Episode 1 - YOU CAN'T HATE ME | Stories by Ima Udott

It was heavily raining,  therefore, students from the Baverly High couldn't go out for break.  

Some students gathered around their pals' tables, gisting while others went to the library to read.

Bella with her two besties; Ella and Dora decided to go to the cafeteria, not just to eat, but to gist as well. 

They chose to go to the cafeteria because it was very large, beautiful and lively. They walked out of the class with their noses up as if they smelt something unpleasant.

"Good afternoon seniors"  a junior student greeted as he ran past them, pursuing a girl who was running enthusiastically. She was obviously enjoying the chase.

"How sweet it is to be called seniors and in the highest class" Ella said as they entered the cafeteria

"Yeah, it feels so good to be called senior, just like we did to others when we were juniors" Dora said, trying to keep pace with Bella and Ella who were walking very fast.

Whe they finally got to the cafeteria, they ordered for snacks and drinks, took it to a neatly decorated table in a corner and sat down to eat.

"Bella you've been quiet all through and you ain't looking happy, what's wrong?" Dora asked, studying Bella who was fiddling with her ball pen.

"He thinks he can mess with me and go scot free, no he won't! I'm gonna teach him a lesson he'll never forget in a hurry!'" Bella said, looking at the flower that was positioned in the middle of their table.

"Who the hell is he, Bella?" Dora asked. 

"It's the same son of a bitch that embarrassed Bella last week" Ella replied. 

"You mean Kelvin, the class bully?" Dora asked in disgust

"Yeah, it's him. He came into the class this morning with his stupid friends and purposely hit Bella's table as he walked past and gosh, the donuts she came with fell out and rolled everywhere as her bag crashed on the floor. 

Everyone laughed at Bella, including Kelvin and his nasty girlfriend, Wendy. He couldn't even say sorry, he just laughed and walked to his seat! 

I felt terrible for Bella, had to go console and help pack her books from the floor. Wished you came earlier, but you're so used to coming late to school" Ella explained.

"So sorry about that, Bella. Poor you! You could've reported him or yelled at him for doing such" Dora said

"I wanted to, just didn't know the right words to use. But not to worry, I'll teach him a t-o-u-g-h lesson of his life" Bella said, smoothening the collar of her neatly ironed shirt.

They were still talking when Kelvin and his four friends walked into the cafeteria and sat down at another corner and began to talk and and laugh.

'What're you planning to do?' Ella asked as Bella stood up abruptly

"Watch me" Bella said sweetly and headed to where Kelvin and his friends sat. 

She purposely bumped into a student who was about passing by Kelvin's table with a tray of apple juice and it happened so quickly. 

The whole content of the juice fell and poured on Kelvin, from head to toe.

"Oops! What a mess! Try and be careful next time" Bella said mockingly to Kelvin and walked away, nose high up.

Everyone began laughing at Kelvin who was now praying for the ground to open and swallow him up because of the embarrassment. 

His friends supressed the urge to laugh as he stood up and rushed to the rest room to clean himself up.
"That was so super brave of you" Ella said to Bella on their way home after school.

"I never knew you were a genius, not just in emerging first every term in class, but in revenging as well" Dora said, smiling at Bella as they all walked out of the school compound.

"Kelvin forced me to do what I did. I wanted to show him that I may be a girl, but I'm definitely not a coward. 

He can't keep embarrassing me and getting away with it. The other day, he splashed water on my uniform and instead of saying sorry, he mocked me. I bet he'll never try me again" Bella said proudly.

Did Bella do the right thing by revenging Kelvin or she just got herself into a big trouble?

Stay tuned for the next episode.

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