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Chapter 2 - UNCOVERED

Susan had just finished having her brunch when Raymond and Timaro arrived her house as scheduled.

After a brief introduction, Raymond, without wasting time went straight to the point while Timaro brought out her recorder and began to record the conversation.

Raymond and Timaro sat adjacent to Susan. The sitting room was well furnished with some beautiful pictures of Susan and her late husband. Timaro fixed her eyes on the pictures while Raymond focused on Susan.

"Once again, good afternoon Mrs Susan George. I'm sorry about the incident, we will surely get to the root of this. During our phone conversation, I wasn't able to get as much information as I needed from you, even though I received your file, that's why I decided to come here so we could start up something immediately. We shall be visiting you from time to time to get more information from you and as well update you on whatever outcome we get in the course of the investigation" Raymond said.

"You are always welcome. I promise to cooperate with you as much as I can," Susan assured him.

"Good. Can you once again tell me in details, how it all happened?" Raymond asked.

Susan sat upright, looking pale. Her eyes began to blink, a kind of invitation of tears to stand by, so that she could pour them out when she needed to.

"We were supposed to lodge in a hotel after our wedding, but Richard insisted we spent the night here, since we were both very exhausted after the wedding, then move to the hotel the next day and stay for two weeks for our honeymoon," she paused, looked at Raymond briefly and continued.

"At about 11:30 that night, the generator went off. It was unusual because Richard had filled the tank earlier. He went out to check what was wrong with it, while I was in the bedoom.

I waited for almost ten minutes, Richard didn't come back, neither did he turn on the generator, so, I decided to go check what was wrong, only for me to meet three masked men in the sitting room, pointing their guns at Richard whom they made to kneel down and lift his hands up.

As soon as they saw me, one of them dragged me to where Richard was and pointed the gun on me as well. They demanded for the money and all the gifts we got during our wedding, and without hesitation, my husband directed them to the room so they could get them and spare us.

They packed everything into the car that Richard's father gifted us on our wedding day and some into the car they came with. Just as we thought they'd leave, one of them told me to take off my nightie. Richard and I begged him not to rape me, but he wouldn't listen, instead, he threatened to kill me if I didn't comply. Right in front of my husband, he raped me.

Richard couldn't take it anymore. Not minding the guns pointed at him, he pounced on the guy and they shot him dead. Immediately after they killed my husband, they ran away with our car, money and all our wedding gifts," She concluded in tears.

Timaro shook her head sadly, while Raymond stood up angrily and paced the sitting room, just as he had been doing in his house.

"So sorry Ma'am, please can you describe the car that was stolen?" Timaro asked.

"You must be very stupid. Didn't you see it included in the file she gave to us?" Raymond attacked Timaro. He had made up his mind not to involve her in the investigation, aside from letting her follow him, which he accepted because Sergeant Simon compelled him to.

"Didn't she also include what she just finished telling you in the file? Why did you ask her again?" Timaro fired back. She did not know where she got the guts from but she had decided not to let Raymond intimidate or make her feel useless this time around. She was fully ready for him, unlike the previous investigations that she allowed him insult her whenever he liked.

"You both should stop the argument, it is not helping me. My husband's father gifted us with a brand new 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime with plates number AL21 DEG," Susan said.

"Aren't you going to ask her about the description of the other gifts that were also made away?" Raymond asked Timaro with a tone of sarcasm. Timaro ignored him and nodded to Susan's description.

"2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime is a very recent car, not many people own it," Timaro began with all seriousness, "I'm thinking we should meet the Divisional Police Officer to mandate his men to embark on a thorough stop-and-search investigation. The focus should be on this particular brand of car.

There's a possibility that the plates have been changed, but it will take them at least two or more weeks to change the driver's license and today makes it five days after the incident, they haven't changed it yet" Timaro concluded. She had used her two hands to demonstrate her points while explaining.

"What if the car has been deported for sale?" Susan asked.

"Well, we don't know yet till we try," Timaro replied.

Raymond liked Timaro's suggestion, but pretended it wasn't of importance, even though he later bought the idea.

"We need to see the DPO," Raymond said, looking at Susan, "we'll get back to you later," he told her before he left with Timaro.

Susan buried her face down and began to sob again. She needed someone around to comfort her and the only person she could think of was her best friend, Amalia. She had promised to come stay with her till the investigation was over, but she still didn't show up.

Susan picked up her phone and as she was about dialing Amalia's number, the door bell rang. Before she could get the door, it flung open and Amalia catwalked inside with a big pink box, looking all classy.

"I'm so sorry Friendie, I should have been here yesterday, but I had an emergency meeting to attend," Amalia said, hugging Susan.

"It's fine Friendie, I'm glad you are here now" Susan replied.

Susan showed Amalia to a big bedroom. She sat on the soft bed while Amalia took off her clothes and shoes and wore a black polo with a short rag jeans. She looked tired.

"You should eat and get some rest before any other thing," Susan said, standing up.

"You're right, I'm famished. I don't need to ask you what you have in the kitchen, I'll take care of myself. Just come and keep me company" Amalia said, following Susan to the big kitchen.

After eating, the two ladies talked at length about Richard's death. Susan updated Amalia on the investigation that Raymond and Timaro were embarking on.

"Friendie, I am so sorry for everything. I really wish you were able to see the face of that particular one that raped you, it would have been easier to trace them all," Amalia said.

"I wish I did, but I couldn't. He was masked. I couldn't even open my eyes to behold another man defiling me before my husband on my wedding night. A night I was supposed to enjoy with my husband"

Amalia shook her head in sympathy. She had a quick recall of the night. After her best friend's wedding, of which she was her chief bride's maid, she had left with Fabian, Richard's best man to a hotel where they lodged and had fun together the whole night. She didn't regret making out with him because she had had a crush on him, even before the wedding.

The next morning, they both had the greatest shock of their lives after Susan called and told them of the incident that happened the previous night.

At some point, Amalia wished she didn't leave her best friend, but she had to because Susan was starting a new life with her husband. She and Fabian were done playing their roles during the wedding ceremony, so they needed to catch some fun and let the latest couple have some privacy.

"I strongly believe that those demons will soon be caught. I can't wait to lay my eyes, hands and heels on them. Heartless animals!" Amalia said, looking angry.

"What about Fabian? Haven't seen him since you both left that day, though he called me after he heard about the incident" Susan said.

"He should have been here. In fact, he should have been the one to drop me, but he traveled to the village after he got a call that his mother was very sick. Once he returns, he promised to come see you. I'm sorry on his behalf"

"It's fine. So, you guys are now a pair?"

Amalia chuckled "I don't know what he really wants yet, though I'm head over heels in love with him"

"Awwn Friendie, I'm so happy that you have finally allowed yourself to fall in love, after many years of living an indaboskian life"

Amalia smiled. "I hope we both want the same thing, because I don't want to be led on"

"Just give him some time, I believe he will do the needful" Susan assured her.

"Thanks Friendie. How about your In-laws, have they visited yet?"

"Yes, they visited twice. His mom hasn't still gotten over the shock. I'm sure she cries everyday, just like I do because the last time they visited, she looked very lean. Her eyes were swollen. We'll be having a family meeting regarding Richard's death here on Sunday evening. I'm glad you're here so you'll help me with the dishes"

"It's fine, Friendie. I'll do anything to get you back to your normal self. I can't wait for this phase to pass away, it's a really sad one"

Suddenly, Amalia's phone beeped. She looked at the phone, took permission from Susan and hurried to her room.

Stay tuned for chapter 3.
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