Thank you so much, Facebook for keeping this story for me. I wrote this story three (3) years ago and I decided to reshare it with you today. It's titled 'The Offer' and it has just two chapters. Please read it!

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THE OFFER - Ima Udott

Chapter 1

"Please sir, I really need this job, please. Just go through my CV, I was the best stud..."

"Why are you wasting your time, kneeling here and lamenting rubbish? Did I tell you I employ people with the best result, especially beautiful and succulent ladies like you?

Talking of result, don't you know anyone can forge a result and showcase it? After all, someone you know very well is using fake WAEC result at the moment, so what's so special about yours?" He asked, looking her from head to toe and taking her in greedily.

"Please sir, I really need this job," Anita begged relentlessly.

"Just agree to have sex with me once and the job is all yours. I can even promote you immediately, without anyone questioning me," the man said.

Disgusted, Anita shook her head slowly in disappointment, stood up from where she knelt, and walked angrily out of the office.

Couldn't he just give her the chance to showcase her talent? He didn't even bother going through her CV, he just threw it on the table and told her there was one thing he needed from her if she must get the job. Why her body? Anita thought as she walked on, absentmindedly.

The most shocking of all was when she disclosed it to her friend who also worked in that Company, and all she could tell her was:

"It's a normal thing na. You thought It was my flawless accomplishments that got me this job? No. Here, you can be the most intelligent lady with the best credentials, but if you don't give them what they demand, your Curriculum Vitae is as useless as a used condom.

So sweetheart, give him what he wants and within a twinkle of an eye, the job is yours! It won't take anything from you. After all, it's just once you'll do it, while you'll have the job for years,"

She looked at her friend in shock, with her mouth agape. She couldn't believe her friend could say such a thing and even see it as a normal thing to do before being offered a job.

She quietly left her friend with the excuse that she'd think about it.
The next day, she went back to her would-be boss and told him she was ready to do it.

"Wow! That's so sweet to hear. So why were you acting all stubborn the other day as if having sex with me would mean jogging to hellfire?

Even if you had gone to other companies, you would've been asked to do what you're about to do with me before you're allowed to work, your Curriculum Vitae means nothing, as long as this country is concerned," he said, smiling at her.

"So where are we going to do it?" Anita asked.

"Oh, I already booked a very suitable hotel for us to meet. Here's the address," he handed her a card, "Meet me there tomorrow by 4 in the evening"

"Alright" Anita replied, holding back the tears that had gathered in her eyes. She got the card from him and left.

Stay tuned for chapter 2.