"You think you've won huh? You think you can mess with a viper and get away with it?" Kelvin said, pinning Bella forcefully to the wall close to her locker the next day in school when everyone had gone outside for sport. 

"Let me go! You nasty bully! I'm not scared of you! I hate you!" Bella said, trying to force Kelvin's hands off her, but he'd held her so firmly that she couldn't move. 

"You don't need to tell me you hate me, because I hate you more and I'd hate you forever! You know why? Cos you're damn stubborn! 

I get whaterever I want! No body dares to challenge me, but you have always tried to cross my path and dare me, and I bet you,when I'm done with you, you'll regret the day you stepped your filthy legs into this school" Kelvin said, dugging his thumbs into Bella's throat till she began gasping for breath. 

Her eyes were wide. She felt her breath leaving her and her legs losing balance and slipping slowly to the ground. 

"Kelvin, a teacher's coming" One of his friends who was on the look out told him and he quickly let go of Bella who fell like a log of wood on the floor and was panting as if she just finished a 400 metre race. 

Kelvin winked at her in a wicked way and walked out.

"Bella, where've you been? We've been searching everywhere for you. You know you're the only one that can volley very well in our team and we lose the game cos you weren't there" Dora and Ella said when they walked in and saw Bella sitting all alone in the empty class. 

Getting to her seat, they realized that she was crying. 

"Bella what's the matter? Why're you crying? Is your mum alright? Is she sick again?" Ella asked while Dora reached out to mop Bella's face. 

"Mum's fine" Bella said weakly. 

"Then what's the matter" Dora asked, pulling her gently to herself. 

"It's Kelvin. I don't know why he hates me so much. What have I really done to him that he keeps hurting me? 

He pinned me to the wall, hurting my throat. I couldn't breathe, almost died" Bella said painfully. 

"This isn't funny anymore, it's getting out of hand. I think it's high time you reported him to Principal Sarah! She could call and give him a stain warning to stop bullying you" Ella suggested. 

"I won't do that! He'll call me a coward. I'm a big girl, I'm capable of handling him" Bella said,  suddenly brightening up to the amazement of Ella and Dora. 

"Ain't you scared of him? Don't you think he'll do something more harmful to you whenever he has the opportunity?" Dora asked, concerned. 

"I'm equal to the task. I'll deal with him. I'll so deal with him. I know what to do, trust me" Bella said with a bold face that made her look even more beautiful.

"Mum tell me you're kidding me. Tell me you ain't travelling again!" Kelvin said, walking into the giant sitting room where his mother was standing, after making some phone calls. 

The house was very big and extremely beautiful with a lovely garden and swimming pool outside.

His father, Mr Fred really spent a lot in erecting the house.  He was one of the richest business men in town.

His mother, Patricia was an elegant woman who loved sophisticated things. Kelvin looked exactly like his mother; tall, dark and influential. 

He was capable of making things work out his own ways. 
Kelvin had always complained that his parents never cared about him because they traveled almost every day.

"Yeah baby, your dad and I are travelling this  afternoon.
It's a business trip and we just can't miss it, I'm sorry. But not to worry, I'll transfer hundred..." his mother said, but he cut her short.

"You think money is everything? I'm tired of your damn money! When last did you ask me how I was coping at school? 

When last did you care to know how I was doing at all? 

All you do is travel, keep huge amounts of money and tell me to have fun. 
I'm sick and tired of this whole thing" Kelvin said angrily

"Kelvin don't start again. You know we care about you and we're doing all these for you, so that when we're no more, you'll take over and live a stress-free life" Patricia said calmly. 

"Stress-free life? You know what? Go ahead! Go to wherever you wanna go to, I don't care!"  Kelvin said and stormed out of the house, banging the door behind him.

He went to his room, got his small bag and left for his girlfriend's house.

"What! You're cheating on me with my bestfriend?" Kelvin said in shock when he got to his girlfriend, Wendy's house and caught her red handed, having sex with Tom, his bestfriend on her couch"

"And what is that surpose to mean? Didn't Wendy tell you we've been having an affair for a long time now?" Tom asked, bouncing towards Kelvin.

What would become of Wendy  and what is Bella planning to do to Kelvin?

Stay tuned for the next episode.

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