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Chapter 5

Amalia looked confused. "My boss hasn't traveled, he is currently in his office, except he lied to me. Let me call him," She said, fiddling with her phone.

Fabian gave a hearty laughter and drew her closer to himself. The look on her face made him know he had succeeded in getting her confused.

"Come here joor, I was kidding. I haven't chatted with that dude for almost a week now because of how busy he always is. I'm only wishing he could create time and be with his family" Fabian said.

Amalia sighed. She smiled and gave him a playful punch before she sat on his laps.

"I hope you won't be so busy to the extent of forgetting about your wife and kids when you get married?" She asked.

"I should be the one to ask you that, because I'm very sure that when I get married to you, you and my kids will be my number one priority, before any other thing" he replied, kissing her.

Amalia smiled. She had longed to hear this for so long. She was convinced right away that Fabian was serious about her. She reciprocated the kiss, but hers was slow and teasy, a deliberate way of torturing him.


Timaro was in her office, when her phone rang. It was an unknown number. She picked the call and waited for the caller's voice to come through.

"Hello most beautiful detective," the caller began. Timaro was patiently waiting for him to introduce himself because she didn't like unnecessary compliments, especially from strangers.

"Hello, who is this, please?" She asked, sounding uninterested.

"It's Fabian," he began. As soon as she knew it was him, she turned on her phone recorder so that the conversation was recorded.

"Oh, Fabian. I thought you had forgotten about me since you didn't call me as you promised"

"I'm sorry about that, I was really really busy that day, but I've called you now. Would you be angry if I asked you to have dinner with me this evening?"

Timaro thought for a while. She didn't want to give him the impression that she was desperate, so she told him she was going to be busy with her work all through the night.

"Okay, how about tomorrow evening?" He asked.

"Okay, tomorrow will be perfect," she replied.

He sounded happy and promised to pick her up the next evening. After the call, Timaro went straight to Raymond's office. He was busy with his laptop when she knocked on the door before entering.

"Good afternoon Detective," she greeted. She wished her office had an air conditioner like Raymond's. The coldness of the room made her imagine sleeping inside it.

"Good afternoon. Sit," Raymond said with his eyes still on his system.

Timaro sat down, brought out her phone and played the recorder. Raymond looked up on hearing Fabian's voice. He got the phone from Timaro and listened to the recorder.

After it was done playing, he smiled. "You know how to play this game and you were acting all scared initially. By tomorrow evening, let me know before you leave," he said.

"Alright, Detective," she said and stood up to leave.

"One more thing. Make sure you don't drink anything he gives you, he might plan on spiking your drink. Be wise, I'm counting on you," he said and gave her a look she didn't understand.

"Okay," She replied before leaving.


Amalia looked sad when Fabian announced that he was leaving. She could have gone with him, but she had promised to stay with Susan, so, she had to let him go. She was glad he kept to his promise by visiting Susan and spending some time with her.

Susan and Amalia walked him to his car which was packed outside. He hugged Susan and promised to visit her often, then walked to Amalia who was almost shedding tears.

"Baby, I am not running na, stop crying. I promise to visit you guys often. Anytime I'm less busy at work, I'll come pick you so we can have some good time together," he assured her, before kissing her for a long while.

Amalia waited till Fabian's car was out of sight, before she followed Susan inside the house.

The next evening, Fabian picked up Timaro as planned and they went to a fine eatery. To Timaro's surprise, Fabian had already ordered for the food and drinks, so the waitresses just marched in with the dishes and placed them on their table.

"You actually planned for tonight," she began.

"Yeah, I want it to be an exceptional one for you, my special lady," he said, smiling.

Timaro smiled. The food looked very attractive and she just couldn't resist it, on perceiving the aroma. Meanwhile, Fabian kept staring at her as if he was eagerly waiting for her to eat the food.

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