I had always dreamed of having the most handsome man for a husband.

A man who would be very tender, caring, loving and most of all, romantic.

I wanted a man who would be proud of me and do what I used to see romantic couples doing in movies to me, one of which was kissing in the rain.

I never knew dreams do come true until I met a very handsome guy at a mall and fell head over heels in love him.

He was tall, dark, masculine, and bearded. He had very attractive pink lips and a set of killer eyes which could throw any woman off balance.

He was just my spec! He was picking provisions and dropping them inside the trolley, while I was busy admiring him and wishing he was mine.

I really wanted to start a conversation with this handsome dude, I needed to shoot this shot, after all, it wasn't written in anywhere that a guy must be the first to approach a lady.

He was done shopping, so he went to the cashier, offloaded his provisions and waited for the cashier to give him the total price so he could get his things packaged and leave.

I quickly picked the few stuff I needed, rushed and stood beside him, pretending to wait for him to finish so I could get my own stuff packed.

He didn't even look at me, not even by mistake, but I wasn't going to give up, not after I carefully read Matthew 7 vs 7.

I watched him walk outside the mall and told the cashier to hurry with my calculation. I even helped her pack my stuff inside the bag.

Quickly, I ran outside and oh my, he was resting on his flashy car. I paused, said a quick prayer and took the bold step.

When I finally got to where he stood, I took off my sunglasses and wore that charming smile on my face.

"Hi, I'm Ima" I said, stretching my right hand.

My guy looked at me and refused to reciprocate my pleasantry, so I kukuma retrieved my hand in shame, shea na me want fine man.

"Are you stalking me?" He finally asked me, folding his arms around his broad chest.

"No, how can I? I just wanted to make friends with you," I heard myself say.

"You like me?" He asked, looking at me with those killer eyes and I melted and wished he could just kiss me and send me to cloud nine.

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"Yes" I replied, bluntly. For goodness sake, there was no need pretending, this dude was damn too handsome.

"I like you too. I'm sorry I was mean to you few seconds ago, I just wanted to test your patience.

I noticed that you kept staring at me inside the mall and tried talking to me, I fell for you, even before you noticed my presence.

I saw when you walked into the mall and I liked you instantly, but I couldn't approach you because I thought you'd turn me down and when I noticed that you were staring at me, I knew we both wanted each other, that's why I waited out here.

I was actually waiting for you to come out so I could talk to you and now, you are here, expressing yourself, I'm the happiest guy on Earth." He said.

You know that song titled "Speechless" that's the song that came into my head, because indeed, I was speechless!

I didn't know what to say. He took my bag and put inside his car, then he opened the door for me and I entered like a queen.

I couldn't believe I was sitting beside a guy I had crushed on from afar. I couldn't believe my dream could come true so quickly.

He drove me to my house. We exchanged contacts and he pecked me on my forehead before he left and that was after asking me on a date the next evening.

I jubilated inside my house and couldn't even eat because I was in love. I sang and danced all through that night for I had finally found my ideal man.

That evening, he messaged me and we started chatting. He was really hilarious. He made me smile so widely that I mistakenly dropped saliva on my phone screen. I cleaned it and continued smiling nii.

The next evening, I wore my most adorable gown and waited for my prince charming.

He came few minutes later, picked me and drove me to a very beautiful restaurant where we ate and talked and laughed.

After eating, we took a walk to another environment entirely. It was the most beautiful place I had ever seen.

We walked on till I began to feel cold. Just as he was about to wear me his suit, the rain started to fall and instead, he entangled me in his arms.

Oh my, it was so warm and sweet, he smelled so sweet. Even though we were in the rain, I didn't mind, as long as I was with my prince charming.

He looked into my eyes and I melted again. Yes, this was the minute I had been waiting for. I so wanted to be kissed in the rain the way I saw in movies.

And of course, he held me even closer, brought his mouth down to mine and I closed my eyes, waiting for the hot kiss when I tasted something sore in my mouth.

"Ima wake up before you lick all the paints on the wall!" My roommate slapped me the second time.

I opened one side of my eyes and saw myself hugging my pillow very tightly and kissing the wall close to the socket.

"Thank God say no be socket you dey kiss because NEPA don bring light, na so the thing for shock you send you back to dreamland, mumu" She said.

That was how I woke up in frustration and didn't know whether to laugh or cry because I would have been kissing my prince charming by now! We would have gone far in the kissing😭.

This is a fictional story by Ima Udott, your favorite story teller!

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