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Chapter 1

A hungry man definitely is an angry man, but the moment he is finally able to satisfy his famished stomach, his anger quenches as well and he goes back to the cool or lively being he once was. He is gratified.

This is different for a restless man because he doesn't need food to satisfy him, rather, a solution with enough proofs and evidences to back it up is a complete diet for him. With that, his mind will be at peace. This is what Detective Raymond was going through at the moment.

Raymond paced up and down his magnificent sitting room with his two hands jointly behind. He didn't mind the constant 'cruuu' rumble, made by his stomach as a reminder that the worms were mad at him for starving them that long. His mind was far away from food.

He walked back to his table where some papers scattered all over it stared back at him, reminding him his reason for his restlessness. He lowered himself once more on the couch, took hold on one of the papers and began to read it as if it was his first time of seeing it.

This was the toughest investigation he had ever embarked on. He wished Susan was able to see the faces of the hoodlums who killed her husband, it would have made the work a  lot easier for him.

"But how could they be this heartless? Did they have to do it on their wedding night?" Raymond asked himself.

His eyes fell on the wall clock. It was some minutes after 2am. He needed to catch some sleep if he must get to Susan's apartment on time. He still had a lot of questions to ask her.

"Poor lady, such a terrible honeymoon for her. I must get to the root of this crime" he said before sluggishly climbing the long stairs to his big bedroom. Raymond didn't bother taking off his clothes and shoes, he was too tired, so, he fell on his bed like a log of wood and slept off instantly.


A sudden spank on the table got Timaro flinching on her feet as if a cold water was poured on her head. She had slept off again in the office.

"Seems you still do not understand what you signed up for in this office." Raymond said, looking at her angrily.

"I'm sorry sir, I had a terrible_"

"Hush it there. What do you even do aside from sleeping? Have you ever investigated a case and come back with an authentic proof or something impressive? No! You keep messing up all the assignments given to you because of your carelessness. I don't know why you were hired here in the first place because personally, if I had the power, I would have had you sacked a long time ago" Raymond said, after which he left for Sergeant Simon's office.

Timaro rolled her eye balls  in her usual carefree manner, she was used to Detective Raymond's naggings. She stood up and walked to Chika's table.

"I tried signalling you that he had arrived, but you were too deeply asleep. What if he is finally able to convince the Sergeant to sack you? I hope you know that after Sergeant Simon, he is next in command and he is very good at what he does," Chika said in a whisper.

"That is why he isn't Sergeant Simon and will never be because he is too mean and unfriendly. He is too serious about virtually everything. He doesn't even have a single sense of humor like Sergeant Simon. Ever since he was transferred here, I lost my freedom and he never sees anything good in whatever I do. He underrates me. I don't ever wish to work with him again after my last experience with him. I'd rather work with Detective Dan, at least, he appreciates my efforts" Timaro replied.

"Whatever. Just be careful, I don't want you to get into anymore trouble. Try and stay off his way too" Chika said, before burying her face on the laptop in front of her.

Timaro made a face before she walked back to her seat. Still feeling sleepy, she connected her earpiece to her system, plugged the caps on her two ears and began to play her specially selected songs and nodding her head. It erased the sleep off her eyes.

"Good morning my special agent," Sergeant Simon said to Raymond who didn't look happy.

"Good morning Sergeant. I must say, I am not impressed by what I'm seeing. I mean, you let these guys relax too much and it's not good. Dan and the rest are at least trying their best, but Timaro is something else. She doesn't deserve to work here" Raymond complained.

Simon knew Raymond to be his best detective but that didn't mean he had the right to make decisions for him. Though he had a point about Timaro being careless because on different occasions, she had messed up things for them because of her carefree lifestyle, but he couldn't just sack her like that. She was smart, friendly, bold and could fight, these particular attributes could help them someday.

"My special agent," Simon began, "I know you've had another bad night because of the critical case we are yet to uncover, but then, you shouldn't transfer the anger on Timaro. I know she could be a dick sometimes, but whatever made her acceptable here in the first place will help us someday in this office" Simon said.

"You really do believe in that girl. I wouldn't want to work with her in this particular assignment before she messes up things for me again, like she did in the last case. A girl who talks too much is capable of giving out vital information which is supposed to be a top secret and she did exactly that in our last assignment, that was why we lost the case"  Raymond said.

"We both know that she was trying to help us. Detective Raymond, I need you to learn to be friendly with these guys. The fact that they all work under you doesn't mean they do not have potentials. They're all good in their own different ways and it is left for you to see the good in them. Someday, I will be transferred to another sector and you will be promoted to the position of a Sergeant and will have to make orders and have the overall control over them. Tell me, is this how you are going to handle them?" 

"Sergeant, you are saying_"

"I'm saying," Simon cut in "you should learn to appreciate their efforts and correct them when they go wrong. As a good leader, you should be able to train them to be like you and not have all the knowledge to yourself. It will help them to become better detectives" concluded Simon.

"Alright Sergeant. About Susan's case," Raymond changed the topic, "I received the letter and files yesterday morning and I was able to contact her, but there's no clue about the culprits because they were masked. So, I will be going to her apartment this morning for more questionings, I believe she will remember something, anything to get us started" Raymond said in his usual very serious manner.

"Alright my special agent. I know this particular one is tough, but I am counting on you to surprise me the way you have always surprised me. There's just one problem" Simon said, taking off his glasses.

"What's that?" Raymond inquired

"You already know that Detective Mfon is on leave while Dan and Chika have a case to investigate on. Detective Kingsley is on a special duty and Modupe was tagged along, so__"

"Wait. Are you saying the only person left to work with me is Timaro?"

"Exactly my point. She is the only one left and you know you really need an assistant because this case is very critical"

"I'd rather work alone because she'll be as useless as a used condom. The problem at hand is big enough, I don't need any more problem tagged to me" Raymond said, standing up.

"Inasmuch as I respect you, Detective Raymond, I wouldn't want to remind you  of the position I hold. In case you have forgotten, you are under me, which means that I have the authority to choose anyone to work with you. And as long as this case is concerned, Timaro is working with you, whether you like it or not. Have a good day, Raymond" Simon said, wearing back his glasses.

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