"I bet he'll never try me again" Bell said proudly.

Ella and Dora's drivers were already outside the school compound, waiting for them. 

They knew they had to part. They hugged and waved  Bella goodbye as they jumped into their respective cars and the drivers drove off.

Bella began to trek home slowly, heaving a sigh and thanking God that her house wasn't far from school, though she knew she would've still trekked even if it was far because since her father died, it hadn't been easy for her mother to raise her singlehandedly. 

Her mother, Vivian had taken up every menial job she could including washing peoples' clothes and cleaning up their houses just to get paid so that she could take care of Bella and give her a better life. 

She stopped the cleaning job when she was almost raped by a married man whom she went to work for. 

After washing and cleaning up his house, one day, the man had asked her to come inside his room and get her money. 

Though she wasn't comfortable with it, but she gathered the courage and entered the room. 

Instead of giving her the money, he started rubbing her shoulders and telling he would love to have a taste of her before handing her the money she worked for. 

She felt irritated and simply told him she couldn't do such. He forcefully dragged her to the bed and was about raping her when his wife came in and blamed Bella's mother for seducing her husband into sleeping with her. 

Despite her explanation, the angry woman didn't believe her. She was embarrassed and sent away without being paid.

Since then, Vivian had vowed never to take such work again. She started frying donuts which she displayed in a showcase and sampled outside her tiny compound. 

At first, the sales was poor, but as time went on people began trooping in to buy it. Bella of course took it to school to sell as well.

Bella remembered how life had been when her father was still alive. He was a tall and handsome man who was very hard working. 

He worked as a teacher in one of the biggest schools in town. His wife, Vivian had depended on his salary for she wasn't working. 

She hadn't been to College after her secondary school, her parents couldn't afford it.

Bella's father had promised to give his wife and daughter a better life, not until he was crushed to death by a careless driver on his way back from work, on a cool evening, five years ago.

The picture of her father kept flashing on her mind as she walked home from school. 

She had promised herself to take good care of her mother and make her proud of her. She fulfilled her promises by reading tiredlessly and being the best in class since she entered Baverly High.

Then her mind wondered from her late father to Kelvin, the class bully who had become worst by the day. 

He seemed to hate her in particular, she didn't know why. Or maybe it was because unlike other students, she was the only one who was never scared of him and would always have a way of getting back at him each time he embarrassed her. 

Kelvin on the other hand would stop at  nothing to make her feel inferior.
He was no doubt the most handsome guy in school, had the richest parents and lived in the biggest and most beautiful house in town, but that would never make her to let him intimidate her in anyway, never!

Yes he was very intelligent, as a matter of fact, he was the most intelligent of all the guys in her class and that was why he had followers, had the most beautiful girlfriend, Wendy and had his ways of intimidating people to get what he wanted, but no way! he wasn't going do that to her, she was ready for him, she told herself.

Bella finally got home and met her mother busy.

"Mum good afternoon" Bella greeted. She walked to her mother who was arranging the donuts she had fried into a showcase and was about taking it outside to sample. 

She hugged her mother who smelt of smoke because of the donuts she'd been frying. 

"My daughter, my pride, how was school today?" Vivian asked, smiling at her eighteen years old daughter who was now so tall and beautiful that she wished her late husband was there to see her. 

"It was hectic mum" Bella answered, obviously tired of the trek. 

"So sorry about that baby. I prepared your favourite dish. Go in, freshen up, eat and sleep so that you'll wake up and study" Vivian said, patting Bella softly. 

"No mum, after eating, I'm coming back to help you with what you're doing. Can't let you stress yourself when I'm here" Bella replied. 

"But you must be tired after trekking down to school and trekking home. I wish I had enough money, I wouldn't let you trek, I'd hire a driver for you" Vivian said soberly. 

"Mum stop saying that, I'm not complaining, I actually enjoy the trek. I insist on helping you, and that's final" Bella said and ran inside.

"Such a sweet child" Vivian said as she carried the showcase outside.

Bella got to her neat  room, a small haven, dropped her bag and showered. She later joined her mother outside as she promised.
"You think you've won huh? You think you can mess with a viper and get away with it?" Kelvin said pinning Bella forcefully to the wall.

How long will Kelvin continue to bully Bella?

Stay tuned for the next episode!

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