I remember when I was in secondary school, it was filled with so many funny experiences.

I was a bit calm in my junior secondary, but when I crossed over to the senior class, I became something else.

I was a known talkative and parrot of the class. In fact, if my name didn't appear on the list of noise makers, then that list was null and void.

I made noise to the extent that teachers became used to flogging me and I as well became used to their cane.

The good thing was that I wasn't the only one who acted like a possessed being, I made two other friends and they acted just like I did. This made me love them because we were compatible.

We sat together in the class, walked home together and did almost everything together. We were even nicknamed PARROTS OF THE CLASS by other students

We talked about every blessed thing that happened both in and outside the school and we laughed so loudly that others were always irritated.

We could sit and talk about a particular girl or guy or group of people in the class. To make them notice we were talking about them, we'd point at their direction and laugh, even if it wasn't  worth laughing.

One Monday morning, a fat girl was introduced to the class as a new student. We welcomed her but not wholeheartedly because she wasn't looking smart to me.

As if our class teacher knew my two friends and I didn't like the new girl, she told her to join us on our long seat, making us four.

I almost protested, but my two friends told me not to, so I held my peace. We decided to plan on how to make the new girl leave our seat without us telling her to leave.

The annoying part of it was that she was too quiet for my liking. She never spoke to us since she was introduced to the class.

When we realized that she was the quiet type, we decided to use that and send her out of our seat. For goodness sake, we needed privacy to gossip without anyone watching us like a demon.

She would sit from morning without talking to us or standing up. She only went out during break time to get snacks and come back.

She would eat as if we were not there, she couldn't even call us to join her. I hated her so much because I felt she was a glutton, that was why she ate so much and looked fat and shapeless.

I always wanted to say it to her face, how ugly, shapeless and stingy she was, but I didn't know how to. 

I couldn't just walk up to her and say it because she had never looked for my trouble nor talked to me. 

I needed to provoke her to talk so I could pour her all the insults I had been holding for a long time.

One Friday, during break time, I waited patiently for her to go out to buy snacks. As soon as she was out of the class, I carried her school bag which she hung by the side of her seat and threw it on the ground, in front of the class.

Her books fell out and scattered but I didn't bother. My two friends gingered me so that gave me the guts to go and step on the bag and the books that fell out.

She walked into the class and saw me stepping on her books and bag. She dropped the snacks on the desk and walked up to me.

My two friends stood behind, telling me not to be scared. This was the moment I had been waiting for. I was going to tell her everything I had in mind. She was too quiet, therefore wouldn't do anything to me because I saw her as a moron.

" bag...thi..this minute before I...I...I do something dra..dra...dra... drastic to you!" She stammered, red with anger.

I then realized she was a very bad stammerer. I laughed so loudly because she looked funny and stupid, battling with words.

"Ima give it to her!" One of my friends encouraged me.

"Look at you," I began unleashing all I had gathered on the new girl "Shapeless glutton that can't even say a word without slamming her feet on the ground. 

You're a stingy pig! You are not even smart! Look at your big stomach! All you do is eat and sit down here like a moron!" I yelled.

I was about to continue insulting her when she gave me a slap I had never gotten before in my entire life.

I staggered backward and then another slap landed on my right cheek. This time, I saw one of my beautiful teeth flying out of my mouth.

My people, I saw stars dancing in my eyes because the slap went straight to my brain and reset it instantly.

Photo Credit: Girls Wall

I turned, but couldn't see my two friends who were initially encouraging me to insult her.

They had both ran out of the class when they saw the glorious slaps I was getting from the new girl.

I had barely recovered the slap when she carried me up with just one hand. I saw my legs dangling in the air and I knew my own mouth had put me inside hot soup.

"If...I...I.. you...idiot!" She said and threw me down like a bag of rice.

I fell down and hit my waist such that, I had a waist pain for two weeks. As soon as I landed on the ground, I didn't need anyone to tell me what to do.

I quickly carried her bag, used my very own handkerchief to wipe off the dust on it, packed her books, cleaned them up as well before putting them into the bag.

Another slap landed on my head, that was to remind me to put the books neatly, the way I saw them.

I did as she instructed and finally hung the bag where it was. The whole class laughed at me and I was so ashamed that I went to the school restroom and cried my eyes out.

My two friends later came back after the new girl had beaten me up. I stopped talking to them. In fact, I relocated from that seat.

My people, remember the seat I was trying to make the new girl leave for my friends and I? I was the one that actually left the seat in the end. It was too hot for me. It was a hot seat. 

Never underrate anyone, especially quiet people. In case you didn't know, quiet people are one of the most dangerous set of people on Earth, especially the stutterers.

Don't step on the toe of a stammerer, if you want to live long. They are very good people, but you won't like them when you get them angry. Be nice to people and the seat will definitely not be hot for you.

It's another fictional story from
#YourFavouriteStoryTeller, Ima Udott.