Cynthia cooking in the corridor. I greeted her and entered my room. A few minutes later, Cynthia knocked on Ken's door with a plate of food in her hand.

The next minute, Sandra got out of her room with a big plate of food and also headed to Ken's room. I slightly opened my curtain, ready to watch a free movie.

Let me stop there today!
I'll gist you what happened later 😋

Genre: Fictional story
Writer: Ima Udott