I met her in a stadium where I went to watch a football match and I fell in love with her instantly when I found out that we were both lovers of football.

I couldn't let her go, she had everything a man would want in a woman; spotless face, pointed nose, long straight legs, astonishing shape and a very pleasant character.

Another thing that got me on my knees, begging her to marry me was her love for football game. It was rare to find a woman who was an addict football lover, so we got married without wasting time.

My wife was the best thing that ever happened to me. She was in all ramifications a perfect example of a good wife.

We lived in harmony. But then, premier league started and a whole new drama began to unfold in the house between my beautiful wife and I.

I found out that she was an Arsenal fan while I was a fan of Manchester City. Wahala.

On Tuesday, a day to the commencement of the match, my wife went and bought a very beautiful Arsenal jersey. She told me she was going to wear it the rest of the next day, after Arsenal must have won Manchester City.

I didn't say anything o. You know one thing about women? If you are against them in anything, they will make sure they taunt you to the extent that you'd consider joining their team. That was what my wife did to me.

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She was a very staunch supporter of Arsenal club and she said and did so many things to show it and convince me to join her club.

"Honey, it's not that I'm making mouth o, but I see Arsenal mercilessly raping Man City with 5-0. It's not too late to come to Arsenal, I will laugh at you tomorrow when you lose o." She taunted.

"Baby you don't even know what you are saying, if there is any club that will be raped, it's Arsenal, and the rape will be proudly sponsored by Man City" I responded.

She was vexed. She didn't even want me to say anything against her club, yet she wasn't ready to stop rubbishing my club, so she said:

"Let's make a bet. If Arsenal wins Man City, you will do all the chores in the house for six days, including cooking, washing the dishes, laundry, etc and on the seventh day, being the last day, you will take me for shopping and buy me anything I want." She said sweetly.

"Sounds great. So what if Man City wins?" I asked.

"If Man City wins, then vice versa. I'll do everything and take you shopping on the seventh day, deal?." She asked.

"Okay, deal" I said.

The next day, being the day the premier league started, my wife had prepared our favorite dish, jollof rice and chicken.
We ate and got satisfied, waiting patiently for the match to kick off.

I had filled my generator with enough fuel, in case NEPA fucks up. I acted like I was okay, but deep down, I was scared and prayed Man City doesn't disappoint me because I wasn't ready to cook for a whole week, I was a bad cook. My wife would laugh at me and I didn't want that to happen.

I don't know where she got her confidence from, but she got me really scared the way she talked about how my club would lose. I was almost convinced that she had met a prophet to predict the scores for her.

It was 8:15pm, the match finally commenced. People of God, you needed to see the drama my wife and I were acting.

We had big chairs and couches, but we couldn't sit down, we were both standing in front of the television, ordering the players as if they could hear us.

We dodged, kicked and nodded the air like two mad people, but we didn't care. I couldn't help laughing when my wife mistakenly kicked the footstool and the groundnut on it fell and scattered on the rug.

After some minutes, Raheem Sterling, a Man City player scored a goal and Kevin De Bruyne, still Man City player scored another instantly and that was the beginning of my happiness.

My wife became quiet and angry, like she literarily wanted to enter the television, get the ball and score the goal for Arsenal. I felt her pain๐Ÿ˜‚

After the match which Manchester City won Arsenal with three goals to zero, my wife stormed out of the sitting room and went straight to the room in frustration.

I was busy jubilating and dancing all over the sitting room, not knowing my wife was crying in the room.

When I finally joined her in the room, I realized she was seriously crying because her club lose the match, imagine ๐Ÿ˜‚

People of God, it took me hours before I was able to stop her from crying, but there was a bigger wahala, our bet.

"So baby, how about our bet?" I asked her.

My wife looked at me and released another set of tears. I regretted asking her and had to pamper her again but she did not stop.

"Okay, no more bet. It's cancelled. Nobody is doing the chores alone, we'll do it together and we'll go shopping together, it's a promise" I said, cuddling her like a baby.

Surprisingly, my wife smiled broadly and told me:

"Baby, please don't forget to buy me a Manchester City jersey, I think I need it."

That was how my wife became a Man City fan.

Don't be a boring wife/gf, if your man loves football, develop a love for it as well, it makes the house very lively and full of drama. Even your children would enjoy watching you two act.

It's a fictional story by #YourFavouriteStoryTeller
Ima Udott

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