"Please make love to me, you're killing me" she whispered again, extremely wet.

He smiled. He knew he had tortured her enough and he was going crazy because he wanted her as much as she wanted him.

He filled her mouth with his and just as he was about to make love to her, there was a loud knock on the door.

Kelvin and Bella were startled. They wore back their clothes and sat on the bed to briefly think of what to do.

It was some minutes to midnight so it got them wondering who could be knocking the door by that time of the night.

"Were you expecting someone?" Bella asked Kelvin in fear.

"By this time? nope." He replied.

They switched off the lights to the rooms and sitting room. Kelvin then tiptoed to the door and peeped through the small hole. Quickly, he stepped back, causing Bella to fear.

"What did you see?" She demanded, curiously.

Before Kelvin could reply, the door bang again, this time, louder than before, causing the lovers to shiver.

"They're thieves" Kelvin whispered.

"We need to call the police" Bella said in a shaky voice.

"If you know what is good for you, open the door in peace. In case you didn't know how serious we are, we have so many ways of entering your house.

Your roof is very easy, you have a broken window in the room and a door which I can easily shoot open. So, if you want us to cooperate with you, open this door before the count of five." A voice said, outside.

Kelvin had tried to call the police, but it wasn't reachable. So they had just one choice at the moment, and that was to open the door.

Tears began to drop from Bella's eyes as Kelvin opened the door. She clinged to him and waited for whatever was going to happen next.

As soon as the door flung open, three hefty men and two ladies, all on scary looking masks with big guns walked in and shut the door.

They all had on black coveralls so that nobody can recognize them.
Bella was shivering, even when Kelvin held onto her.

"Both of you should sit down!" One of the guys ordered, pointing a gun at them.

Bella and Kelvin quickly sat on the chair, still very scared.

"What do you want?" Kelvin managed to ask them.

They all laughed and Bella felt like strangling them all to death.

"Don't be in a haste, man, we will tell you what we want. But be sure to have it, else, we will be left with just one choice and that is to end you both" Another guy said.

They were all parading the sitting room like hungry fowls. Bella was crying and praying at the same time.

"Kelvin darling, did you tell your Bella our little secret? Obviously you didn't because she looks lost" One of the ladies said.

"What secret is she talking about?" Bella asked Kelvin.

"Baby, I swear to God, I don't know what she is talking about" Kelvin said.

"Wow! Darling, I never knew you could pretend like this. Are you so scared of losing the love of your life that you can't tell her the secret you've been keeping away from her for years now?" The lady asked.

"I don't know what you are talking about, I'm not hiding any secret from Bella...well except one" Kelvin finally admitted.

"Good boy, now tell her the one secret you've been keeping away from her and let her know the kind of person you are," The lady said.

"Please, don't make me do this" Kelvin said, almost in tears.

"Kelvin? What have you gotten yourself into? You've been hiding a secret from me all these while, yet you claimed I was your best friend and now your love?" Bella asked, looking at Kelvin in anger.

Kelvin scratched his head. He didn't know how he was going to say this. How would Bella take the news he was about breaking to her and why were these people doing this to him?

He was still deeply in thoughts when the five masked guys pointed their guns on him and ordered him to tell Bella what he had been keeping away from her.

Bella looked at him with wide eyes as he knelt before her and began to cry.
She closed her eyes and wondered what kind of a secret Kelvin was holding that made him shed tears.

Bella opened her eyes to meet Kelvin holding a very beautiful ring before her.

"This is the secret, Bella. I have kept this ring for a very long time, waiting for you. I promised myself to propose to you the very day you realize your love for me.

Luckily for me, today is that day. Bella, please marry me and be the mother of my children, I love you so much that I don't think I can stay without you." Kelvin said.

Bella was confused. She became more confused and surprised when the mysterious guys unmasked their faces.

The two ladies were Ella and Dora while the three guys were Kelvin's good friends. It was more like a dream to her because she never expected Ella and Dora there.

They got back from Abroad two days ago and she was supposed to go see them the next day, but here they were, standing before her like ghosts.

After Bella admitted her love for him, Kelvin had hinted them and three of his friends on his plan to propose to her that night and Dora, who had watched a lot of American movies came up with the idea to mask themselves and scare Bella a little. 

To her, it would be more fun and dramatic, rather than just bringing out a ring and proposing to Bella. Kelvin bought the idea, immediately.

It was easier for them to get the guns because one of his three friends was an army man, so he provided the guns, with no bullet for the others.

When they knocked on his door that night, Kelvin wasn't surprised, though he had to pretend he was, so that it'd look real.

Bella screamed "yes" to Kelvin and he inserted the ring into her finger.
She knelt before him and kissed him passionately before they both stood up.

"I still can't believe this!" Bella said and they all laughed.

She hugged her two friends for a long time. She had missed them so much.
They all laughed at her when she told them how she felt like deficating and urinating at the same time when they entered the house.

"I'm sorry baby, I will never scare you again, I promise." Kelvin said and kissed her again.

Kelvin's marriage to Bella established a strong relationship between his rich parents and Vivian, Bella's mother.

His mother became a best friend to Bell's. Kelvin's father gave Vivian a huge amount of money to start up a business and she did. While his mother taught her how to run the business effectively, since she was a good marketer herself.

Nanny Kate was very happy that Bella finally ended up with Kelvin. She was one of the best women Kelvin had ever known. Though she was old, but that didn't stop her from attending their wedding and eating their cake.

Since she was a window with no child, Kelvin decided to name his first child  after her, Kathrine, for she was a good woman.

Nanny Kate died after she was able to carry baby Kathrine. She confessed to Kelvin and Bella that carrying a baby named after her was the best thing that had ever happened to a lonely woman like her. After the confession, she slept and died with a smile on her face.

"I loved her more than I loved my parents because she was always there for me, right from my childhood," Kelvin said to Bella when they got home from the cemetery, after nanny Kate's burial.

"Sorry about that, honey. I'm glad she is resting now. She really was waiting for us to get married and put a smile on her face before dying," Bella said, putting baby Kate who was fast asleep into her beautiful cot.

Kelvin walked up to his wife and kissed her forehead.

"It was nanny Kate that made me realize I actually didn't hate you, I was madly in love with you"

"Wow, you just made me remember the day I left your house in anger while there was a heavy downpour. You were a dick!" Bella said and they both laughed.

"And you hated me the more right?" He asked, caressing her.

"I did, but..." He shushed her with a kiss.

"But now, you can't hate me because we are one," he said, leading her gently to the bed.


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