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Chapter 12

Just as she was about to pick the knife, her phone rang. It was detective Raymond. Reluctantly, she picked the call and listened with rapt attention, then she dropped the knife and briskly walked to her room. She came out few minutes later, well dressed and knocked on Susan's room door.

She opened the door ajar and told Susan she was stepping out. Susan waved her goodbye and she left. Walking on, she wondered how she was able to pretend to be alright, when deep inside of her, she wasn't. She was still in shock that Susan and Fabian could do such to her. 

She flagged a taxi which abruptly came to a halt as if the driver had been expecting her. After negotiating an agreed amount with the driver, she hopped into the taxi and the driver sped off.

"Emeka is my Igbo name while my English name is Gideon," he replied Raymond.

"But you never told us that in the station. We shall soon find out your real name, don't explain too much," Raymond said.

Timaro lingered outside and began to engage the plump woman who seemed very ready in a conversation, while Raymond went inside Gideon's house with Gideon and the policemen.

"So, he told you his name was Emeka?" Timaro asked the woman.

"Yes o, na wetin him tell us. I always suspect say that guy ways no pure. You see Emeka, no be de first time wey police don arrest am be dis, na em make me ask am wetin em do this time around," the woman explained.

"Oh. Do you know what he does for a living and why he was previously arrested?" Timaro asked.

"Him talk say na cement wey him dey sell, but me no believe am o because nobody for this compound don testify say dem see Emeka for cement shop o and him no gree tell us wey him shop dey. The only thing be say, Emeka dey change cars. Today, him go drive the one wey resemble lion, tomorrow, him go drive another one. Shebi I tell my husband say make him comot that guy for this compound, but him no dey gree because the guy dey give am plenty extra money join the house rent," the woman said.

Just then, Raymond with Gideon and the policemen came out of the house. Raymond held something in a big brown envelope. When he got to where Timaro and the plump woman stood, he emptied the envelope and two guns with a driver's license fell out. The woman shifted back in shock, while Timaro carried the license and went through it.

"This is Richard's," she said in shock when she saw Richard's passport and other details on the license.

"Yes it is, but this criminal doesn't want to open up, so we will have to take him back to the station for a thorough drilling, I'm sure he will confess by the time he witnesses his ten fingers chopped off with a saw," Raymond said. Just then, his phone rang, it was Amalia. She called and told him that she had arrived the police station, so he told her to wait for him.

After the call, Raymond wore back his hand gloves and picked the guns and license back into the envelope. They left the plump woman who ran around the neighbourhood, screaming that one of her tenants is a thief. It didn't take long before some neighbours started gathering around her. The guy, who Raymond got to know that his real name was Segun, not Gideon nor Emeka, became the talk of the neighborhood.

Fabian was restless ever since he found out that Timaro screenshotted his messages. He had planned on how to get her, but she never showed up after that night. He didn't want her to suspect him unnecessarily, so he made up his mind to do whatever it would take to be free from being suspected.

After Susan told him that Amalia stepped out of the house, he decided to visit her. He knew he had promised Susan that he'd clear off Amalia, so that they could be together without being bothered by anyone, but it wasn't as easy as he said. He enjoyed the two women and wasn't ready to let go of any of them. But deep inside of him, he knew what he wanted.

He got to Susan's house and met her on a phone call, in the sitting room. When she was done, she kissed him and they had sex right on the couch, in the sitting room.

"That was Richard's lawyer," Susan began, after the love making. "He said my late husband made a special Will for me, which will be revealed after his burial. I knew my husband was a very rich man, it's a pleasure that I will be in full possession of most of his properties. I can't wait for the burial to be done so I can have access to them," She said.

"And we shall get married and live happily ever after," Fabian said.

"Yes o. You know you have a way of screwing me, I can't let you go. Amalia can go to hell for all I care," Susan said.

"I need to get rid of Timaro, she saw my chats with you. I don't know how to get rid of her," Fabian said.

"Don't worry, I know just what to do," Susan said smiling. Just then, there was a loud knock on the door.

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