New Story: THE VOICE OF SILENCE by Ima Udott

I had always wished that we, the inanimate objects could speak, because we have been brutally misused by the animated ones, yet we couldn't do anything about it.

Hence, since we couldn't speak or express ourselves, we had to accept our fates, stay silent and watch the animated beings abuse us daily. But the good thing is that we are able to silently communicate with our fellow inanimate objects.

For instance, the tables can communicate with the chairs. The plates can communicate with the spoons, the mattresses can communicate with the bed sheets, etc.

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We have seen both the hidden and open misconducts of the humans. We have been used by these beings to perform a lot of illegal businesses. It appalls us each time we watch the humans lie against us, all because we cannot defend ourselves.

I am very grateful to my maker for creating me as a Cloth which the humans wear. My reason for being grateful is because, I go out a lot and see the latest happenings, as long as the humans wear me.

I once had a conversation with a Gun and it wasn't pleasing at all. That day, my wearer, a handsome looking man wore me, after making a phone call with his blood brother.

From the conversation, I knew he wanted to kill his elder brother and take the land which their late father left behind. I wished his brother could dictate his plan, but he couldn't.

After wearing me, he brought out a gun from his cupboard and hid it inside me. He then left to meet with his brother in his house.

Unfortunately, his brother was alone. He chatted freely with him, not knowing his real intentions. It was when he brought out his gun and pointed at him that his brother knew why he wanted to see him.

Heartlessly, he shot his only brother and left immediately. On our way home, I heard the gun crying inside his pocket and asked it why it was crying.

"I wish I had the power, I could have disappeared. I am the cause of his death," the Gun said to me.

"No, you are not. You couldn't do anything because you are not a living being. Man created you, so you have to do anything he wants you to do, both wrong and right. Look at me, a Cloth.

I can't count how many times these beings have used me against my will. If I had the power, I wouldn't have let him wear me at all. We were created by these beings to do whatever pleases them and that is what we will do. We can't help it," I replied the sad Gun.

Whenever I had an opportunity, I'd communicate with my fellow unanimated objects. The Land had always grumbled to me about how people dump rubbish on it, walk on it to illegal places, kill and bury innocent beings and harmful charms on it, etc.

The Beds, Bed Sheets and Mattresses complained of how they suffer every day and night in the hands of these greedy humans. They watch how married men bring women who aren't their wives and sleep on them.

"If I had the power, I would have broken myself, to prevent them from sleeping on me," said the Bed.

"I would have disappeared, if I could, because I'm the one that suffers most," the Mattress grumbled.

"How about me, the way these beings squeeze me in the process of their immoral acts, you could think I wouldn't survive the next second. It's sickening," the Bed Sheet complained.

On Sunday, when my wearer wore me to church, he was ushered to a special seat in the front row, because he was a rich man. His dressing was classy.

The same ushers who were very friendly while ushering in my wearer and other wealthy looking members, scornfully made the poorly dressed members to sit at the back row where no one could notice them.

Hypocrisy was all I saw right inside the church. This got me wondering if things will ever get any better. How would things ever get better when they keep blaming "us" for the misfortunes of the country and refuse to see their greedy lifestyle?

I can't even count the number of times the Money groused on how it has been unlawfully used by some set of deceptive and gluttonous individuals.

"They call themselves yahoo boys," the Money began, "They want to have me by all means, using the illegal ways. They have deceived a lot of people, especially on the social media platforms to make me (Money) from them.

A lot of people have committed suicide out of depression, after falling into the hands and getting duped by these ungodly imposters.

I am always the center of attraction, the reason why the masses fight everyday, the topic of every discussion, yet, it's very few who are willing to work legally to earn me.

These few people often get discouraged along the way because those in charge of paying me to them, after they had worked their asses out mostly and deliberately refuse to pay them because of greediness.

Look at the public workers who have retired many years ago, they are yet to receive their gratuity. I'm not even talking about the salaries of the active workers which are deliberately hoarded or slashed by the government.

I am Money. I was created to meet the needs of everyone, but the powerful hands have captured me and refused to let me circulate. It pains me when they blame me for everything, yet, they are the ones at fault. I wish I could talk," the Money said, sadly.

"Ha! Your own is not even as serious as mine," the Land said to the Money, "I am the oldest inanimate being here. Before the humans came to dwell in me, I used to be happy.

After some deliberations, they chose to give me the name Nigeria, while they called themselves Nigerians. I was very happy to be given a name, little did I know that I'd be blamed for everything they do.

A thief enters a house and robs the occupants, the next thing you'd hear is 'Ha! Nigeria! This country is bad!'

A pastor rapes his member and is caught, what you'd hear is "Nigeria! What is this country turning into?'

A politician, after promising the citizens heaven and earth, wins an election but ends up not meeting the expectations of these citizens, yet, you'd hear people say 'Oh Nigeria! I wish I could leave this country!'

Why blaming me, when I am just bearing the name, yet, forgetting that it is Nigerians that make up Nigeria?

Why not blame themselves? For crying out loud, I am a land, a land who was at peace till these people came and occupied me. I wish I could tell them that I am not the cause of their problems, they are.

I wish I could tell them how fruitful I was, with crude oil running in me, until they came in and misused me, yet, still blamed me for everything.

I wish I could tell them that I was one of the best lands with enough food, fruits, leaves, trees, forests, et cetera, until they came in and decided to be greedy. They use me against my wish, blame me for their misfortunes and now, see almost nothing good in me because they have sucked me dry.

Dear Cloth, if you can talk to them, please tell them I am not the reason why they are suffering today, they are.

Tell them there are only three ways to solve their problems and make things right. These are; unity, truthfulness and tranquility.

They keep singing these in their anthem, yet, fail to put them into practice. I'm tired of being blamed for what I didn't do. The earlier they see that they are their own problem and rectify it, the better for them," concluded the Land.

Merging all the complains laid by all the inanimate objects, I, the cloth decided to become their voice and speak up for the humans to know how we the non-living things feel.

Without you creating us, we wouldn't carry out those awful actions you make us carry out. We work according to how you direct us. So, stop blaming us.

Fictional story by Ima Udott

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