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Chapter 3

Susan's eyes went after Amalia till she was out of sight. She wondered why her best friend had to run to the room to pick a call, something she had never done before since they became best of friends.

She waved away the many thoughts that flashed through her mind and laid down on the couch, waiting for Amalia to come back. After waiting for almost thirty minutes without seeing her, she stood up and walked to her room.

She didn't bother knocking, she opened the door, only to find Amalia on the bed, engrossed in her laptop. She was so deeply into whatever she was browsing that she didn't notice Susan's presence, not until she cleared her throat.

Startled, Amalia quickly closed her laptop and stood up to meet her best friend.

"I'm so sorry Friendie, my boss needed me to do an urgent work for him, that was why I ran to the room to get my system. You know all these architectural works, they're so stressful" Amalia said.

Susan felt convinced that her best friend was definitely not hiding anything from her.

"And you made me think you were hiding something from me. I know you wouldn't do that, because I trust you so much" Susan said.

"Haba, I can't hide anything from you na, you're like my sister. Remember we've been friends for ten years now, you should know me by now. I'm very transparent with you"

"Alright Friendie. Are you done with your work or did I interrupt?"

"No, no, you didn't interrupt. I'm done, let's go" she held Susan's hand and they went back to the sitting room to continue with their conversation.

Raymond and Timaro were heading back to their office after meeting with the DPO when Timaro who had been quiet all the while decided to start up a conversation.

She adjusted uncomfortably in front of Raymond's car and when Raymond finally noticed, she felt it was time to kick off.

"Detective, don't you think we should interrogate the lady's bridesmaids and groomsmen, especially the chief bridesmaid and best man, who I believe are most closer to the couple" Timaro said.

"I was going to do that, don't teach me what to do. Your duty is to take record of whatever evidence or information we gather and not to tell me what to do. I have been a detective all my life and I never lose cases because of how genius I am. I'm not about to lose this one either, so, stop acting like you're the boss" Raymond said, angrily.

"Are you serious right now? I only suggested something, I never acted like any boss. Moreover, if you're defining arrogance and rudeness the attributes of a boss, then I'm never praying to be one"

"Wait, are you indirectly saying that I'm arrogant and rude?" He flared up.

"You just called yourself that, Detective"

"I already told Sargeant that he was tagging problem to me. I will make sure I convince him to drop you because I never wanted to work with you"

"Happy convincing. Who even wanted working with a proud King in the first place? I will be the happiest girl, if Sargeant Simon tells me I will not work with you again" Timaro had had enough of his harshness towards her.

Raymond thought of throwing her out of his car and driving off, but he knew Sargeant Simon may suspend or even sack him if he got to hear it, so he kept quiet and drove till they finally got to the office.

Timaro jumped down as if she had been praying all her life to get out of the car. She walked briskly to her office which she shared with Chika, though Chika was not around. She had gone on an investigation with Dan. Timaro sank on the chair, rested her head on the table and slept off.

After Raymond had updated Sergeant Simon on the investigation he went for, he went back to his office. Timaro didn't like the fact that her office was close to his and he needed to pass hers before getting to his.

Of course, he saw her asleep as usual and got irritated the more. He wished Sergeant Simon had accepted to exchange her and give him Chika instead, but the old man was adamant. He walked to his office and deliberately slammed the door, so that she could flinch again.

On Sunday evening, Susan's in-laws arrived and a meeting was held regarding the burial arrangements of Richard. The date for the burial was fixed. Chief Ade, Richard's father announced that his son's lawyer was going to address Susan after the burial.

With the help of Amalia, Susan served her visitors a delicious meal that evening before they left. She sank on the couch, immediately after they left. She was tired.

Amalia came and sat by her after washing the dishes. Just as she promised, she was really helpful to Susan.

"Everything will be fine very soon," Amalia began.

"Thank you so much Friendie, God bless you"

"Amen. Fabian will be coming by tomorrow. He just got back from the village and wanted to come straight down here. I told him you were tired already and it's late, so he said he'd be here tomorrow morning to see you" Amalia said.

"Alright. He is always welcome. You know he was my husband's best friend right from their university days. He is a good guy, I pray things work out for you two" Susan said.

"But you know he's a flirt. I detest flirts but I don't know why I fell for him. If he asks me out and later breaks my heart, I will never forgive him"

"Let's just hope for the best. You could be the one to change him. Every guy flirts, but a particular girl must change them. Richard was also like that, but when he met me, everything changed"

While they were still discussing, Susan's phone rang, it was Raymond calling to tell her about his intention to interrogate her friends the next day. After the call, Susan told Amalia about it and she promised to give as much information as she could.

The next day, being a Monday, Fabian came as he promised. He hugged Susan and kissed Amalia who smiled shyly. After breakfast, they proceeded to the sitting room and talked at length.

Few minutes after, Raymond and Timaro arrived for the interrogation. Susan did a brief introduction which got Fabian holding on to Timaro's hand, longer than he should while exchanging pleasantries.

When they were all seated, Timaro brought out her recorder, turned it on and placed it on the table, while Raymond did the questioning.

Fabian rested his eyes on Timaro, not minding the others who were beginning to notice that his focus was no longer in the meeting, but on Timaro.

Timaro acted like she didn't notice. She kept fiddling with her phone or allowed her eyes visit the picture on the wall, even though she had seen them before.

After the interrogation, which Raymond couldn't gather anything helpful, he stood up to leave. He felt frustrated that there was no clue to this particular case.

He needed to think hard and apply wisdom if he must get to the root of the problem. He looked at Fabian who had already started a conversation with Timaro and a thought suddenly flashed through his mind.

Stay tuned for chapter 4.
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