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Chapter 4

Amalia was visibly angry because of the steady attention Fabian was giving to Timaro. While they all walked outside to see off Raymond and Timaro, Fabian chatted with Timaro till they got to where the car was packed. He was able to get her phone number in the course of their conversation.

As soon as the detectives entered the car, Amalia didn't wait for Raymond to drive off before she flared up.

"What exactly do you want from me, Fabian?" She asked, facing undisturbed Fabian who was about going back inside. Susan just stood by the balcony, watching them.

"Baby you should know me by now, don't tell me you got jealous because I talked to Timaro. I just wanted to be friends with a detective, that's all" Fabian explained.

"What happened to Detective Raymond? Why didn't you become his friend instead? Oh, you think I didn't see how you were helplessly staring at Timaro all the while the interrogation was going on?"

"Babe what are you even saying? I don't have an eye for that girl, I only feel she might be of help to us someday," he pulled her closer to himself "Baby, I want you to know that what I feel for you is genuine. Please, be my girlfriend" he held her hands.

His last sentence got Amalia startled and happy at the same time. She turned and looked at Susan who gave her 'I-told-you-he-was-yours' kind of smile. She then hugged him and he kissed her, not minding Susan who just stood there, smiling.


In the car, Raymond thought of how to tell Timaro about the new plan he cultivated. He drove for a while, before he finally decided to tell her.

"I was thinking of something," he began. His eyes were on the road.

"What's that?" Timaro asked.

"We both know that Fabian has interest in you and something tells me that he may likely be a culprit to this crime. I suspected it with the way he responded to my questions unconfidently and carefully. It seems he was scared of letting out something" Raymond said.

"Okay, so what's the plan?" Timaro asked.

"I want you to lead him on. He will definitely want to meet you again. I want you to pretend that you're interested in him. But, do not fall for him. The purpose is to get closer to him and give me any information you have about him. Get access to his room, cupboard, wardrobe, anywhere you can, I believe you'll see something helpful" Raymond said.

Timaro was astonished. "Do you even know what you're saying? That's unprofessional. I can't go stay with a guy, pretending to love him all in the name of investigation. What if he's dangerous? What if he hurts me?" She was angry.

"Don't you watch on television how the American detectives work? Don't you see that they go any mile to track down a criminal, even if it means seducing them? Don't you see female FBI pretending to be a stripper, prostitute or even a pimp just to get a criminal? Aren't they human beings?" He fired back.

"That is America, bro. This is Nigeria, things don't work that way. I can't risk my life," she said.

Raymond knew that constant yelling wouldn't solve the problem. He had to kill his pride and be humble, if he must succeed in convincing Timaro. He gave out a deep breath and suddenly changed his tone to a very mild and gentle one, much to the surprise of Timaro.

"Timaro," he began. The name sounded rather strange but attractive in his mouth because he never really called her by her name "I know it may sound like I'm trying to be selfish, but I'm doing this because I believe it is the best thing to do at this point.

It's getting to a month and we haven't been able to gather any tangible information or evidence about the culprits of this crime. It's eating me up because it looks like I am not doing anything about it. Please, just do it for us so that justice will prevail," he said.

Timaro was short of words. She looked at Raymond but it didn't look like it was actually him that was talking, because she had known him to be arrogant and bossy all his life. He suddenly looked very handsome, maybe because he was calm for the first time, she thought.

"Okay, but what if he is innocent and I end up falling genuinely for him?" She asked.

Raymond gave her a quick glance and their eyes met. He quickly looked back at the road, thought for a while before he replied her.

"What if he is not innocent, would you want to fall for a hoodlum?" He asked

"Okay, fine. I will do it, but I have to wait till he calls me, then we can start up something," she said

"Thank you so much!" Raymond said, happily.


Fabian was in the sitting room with Amalia, while Susan was in her room sleeping. The new lovers were having a romantic moment when Amalia's phone beeped.

She took excuse from Fabian and went to her room. After few minutes, she came back and met Fabian angry.

"Baby, I'm sorry. It was my boss. He wanted me to do some urgent work for him. I ran to the room to get my system. As I'm talking to you, he's still in his office" she said.

Fabian sat up and looked at her in surprise "Your boss? I chatted with your boss few minutes ago and he told me he was currently out of the country to have some time with his family. Or have you forgotten he's my friend?" Fabian asked.

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