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For those who attended private secondary schools, you may likely not understand the story I'm about to share because na ajebutters wey una be.

All my fellow ajekpakos wey follow me attend correct ajekpako public schools,  make una gather here make I yarn una tory wey I experience for eleven eleven (November 11).

Though my sister who was in J.S.S.2 by then had told me of the experiences I might have during this period, I didn't take it as anything. I was in J.S.S.1 and I believed I'd be pampered by the senior students, just as our teachers pampered us when we first arrived.

That morning when I arrived school, na so one senior student shout "Ufa ewa (new dog) come here". The thing vex me enh. I know say I be new student, but e no mean say I be dog naw.

Na so I carry my head up, bounce enter class like say I no hear her. Immediately after assembly, this same senior with her three friends came straight to my class. 

She told everyone to kneel down, and I wondered what we did wrong. The annoying thing be say, during this period, e dey like say teachers no dey sabi road to classes again because all the teachers go dey for staff room dey chill, while the senior students go dey punish us up and down.

As we kneel down, na so the babe point me say make I come out, say she wan send me special errand. Fada lowd, my heart skipped. I waka go reach wey she dey, na so this demon get mind comot one kobo coin put for my hand say make I go buy four plates of rice with meats and fish (for her and her friends), four cans of malt (malt wey be 150 naira each), one carton of digestive biscuit (those 50 naira ones, imagine), a pack of lollipop sweet, four ball pen, one bag of sachet water (ode, na me dem wan use build their entire generation), four pieces of meat pie and then, I should bring back five hundred naira change. 

Oshey, I don turn to magician who can change one kobo to one million πŸ˜‚
 They told me to take off my sandals and walk barefooted to the school canteen. I took off my shoes, got the one kobo from the evil spirit and left.

While I was away, they started flogging my classmates and telling them they want to help them cut off their tails so that they'd become full time students and no more new dogs.

While walking on, I saw in other classes how the senior students made the junior ones to do frog jump. I saw a boy walking on his knees and hands and barking like a dog. He kept shouting "I'm a dog" then barked. I knew it was the handwork of the senior students. I couldn't help but laugh, forgetting my own wahala awaiting me.

When I saw some group of students in the open field, crawling and bleating like a goat, I knew their shepherds were the senior students. I almost stopped to stare at them, but when I stepped into a smelly mud, my stinking feet reminded me that my sandals in the class were awaiting my arrival.

I got to the canteen and realized I wasn't the only victim, other junior students were hovering around, crying because they were sent on the same errand.

I asked one of them what she was sent to buy. She told me the senior didn't give her any money, but rather, asked her to come and get everything in the canteen to her, then I sat down and began to laugh really hard.

I quickly thought of what to do. If I decide to take the school gate and escape, the yeye gateman would not allow me till it was closing time. Then, I suddenly remembered the bush track that the old students normally take to escape being seen or flogged for coming late. (If you been attend public school wey no get bush tracks, e mean say na semi-private school you been dey attend)

But then, there was a very long fence that I'd jump if I have to take the bush track. I wondered how the other students normally scaled the fence. 

I thought of my school bag and sandals in the class, but the thought of a fine girl like me being flogged and humiliated before the entire class, especially before my crush gave me the strength to change my plan of going back to the class.

I left the canteen and headed to the bush track. I dey waka majestically, I no know say soldier ants don dey follow me waka majestically on top my legs, till I hear some kind bites for my toes wey make me begin dey run like mad woman. Even soldier ants follow do eleven eleven.

Okay, I ran and finally got to the fence. That was where I remembered that my skirt was very tight. I pulled it up and mounted the fence. I had series of scratches on my body, but I didn't pay attention to them, I just wanted to get out of the school premises successfully before thinking of anything. 

I stood on the fence and said a brief prayer, before landing like a mountain of fufu on the other side of the fence. Yes I landed successfully, but my skirt didn't land well, it bursted 😭

I was almost getting out of the bush when my left foot stepped on something cold and yucky. I withdrew my leg in slow motion and realized I had stepped on feces. Oh crap!!!

I managed to get to the house with my torn skirt and disgusting feet. My mom who was surprised to see me home that early, asked me what happened.

People of God, after narrating everything to her so she could pity me, she told me my sister passed through the same thing when she was in J.S.S.1 but didn't run and leave her sandals and school bag. She started reminding me of how much she bought the sandals, school bag and books. Na so she kukuma stitch my skirt, tell me make I wear slippers, run reach school before she open her eyes.

Na so fine girl take go back school go dey bark like dog inside class after enough beatings. But thank goodness my crush didn't uncrush on me😎, cos wetin I for do those evil spirits wey call themselves seniors enh, e for shock all of them inside this fictional story. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

Oya share your own eleven-eleven experience.

Written by Ima Udott,