Have you ever seen a mad dog before? If yes, then you will understand what I'm about to say.

I was known as a mad dog because I was a kind of girl who never cared about what people said about me.

I was shame-proof, fearless and reckless. I wasn't really bothered about my behavior because I loved who I was.

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I was far from troubleshooting because I was a definition of trouble. In fact, where there was fight or anything related to it, I was always present.

It's either I initiate the fight or I ginger those involved so a fight could start. Once it starts, I'd make sure I hinder people from stopping the fighters because I enjoyed every bit of it.

The whole village tried as much as they could to avoid me because they knew the kind of person I was.

I became bored one day and decided to stroll down the street in search of anything or anyone that'd provoke me, since my only official job was troublemaking.

I remembered that one of the best places to easily initiate a fight was the village borehole where a lot of villagers lined up to fetch water.

I carried a small container and headed for the borehole, not that there was no water in the house but I was going there for a reason far from fetching water.

When I got there, as expected, the place was filled up with people who stood in a straight line, waiting for their turn to fetch water.

I looked carefully and spotted one short girl in the line, she looked very vulnerable and innocent, so I decided to go stand in front of her.

I forcefully entered the line and pushed the innocent looking girl backward with my butt.

"Please go to the back, I was here before you," the girl said to me.

I pretended not to hear her and even pushed her the more, causing her to mistakenly push the person behind her.

"What is the meaning of this? I said you should go to the back, I stood here before you came" the girl was now shouting, just what I was waiting for.

I wasn't only very tall, I was also blessed with a massive butt. Therefore, I used my butt as a weapon of war and pushed the girl again, this time with full force that made her to fall down since she was short.

The line was scattered. The girl stood up in anger and came toward me.

"Fight! Fight! Fight" the people chanted. I loved that name so much, that was even my reason for coming out.

This babe was too short and vulnerable for me, I was going to beat her to a pulp.

The crowd gave us space to fight, and of course, I was so ready to feed the girl with dirt, so I positioned myself, waiting for her.

People of God, it happened so quickly! This babe jumped on me like an angry mother hen and pushed me down.

I didn't believe a short girl like that could push me down, talk more of winning me in a fight, until I heard gbosh! my left eye was blown by her punch.

The crowd started laughing at me and taunting me, so I assured them I wasn't giving up.

I tried to at least overthrow the girl so I could be on top of her, but then she took hold of my two hands and used her knees to squeeze them into captive.

She was too powerful but I still refused to give up, not when I was known to always win fights with giants, then how much more this short rat?

I struggled to free my hands, I didn't see what was coming for me until a dirt was stuffed into my mouth.

I tried spitting it out, then I saw sand, grasses, leaves, biscuit sachets and other rubbish being forcefully pushed down my throat!

Father Lord! The shame was too much for me to bear, so I began to be more violent, but then I head another gbosh! my right eye was blinded by her powerful blow!

This short girl punched, pounced, slapped and kicked me and I became so weak that I began breathing through my mouth.

After beating the hell out of me, she finally stood up from me.

She went and brought my bowel and wore on my head, causing everyone to laugh at me.

She then went back and stood in the line.

I managed to get up and realized some part of my clothes were torn. Ever since that day, I promised myself never to fight again, especially with short people, those guys are strong 😭

I walked slowly and was about leaving the scene when another girl asked me
"Are you giving up so soon?"

I looked at her, and realized she was short as well and I knew this was another evil spirit, so I replied

"Did I say I was giving up? I'm coming back"

Since that day, I never looked for trouble again, never fought again and I never went back 😭

This is dedicated to all the short people who feel intimidated by the tall ones.
If you didn't know, then know today that you are extraordinarily strong, powerful and very smart!

Don't let anyone intimidate you, your height is perfect!
But I didn't say you should go and fight o, if dem beat you, na your wahala o🙌

Fictional story by Ima Udott,

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