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Chapter 10

Fabian got back to his house very late into the night. He wasn't surprised to meet Amalia on the couch in the sitting room, fuming in anger. He went straight to her and knelt beside her.

"Baby, I'm very sorry for leaving you behind, I got a call from home that mom fainted. I had to rush down to take her to the hospital. She has been hospitalized and Quinn, my younger sister is there with her," he said, holding her hand.

Amalia felt bad for thinking that her boyfriend was cheating on her with the detective. Her countenance suddenly changed from the angry face she had initially carried to a remorseful one.

"I'm so sorry dear for misjudging you. I thought you went after the Detective," she said.

"Baby, I've told you that it is just you that I love, I don't have eyes for any other woman. The problem you're having is that you don't trust me and trust is a very important ingredient in a relationship. What do you want me to do for you to trust me?" He asked. He knew that he had succeeded in whatever he was aiming at.

Amalia felt terrible. She held him up and hugged him, shedding tears. "I'm so sorry baby. I feel so ashamed right now. I promise to trust you from henceforth," she said. Fabian smiled. He cleaned the tears from her eyes and kissed her briefly.

"It's fine, baby. I know that the reason for the mistrust is because of my past life as a flirt, but trust me, since the day I met you, everything changed. Let's go to bed, it's late already," he led her to the room.

The next morning, Timaro woke up very early, showered and wore back her old cloth. She rushed to the sitting room and met Raymond on the couch, engrossed in his laptop. He looked dressed for work already and she wondered if he slept at all.

"Good morning, Detective," she greeted him.

"Good morning, Tima. Hope you slept well?" Raymond asked. He closed his system and stood up.

"It was the shortest night ever," she said and yawned.

"I know, right? Sorry about that, and sorry that you won't have the time to sleep in the office today as you usually do because today is going to be a really busy day for us. First, I will take you to your house so that you can change to something else. Then, we will go to the office of the Divisional Police Officer, he called and told me he had something to tell us, after then, we will proceed to Susan's house," he said.

"Since you have Amalia's number, why not call her to meet us in the office, rather than going to Susan's house? We could use Amalia as a spy since she is closer to both Susan and Fabian, but that should be after we are sure that she's innocent," She said.

"Okay, that's a perfect idea"

Fabian dropped Amalia at Susan's house that morning before driving off to work. She met Susan in the kitchen, preparing breakfast and looking happy. She wondered what could make her that bright because Susan had been moody after the death of her husband.

"Friendie, this one you're looking so happy this morning, is there anything you aren't telling me?" Amalia asked, folding her arms around her bosom.

"Haha, so I can't look cheerful again? See, looking depressed isn't helping me in anyway, I believe God knows why all of these had to happen. There's nothing I can do than to accept my fate and move on," Susan said.

"Wow, I'm so happy this is coming from you, after you got me scared that you'd commit suicide because of how depressed you've been in the past days. I believe you will find love again because you deserve it," Amalia said.

While they were still discussing, Susan's phone began to ring in her room. She had to tell Amalia to get it for her since she was busy, cooking.

Amalia rushed to the room and carried the phone, but was captivated by the wrist watch that was on the table. It was Fabian's. She looked at the caller and realized it was also Fabian. An idea flashed through her mind instantly.

Timaro and Raymond got to the DPO's office and sat down after saluting the old man.

"After I mandated my boys to embark on a thorough search, we were able find the exact car that fits the description you gave us, though with a different Plate number. That was yesterday evening at Surulere. The driver had no driver's license, so we arrested him. That's why I called you so you can interrogate him. Follow me," he said and stood up.

End of chapter 10. Please stay tuned for chapter 11
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