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Chapter 7

If there was anything Timaro detested so much, it was cockroaches. She wondered how a house could be so clean, yet had flying cockroaches inside its cupboard. Timaro wasn't ready for the trouble she sensed when one of the cockroaches flew and landed on the wall, hence, she hurriedly closed the cupboard, after which she killed the escaped cockroach, threw it into the water closet and flushed it.

She came out of the bathroom and met Fabian sitting on the bed. She felt frustrated, but had to feign a smile on her face so that she wouldn't have to answer much questions. She wasn't bothered that she was not able to ransack the last cupboard because of the cockroaches, she felt there was nothing important in there, since she couldn't find any clue in the previous cupboards she checked.

"I'm sorry baby, I took so long in the call," Fabian said to her. He stretched out his two hands so that she could hold him.

It was when he held her closer to himself that she remembered that she had an incomplete business she had promised him to complete. She thought of another way to escape and possibly never return because she felt that he was innocent and there was no need of wasting her time with him anymore.

"What exactly do you want from me?" She asked, putting up a serious countenance.

Fabian thought for a while before he replied her. "I want to start a serious relationship with you. Right from the first day I saw you, I got attracted to you. Timaro, please be my girlfriend," he said with his usual charming look.

"Oh, so what happens to Amalia?" She asked.

Fabian sighed. "Baby, Amalia is not my girlfriend. She's just a lady I met during Richard's wedding. We became good friends when I realized she was the maid of honour. She has a boyfriend who is certainly not me," he said.

Timaro was about to reply him when the bell rang. She sighed and sat on the bed while Fabian went to get the door. Then, she saw his phone that he left on the bed and picked it quickly. Luckily for her, it wasn't locked.

She first went to his gallery. She saw pictures of Fabian and Amalia.They were kissing or romancing in some of the pictures, but she wasn't bothered. She opened another folder and saw the pictures he took with Susan during the wedding. Scrolling down, she saw more of Susan's pictures where she was alone. Timaro's mouth was agape when she saw pictures of Susan naked in her bathroom. She quickly tuned on her Xender and transferred the pictures into her phone.

She went to his WhatsApp messages and scrolled down till she saw some messages that were sent by Susan. She opened it but couldn't read from the beginning because they were too many. But the one that made her to screenshot the messages and transfer them to her phone was where she wrote "he is downstairs".

She quickly deleted the screenshots from his phone and dropped it back on the bed. She became scared and insecure all of a sudden. She was about to stand up when Fabian's phone began to ring. She quickly checked who it was. Susan. She carried the phone to the sitting room where Fabian was and handed it to him.

Amalia who was sitting beside Fabian looked at Timaro in shock and wondered what she was doing in her boyfriend's room. Timaro knew she had to get out of there before things became messier. She greeted Amalia, but angry Amalia refused to respond.

Fabian had already ended the call. He needed to get out of this trouble.

"Why is she here? You know I suspected that something fishy was going on between you two since the day you said you wanted to be friends with a female detective. Now, the same detective just came out of your room, wow," Amalia finally said, standing up.

"I was on my way back from work when I felt a strong urge to defecate, so I decided to run in and use his toilet. I'm so sorry if I have inconvenienced you in any way. Please don't be scared, I don't have any intention of doing anything with him, he already told me you're his girlfriend and he loves you so much," Timaro said.

Amalia looked at her, still not satisfied "How did you know his house?" She asked.

"Detective Raymond and I have been here before for further interrogations. Raymond felt your boyfriend needed to be interrogated again, so we had to come meet him here, after he sent us the direction," Timaro lied again.

Fabian was appalled at how smart Timaro was, though he felt ashamed that she knew he had been lying to her all the while. He wasn't done with her, even though Amalia had ruined his plans about her. He was still going to get her and execute the plans he had cultivated.

"Yes love, she just stopped by to use the restroom," Fabian assured Amalia who was now convinced.

"It's okay, Detective. Hope you're fine now?" She asked.

"Sure. I think it's because of the excess moi moi I ate at the office this afternoon. I'll be fine, let me get home before it's dark," she said, greeted Fabian and left.

Fabian gave a deep breath after locking the door. He went back to Amalia who had already gone to the room to wait for him. He wasn't in the mood for a romantic session with her, so he told her he needed to use the bathroom.

He entered the bathroom, sat on the water closet and began to go through his phone.

"Shit!" He screamed when he saw a screenshot of his chat with Susan. Timaro didn't know that it wasn't all the screenshots that she deleted. It quickly dawned on him that Timaro had gone through his messages.

He stood up as if he was possessed and rushed to the room. Hastily, he opened the last cupboard, brought out what Amalia couldn't see and quickly put it inside his back pocket. He then kissed Amalia and told her he needed to get something. With that, he left.

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