I'm about to share a story I don't like sharing to people. It's not because I didn't want to share it, but it's because they find it difficult listening to me express myself without clasping their hands to their nose, giving me excuses and walking away from me. It sucked!

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I am a very beautiful girl, people complimented me from afar, but once they get close to me to initiate a conversation, they run away from me as far as they could.

I wasn't surprised at them, I mean, who would have that patient to sit and inhale a very stinking smell from one's mouth without having the urge to throw up or move away?

I am a victim of mouth odour, a very offensive one at that. I can't speak without people around me perceiving the smell.

It became a serious problem to me because I found it difficult expressing myself to people each time I wanted to.

I'd sit in the midst of people and a discussion would come up. I'd badly want to contribute, but I couldn't because I feared I'd get embarrassed.

I mean, they don't have to spell it out that my mouth smells before it's called embarrassment. Their actions of suddenly holding their nose or spitting when I start talking embarrasses the most.

I brushed every morning, afternoon and evening, but it didn't help. Yes, my teeth were all white and flashy, in fact, I had a very beautiful dentition, but it didn't stop the smell.

I really wanted to be closer to my roommate more than anyone in school, believing that she might see reasons with me and help me explain to people that I am not a dirty type of girl, I just didn't have the money to do what I should have done before being admitted in school.

But, she chose not to be close to me. She separated her things from mine and treated me like a trash. We lived in the same room, but we didn't talk much. I didn't like it, but I had to manage it since I didn't have the money to rent an apartment and live alone.

I was very lonely with no friends. I had male admirers, but once they talk to me and get slapped by my strong mouth odour, they'd flee without looking back.

I once came back from school, stood outside and overheard my roommate telling her friends that came around that I didn't like brushing. They talked at length about my smelling mouth and laughed.

I thought of fighting them, but I realized it was of no use. So, I went inside, pretending I didn't hear their conversation.

My life was miserable. I was so scared of the signs I was getting in my mouth. It was coming again. It happened every month. It was always so painful that I wished I had the money to remove it once and for all. Tooth ache.

It always started with a swollen mouth, then gum ache, and then a very unbearable pain from that particular tooth on my right jaw. The tooth was decaying everyday. I wished I could remove it because the torture I got was too much for me. Medications didn't help again.

The rotten teeth in my mouth was the cause of the smell, but no one cared to know. Rather, they went about, gossiping me and adding fake stories about my smelling mouth.

Severally, I tried removing it using sharp objects, but I ended up injuring my gum and causing more aches. This was getting too much for me.

At a point, I got angry with myself and decided to end the whole self pity thing. I am a beautiful girl. I am intelligent. I am very smart.

I'm the one feeling the pains, not anyone, so why should I let people make me feel bad?

I have decided to make the best out of my life. I am still hoping on God to provide money for me so I can do something about my decayed tooth.

Meanwhile, I am a very happy girl. I don't force friendship. Anyone who can bear to converse with me will get to know the reason behind my stinking mouth.

As for my roommate, I have decided to place her where she belongs by shouting back at her, the day she yelled at me. She couldn't take the smell from my mouth, so she kept mute.

You see me? I am not happy that I have mouth odour, but I can't let anyone make me feel inferior because of that. If you like, clasp your hands to your nose, hold your breath or spit while I talk, it hasn't changed anything, not even the price of fuel that has increased. Nonsense!

And yes, you'd be the most foolish person if you gossip about someone without getting to know the true story behind that person.

Note: This story is purely fictional but I bet you, a lot of people are going through this.
Don't gossip
Don't judge
Get to know people
Help others
Heal the world.

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