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Chapter 6

Timaro washed her hands and molded a tiny ball from the garri before her. She waited for Fabian to dip his into the soup and swallow, before doing same.
After the first ball, she realized that the meal was just as sumptuous as it smelled. She loosened her trousers, sat comfortably and began to devour the food.

She then carried the glass of wine which Fabian poured for her and sipped a little, then waited for a few seconds before gulping the remaining down her throat. It tasted really good. Fabian smiled. He liked the fact that she never pretended while eating. She didn't mind if he was there or not, she molded the garri as if she was fighting with it and dipped it into the soup, making sure to bring it out with extra escorts of meat or fish.

After the meal, which Timaro ate to her satisfaction, Fabian took her to his house. As soon as they entered the house, he held her to himself and began to kiss her. Timaro responded to the kiss and even suggested they go to the room. Fabian was glad that she gave him a green light with no stress. He carried her to his room and laid her on the bed.

Just as he was about to take off her clothes, her phone rang. Timaro picked it and listened to the caller with all seriousness. After the call, she announced to Fabian that she needed to go. According to her, it was Sergeant Simon who called her and needed her to do an urgent work for him with her system. Since she wasn't with it, she needed to go home.

Fabian, though frustrated, had to drive her home. Before he left, she promised to check on him the next evening after work so that they could complete what they started. Fabian was glad when she said it. As soon as he drove out of sight, Timaro laughed so hard, before entering inside her house. The alarm she set on her phone at Fabian's house didn't betray her anyway, it rang just in time.

The next day at work, she told Raymond everything and he was angry when she told him she ate the food and drink he gave her. Timaro looked at him and smiled.

"I'm not bragging, but I know when a food or drink is spiked or drugged. I have tasted all of those stuff before, it was part of my training before I became a detective. Fabian didn't add anything to the food and drink," She told Raymond.

"It's a good thing you know all of these, but then, you still have to be careful. Maybe he did not drug you because he wants to win your trust. But I bet you, that guy isn't innocent," Raymond said.

"We will soon find out. I will be going to his house this evening. I'll try and get access to the cupboard in his room and possibly, his phone, but I'm scared of one thing," she said.

"What's that?" He asked.

"What if I end up sleeping with him?"

Raymond quickly stared at her. "You will do no such thing. Remember, this is business, a professional one at that," he said.

Timaro chuckled. "I'm just scared that I might end up liking him," she said.

"Don't be stupid, Timaro, Fabian is a dangerous guy. He killed his best friend"

"What if he didn't do it? What if he's innocent?"

"Timaro, I have been a detective all my life. I can dictate when someone is guilty. Fabian is the culprit. All we need right now is an evidence and you won't get it if you let him get in-between your legs. Just play the game and get me the evidence," he said.

"Okay. Fine,"


Timaro was scared because she was going to spend the night with Fabian at his place. Before she left her house that evening, Raymond called and reminded her again to be careful. After the call, she wondered why Raymond was so bothered about her safety. He was never this caring before.

Fabian was on a phone conversation in the sitting room when Timaro arrived. She greeted him and whispered to him that she wanted to shower. She then walked into his room and closed th door, while he sat back on the couch and continued with the call.

In the room Timaro quickly rushed to the cupboard beside his bed, opened it and began to ransack it. She saw some papers in the first row. She brought them out and hastily went through them. She then dropped them back and opened the second row.

Again, she saw some papers in the second row. She quickly skimmed through them, threw them back into the cupboard and closed it. She then opened the third row, which was the last one. As soon as she opened it, Timaro jumped in shock because of what she saw.

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