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Chapter 11

The DPO took Raymond and Timaro to the interrogation room. It had three chairs and a desk with no decoration. He told Raymond and Timaro to sit, then he went back outside. He came back some minutes after with a tall, dark and masculine guy of about thirty years of age. He was handcuffed, and followed by a police officer.

The DPO motioned him to sit down on the chair opposite Raymond and Timaro, which was demarcated by the desk and he did. Then, the DPO and the police officer left the room.

Timaro, as usual brought out her recorder and turned it on, while Raymond kicked off with the interrogation.

"What is your name?" Began Raymond

"My name is Gideon," the guy replied without wasting time.

"I hope you know why you were arrested?"

"I already explained to the DPO that the car is mine. I swear, I didn't steal it,"

"So, how come you do not have a driver's license? Do you know that a driver with no driver's license is equivalent to a criminal? Therefore, you're a criminal, until you're able to convince us with enough evidences that you're not," Raymond said.

Gideon gave him a pleading look "I swear to God, I'm not a criminal," he replied.

"What do you do for a living?" Raymond asked.

"I sell cement at Surulere. I have a shop there,"

"Okay. What happened to your driver's license?"

"It expired, so I was planning to renew it by next week. The car sef has been at the mechanic shop for two weeks because it was faulty. I got it yesterday and was arrested on  my way back from the mechanic village," he said.

"Good. First, we're going to your house so you can show us the expired license, after which we shall proceed to the mechanic shop. The DPO has handed me your phone which I learnt has been off since yesterday. I will power it because I need it on for some reasons. Let's go" Raymond said and they all stood up.

Gideon was led to the police van by two police officers. They drove off while Raymond and Timaro followed them behind in Raymond's car.

"We should call Amalia to come to the station when we get back. We'd ask her if she could recognize that Gideon guy. We have a lot of questions to ask that lady. If we get to know that she's innocent, then it will be very easy catch Fabian and Susan, if they're behind the crime," Timaro said inside the car.

"Yeah, you have a point. I will call her," Raymond said. He paused for a while before he continued. "How about you stay with me till we get to an end of this crime?" He heard himself asking Timaro.

When Timaro didn't reply him immediately, he felt he should explain his reasons for the suggestion, so that she wouldn't misunderstand him.

"I feel we could work together, like think together because I can't deny the fact that I've been working on your ideas lately. You're smart and quick to think. You're always coming up with excellent ideas. I definitely need you around even after work. That's why I made the suggestion," he said.

Timaro gave him her usual brilliant smile. "It's a good idea because when I'm in my house, I usually do have ideas regarding the case to tell you, but once I sleep off, I'd forget everything. So, it's a perfect idea," she said, much to his surprise.

"Okay, how about we stop by your place this evening so you can get your stuff before heading to my house?"

"Perfect," she said.

Just then, the police van slowed down and drove into a small street. Raymond followed slowly. They drove for a short while before they finally got to a black gate that was closed. They didn't bother to blow the car horn, they all alighted.

Gideon, still handcuffed, was led by the two police officers into the building because the gate wasn't locked neither was there a gate man. Timaro and Raymond followed behind. It was a big building which Raymond was sure about twenty or thirty people lived in.  

"Ha! Emeka, wetin happen?" A short plum woman who was sitting outside her veranda asked when she saw Gideon on handcuffs and escorted by the police.

"Madam, good afternoon. I'm sure you're his neighbour, right?" Raymond asked the plump woman who had stepped outside already.

"I'm his landlords wife. Wetin Emeka do this time around?" She asked again.

"Interesting. So, your name is Emeka?" Raymond asked the guy who was sweating already.


Amalia followed her instinct and decided not to pick the call, even though she was almost tempted to. She took the phone, rushed back to the kitchen after another glance at the wrist watch to be sure it was Fabian's.

"Friendie, here's your phone," she said and handed the phone to Susan.

"Who is it?" Susan asked, cleaning her wet hands with the kitchen towel before collecting the phone from Amalia.

"I didn't check o. I want to pee, I'm really pressed," Amalia said and rushed out.

Susan picked the call and walked very fast to her room. She closed the door behind her and sat on her bed, still talking on the phone.

"This evening? Okay, but she's around. Alright. Just know that I'm always jealous whenever you shower her attention. Clear her off? How? Okay, I'll be expecting you. Love you too, bye"

Amalia who had been eavesdropping on Susan tiptoed to the kitchen. Her eyes immediately fell on the sharp kitchen knife.

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