MY ADVENTURE - Short Story by Ima Udott


After choir rehearsal one evening, Ene, my friend talked me into following her to her auntie's shop to get her mother's cloth. She was a seamstress.

Fine, we got to the shop, got the cloth and headed home, since we lived in the same street.

"Let's take that bush track, it's a short cut to our street. I've taken it before," Ene told me.

I didn't argue. In fact, I was happy because I wanted a little adventure.
We entered the bush track and walked on.

"Ene, are you hearing that sound?" I asked my friend when we started hearing the barking of a dog or dogs.

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"No be all those small small dogs wey dey waka? Chilax, you too dey fear," Ene told me.

Okay. I relaxed and followed her till we got to where the dogs were. They were two big dogs, parading the bush.

"Ene, these dogs are looking scary. How are we going to pass?" I asked her, now scared.

"You sef, na wa for you o. Na those two small dogs you dey fear, dah, you don fall my hand. Follow me joor" Ene said.

"No, you pass the dogs first, then I'll follow," I replied and halted.

Ene got closer to the dogs, but it didn't look like they were ready to give her space to pass or they were ready to pass either.

She then looked around and found a big stick to scare the dogs away. Just as she raised the stick up, the two dogs, now looking more scarier than before advanced toward her, barking loudly.

I was about asking Ene what we'd do when I saw her pass me like an aeroplane.

"Ima, run!" Ene shouted.

When I saw the dogs coming after me like demons, I didn't need anyone to tell me to take off my slippers.

I didn't see where Ene entered, she was too fast.

I ran with all my strength out of the bush track. I got to another street that I didn't know. The dogs were still pursuing me.

I couldn't see any house to run into, but I was lucky to see a car parked by the side of the road, so I climbed to the top of the car. The back of my skirt bursted in the process, exposing my underwear because it was very tight, but I didn't notice. The dogs were down, with their tongue out, waiting for me to come down.

I decided to make myself comfortable on top of the car, when it started making a very loud noise that got me scared. I mistakenly slided and landed on the ground.

Lord! Chasing continued. These dogs pursued me till my already bursted skirt tore completely. It would have been better if I wore a good underwear, but it had small holes. Not designed holes, but man made holes😭😭

I ran till someone held me abruptly. I didn't know that the dogs had stopped pursuing me long ago, until Wills, my crush held me. Lord! My crush! And I was sweating like a thief, looking very dirty and messed up with no slippers and running like a mad woman. And then, my skirt and underwear 😭😭

It would have been a romantic story, if my skirt wasn't torn. In fact, forget the skirt, my underwear shamed my life 😭

I had been crushing on Wills for so long and wished to have his attention, I never knew this was how I'd finally have his attention😭

"Your skirt is torn, and your you aware?" He asked me.

I didn't answer him. Nonsense and ingredient! It's called man made design, not holes, like real holes! you coconut head😩

Even though he tried not to laugh, he laughed at me! I heard him laugh, after I walked some distance away from him, heading home 😭

Na God go punish those dogs😭😭
As for Ene, when I later saw her at home and asked her how she ran that fast, she told me she ran into one pit toilet and even bumped into someone pooing.
She later found her way home.

I blame myself for following her, shebi I was looking for adventure and I got it😩

A fictional story by Ima Udott

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