Episode 6 - YOU CAN'T HATE ME | Stories by Ima Udott

"I should be the one to ask what you're doing here cos the last time I checked,this was my house!" Kelvin replied, also shocked.

"Have you guys met before?" Kate asked, equally surprised at them. 

"Yeah, we're class mate and..." Kate interrupted Kelvin who was about to tell her that this is the girl that was always getting on his nerves. 

"Wow! What a coincidence! Kelvin you never told me you had an angel for a class mate. She's such a sweet, smart, charming and intelligent girl with a good heart. 

If not for her, I don't know how I would've carried those heavy loads alone in the market" Kate said, happily. 

"Oh! Nanny I need to freshen up, I'm tired" Kelvin said, his eyes still fixed on Bella. 

"Thought you wanted to taste what we prepared" Kate said in surprise. 

"Yeah... I mean no...em... I just lost my appetite" Kelvin stammered, surprised at how beautiful Bella was. 

He had never seen her in a casual outfit before side from school uniform. He realized that Bella was much more  beautiful than he'd thought. 

She was indeed an angel. The jean trouser she wore made her butt to shoot out and her tiny waist with her big boobs gave her full curve.

Her sparkling eyes could throw any weak guy off balance. As Kelvin walked upstairs, his mind began to imagine what he realized he'd never imagined before. 

He quickly waved the crazy thoughts away and made up his mind to avoid Bella till she leaves.

Bella on the other hand realized that the guy she thought was a bully was actually not that tough at home. 

He looked extremely handsome with a broad shoulder and long straight legs.

"Sweetheart, I really appreciate your teaching. I'll start frying it myself from henceforth. 

I'm sure Kelvin will love it when he eats it. Hope you'll wait and join us for dinner?" Kate asked. 

I wish I could, but I..." 

"Please?" Kate cut in. 

"OKay, I will" Bella replied weakly.

Kelvin came downstairs shortly to join Kate and Bella on the table for dinner. 

He sat directly opposite Bella who focused on her food, trying not to look at him. 

"Kelvin, are you alright? You've been acting funny since you came back. Is anything the matter?" Kate broke the silence. 

"Huh? ehm no...nothing... I'm fine" Kelvin blurted out.

Kate's phone rang. She picked it. She looked sad after the call. 

"Is everything alright Ma'am?" Bella asked. 

"So sorry kids, I've got an emergency. A friend just called, telling me my sister's seriously ill. I need to go take her to the hospital. 

It's serously raining outside, so Kelvin, you'll do me a favour by taking Bella home in your car when she's ready. Bella dear, I really appreciate your help. So sorry I won't be able to see your mum as I thought. Send her my regards and tell her I'll come see her once I'm chanced" Kate said, gave Bella and Kelvin a quick peck and left.

As soon as Kate drove out, Bella's heart started pounding. She began to adjust uncomfortably on her seat.

"Don't bother about taking me home, I'll find my way" she said, praying her voice doesn't betray her.

"Find your way in the rain? Looks like the almighty queen is finally scared of me!" Kelvin said, mockingly.

"I'm not, I'll not and will never be scared of you!" Bella replied boldly.

"Then why don't you want me to drop you? Do I have a lion in my car? Or you're scared your buttons are gonna fall open for me to see your boobs again?

Or are you frustrated already that a wretched and low class girl like you is privileged to share a table with the richest guy in town?" Kelvin asked, smiling in a way that irritated Bella. 

"How dare you insult me? I'd rather rejoice, eating directly from the gutters than share another single moment with you. You can go ahead with your food, I'm out of here!" Bella said angrily. 

She stood up abruptly, packed her plate and Kate's and walked  briskly to the kitchen. Kelvin stood up and followed her behind.

One thing about Kelvin was that he never said sorry whenever he was at fault, not even to Wendy when he was still dating  her. 

So he was wondering how he was going to say sorry to a girl he thought he never liked.

"Bella wait!" He said, as he entered the kitchen

"Yes? Go ahead, mock me! Insult me the way you like because this is your house! But you know one thing? I'll still remain a bad dream for you! I'll still hate you!" Bella said.

"Really? You hate me?" Kelvin asked, walking toward Bella who walked backward till she couldn't go any further because of the wall. 

"Don't you dare come closer else you won't like what I'll do to you" Bella said, her back resting on the wall.

"I'm very sorry Bella, I can't stop" Kelvin said as if he  was possessed.

"Don't you dare..." Bella couldn't finish her last word when she realized she was painfully in his arms.

Kelvin devoured her mouth hungrily. His heart pounded as if it was going to fall off his chest. 

To his surprise, Bella responded by kissing and carassing him back which made him moan in pleasure. 

Nothing else mattered to him as he deepened the kiss, making Bella to throw her hands round his neck for support and then suddenly...

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