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Chapter 13

Susan made to get the door, but Fabian held her back and told her he'd go. He got to the door and peeped through the peephole. When he couldn't see anyone, he opened the door and truly, no one was there. As he made to go back inside, his eyes fell on a brown envelope on the floor. He picked it and looked around, but still couldn't find anyone, so he went inside.

Susan was desperate to know what was inside the envelope when he walked inside the house. He brought out the paper inside the envelope and quickly opened it.
"They will soon come for you" was the only content of the letter, without any address or a sender. They both looked at each other, confused.

"I think it's the wrong house. This message is definitely not for me. I mean, who is coming for me and why?" Susan asked. She was visibly scared.

"Maybe Detective Timaro has shown the screenshots of our chats and probably the nude pictures of you in my phone to the police, so they've concluded that you and I killed Richard so we could freely be together. See, you have nothing to be scared of. I know we shared some dirty chats and crazy pictures, but that doesn't mean we killed Richard. It isn't even enough evidence that we killed him. Our only mistake is that we fell in love with each other and nobody can blame us for that. So, put yourself together and be very confident if you're called for interrogation, by so doing, we're good to go," Fabian said.

Susan held her forehead. "I didn't want anyone to know that I was having an affair with you. Now, if my inlaws get to know of our affair, they will definitely suspect I killed Richard and they might withhold the Will from me. I don't want that to happen. I want those properties mine," she said.

"They can't do that. Whatever Richard willed for you is yours, no matter what. Except he wakes up and changes it by himself, which we all know that it's impossible. You shouldn't focus too much on the Will, what you should focus on is how to maneuver this case and clear off your name," Fabian said.

"Okay. I know what to do. You should go, I don't want them to see us together in case they come. I'll call you later," Susan said. Fabian, without wasting any more time left. He was worried, but had to pretend to be strong.

Raymond and Timaro got back to the police station and met Amalia waiting for them just as she told him on the phone. They took her to the interrogation room where Segun was kept. Amalia nearly screamed when she saw blood gushing out of his fingers. Five of them were partly chopped off. His face was swollen from the severe punches the policemen had given him.

The room was dark and stuffy. One of the policemen turned on a big torchlight so that Amalia could have a good view of the suspect.

"He still wouldn't confess, he's so hardened that he's ready to die with the information," Raymond said. He then told Amalia who was already shivering to go closer and take a good look at Segun.

"Do you know him?" He asked her finally, "You know, Miss Amalia, if you tell us everything you know right now, you will be a free citizen. But if we get to know that you're hiding something or lying to us, then, you will have to face any punishment that the law will declare for you. Say it now and be a free lady, remember you have a whole lot of life to live, so you can't afford to waste it in the prison," Raymond said.

"No, I...I don't know him," Amalia stuttered and immediately, Segun lifted his face and looked at her.

Susan sat down and was lost in thoughts, then, an idea flashed through her mind. If she's able to convince her inlaws to change the date for Richard's burial and make it closer, then she would be able to be in full possession of his properties before they get to know what she had been doing with Fabian.

She picked up her phone and called her mother-in-law, telling her that she was going to pay her a visit the next day. The old woman was glad and ready to welcome her. When she ended the call, she fell asleep on the couch, forgetting that she didn't lock the entrance door after Fabian left.

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