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                     Chapter 2

Anita arrived at the hotel a few minutes after the stipulated time. She knocked once and the door flung open. Anita swallowed hard, gave a deep breath, and walked into the room.

Her would-be boss wore just a towel. He threw her a lustful glance and grinned, much to the irritation of Anita.

When she heard the creaking of the door, she then realized he had locked it and was ready for the business.

She walked slowly to the bed and sat down, looking at him in disgust.

"Are you going to sit down there and look at me like a sheep? Hasn't your sense told you you're supposed to take off your clothes and get down to work?" He asked.

Anita took an excuse, telling him she needed to shower first. With that, she entered the bathroom with her handbag.

Minutes after, she came out of the bathroom looking cheerful, much to the surprise of her would-be boss. He licked his lips greedily and gave her 'I-can't-wait-to-have-you-on-my-bed' kind of look.

She wore tight shorts with a sleeveless top and had her hair packed and tied up neatly. She gave him a brilliant smile as she climbed up the magnificent bed to meet him.

She took off his towel, leaving him stark naked, and started caressing his dry chest. He was already aroused and was under the spell of her touch.

"So tell me, are you married?" She asked, still running her long fingers up and down his chest.

"Yeah, I'm married with a daughter of your age" He answered, enjoying her touch.

"Wow. That's good to hear, and I guess her name is Juliet," she said.

Surprised, he raised his head and looked at her.

"How did you know that?" He asked, but she ignored his question.

"She graduated from the University of Lagos with a first class, did her NYSC program at Anambra state and currently, she's looking for a job in one of the biggest companies in Lagos," Anita said sweetly.

"Have you been following up my family affairs or what?" he asked, dry-mouthed and confused.

"Well, coincidentally, the Company she's seeking to work with is my uncle's and currently, she's on her way to his hotel room to do with him what I'm about to do with you.

And mind you, it's not only my uncle that is waiting for her, but three of his friends are also in the room, all waiting to have sex with your only daughter so she can be given a job.

Also, there are cameras all over the room to video your only daughter, having sex with four men in a hotel room, after which might be broadcasted if she failed to give them the sex the next time they ask for it. Their faces would be edited out, it's just your daughter's face that'd be shown in the camera. Because she wants to get a job"

"What! I'm sure you're kidding me," He said. Immediately, he took his phone and dialed his daughter's number.

"Dad, I need your help," his daughter said through the phone, sobbing, "I'm about to be raped. I thought it was just one man. I was tricked. Dad please help..." The phone went dead.

"Juliet!" he called out, but there was no reply.

"Now you know I wasn't kidding. Why are you scared to death? I thought you said sex was a normal thing to give before a job is being offered to a lady as long as this country is concerned?

Your daughter's CV and excellent credentials do not matter. I'm sure she's about going the first round now, so don't kill yourself, or haven't you been doing and about doing it?

Don't be a stingy man, let others enjoy what you also enjoy. Let's get started, it's getting late" Anita said, smiling.

"We aren't doing anything again. Please call your uncle and tell him not to do anything to my daughter. She should've told me, I would've..."

"Should've told you? Do you think it's that easy to tell someone that you are asked to have sex before getting a job?"

"Anita, please I swear, if you can tell your Uncle not to touch her, I'll make sure you have that job and also, I'll never take advantage of anyone again in my life before giving them job or helping them. I'll make sure they work, as long as they merit it."

"Then you'll have to sign and stamp what you just said," Anita requested sweetly.

He quickly brought out a book, put down some notes, signed and stamped it.
Anita then got it from him. To make her believe, he dialed his office and announced that Anita would resume work the next day.

Anita made some calls and after dropping the call she told him to call his daughter, and he did.

"Hey dad, thank goodness I wasn't touched. They didn't rape me again, instead, they told me I've been hired in the Company I've been dreaming to work with. I'm the happiest girl on earth!" Juliet said, excitedly before the call ended.

Anita's would-be boss looked at her, not knowing what to say. He was ashamed of himself. Anita wore her clothes and opened the door

"So, I guess the Curriculum Vitae ain't useless anyway. See you in the office tomorrow, boss" with that, she left the hotel room.

What Anita's boss didn't know was that Anita and Juliet were friends and that the two ladies planned everything so that Anita could get the job without having to make out with him.

Can't you just close your eyes and help people without taking advantage of them? Must you ask for an offer?
Don't you know that what goes around comes around?

If you are in the position to help, please kindly help because someday, you might need help as well. It doesn't take anything to offer a job to someone who merits it.

If God has blessed you to be in a position of giving out jobs to people, my dear, do it without seeking anything in return. Remember, what goes around, comes around.