He woke up early in the morning to go prepare for work.

She was already awake. She was done brushing, about to shower when he entered the bathroom.

He greeted her and went straight to the washbasin to brush.

"Baby you did this again," he said, with a rumpled face when he carried the toothpaste.

"Did what?" She asked and walked to where he stood.

"I've told you severally how much I hate it when you squeeze the toothpaste tube in the middle, it disgusts me! You are supposed to press it from the bottom till it gets to the top and not from the middle!" He said, almost screaming.

"Is that why you are shouting? So simply because of 'this small thing' I did, you want to shout down this house enh?" She fired.

He was now burning in anger. This wasn't the first time he had told her about this, but she remained indifferent.

He would have forgiven her if she had admitted her wrong or said something to soften him, but she didn't even want to admit she was wrong, talk more of apologizing.

"So you see nothing wrong with disobeying your own husband every day?" He asked, turning to face her.

"I have done nothing wrong. This is just a minor case. It doesn't matter where I squeeze the toothpaste from, after all, it's not a human being." She retorted.

"It's okay, since you've done nothing wrong, you will have to go back to your parents and learn some manners. Get your belongings and leave my house." He said.

That was when she knew that he was serious. The small thing had turned to a big issue.

Funny as it may seem, a very minor misunderstanding could lead to a serious problem, not just for couples, but for everyone.

Squeezing the toothpaste tube in the middle could sound like it's nothing, but don't be surprised that a lot of people do not like it.

There are so many minor issues in the home that could lead to a very big misunderstanding and if care is not taken, could tear the home apart forever.

This is why we all need to have those magic words in our mouth.

'Baby, I'm sorry' could melt your spouse's heart, as long as you say it genuinely.

It won't kill if you apologise, no matter how small you think the issue is, even if you are at fault or not.

Learn to see your mistakes and apologize before 'this small thing'  turns to an uncontrollable thing that'd tear your home and make you end up in tears.

Build your home with wisdom!

Good day great people!
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