Episode 5 - YOU CAN'T HATE ME | Stories by Ima Udott

Kelvin stood so close to Bella and fixed his eyes on her boobs which were so big and attractive.
He knew just what to do to her

Instead of beating her, he smiled ridiculously 

"You've got sexy boobs! But do something about your bra, the colour is so faded, I'm forced to believe that's the only bra you've got. 

You've washed the hell out of that thing, the pink colour has now turned to something else. You can now close your buttons, I've seen enough" Kelvin whispered to Bella, winked at her and walked out, leaving her confused and speechless. 

It was then that Bella realized that her two upper buttons were undone and her bra was exposed. Ashamed, she quickly buttoned them, cursed and angrily walked back to her seat. 

She didn't know who she was angry with in particular. Maybe with Kelvin for seeing her boobs and mocking her faded bra or maybe with her crazy buttons for falling open by themselves.

"Sorry about that, Bella. At least you made him know you weren't scared of him, that was super brave of you.But how come your buttons were open?" Dora asked. 

"Maybe they opened when she jumped up to challenge Kelvin. Mehn, that guy's crazy! It's kinda funny. Bella please permit me to laugh!" Ella said, giggling. 

"I'm so gonna kill you if you laugh" Bella said playfully. 

The three girls fell back on their seats and began to laugh so hard that other students thought they were insane.
It was Saturday. Bella decided she would go to the market this time around to buy the things her mother would be using to prepare donuts that afternoon. 

"Mum I'll be fine, I'm a big girl, I can't get lost in the market. Moreover, you've been the one going to the market every other day. 

Please let me go today. Give me the list and go have some rest" Bella said to her mother who knew she would never stop the argument till she gives in to her pleas. 

She handed the list to Bella and directed her on how to get to the market. 

"Please be careful my child. God bless you" Vivian said, giving Bella a quick peck and waving her goodbye.
"You need help Ma'am?" Bella asked a middle-aged woman in the busy market after she had bought everything in the list and was about leaving the market.

"Yes dear, I do really need help. My car's parked outside the market and I'm finding it difficult, carrying my loads down there" The tired woman replied. 

"I'll help you Ma'am, give that to me" Bella said, carrying the woman's load till she got to where her car was parked. 

"Thanks so much my daughter. You're such a kindhearted girl. What's your name?" The woman asked 

"I'm Bella"

"I'm Kate" the woman replied.

"Oh! Nice to meet you Ma'am" Bella said. 
"Same here darling. Please come into the car let me drop you" Kate said. 

"Thanks Ma'am" Bella said, climbing into the air conditioned car. Kate got to know that Bella could make donuts. 

"I love donuts! Can't even remember the last time I took it. I'd love you to come teach me how to make it, would you, please?" Kate asked 

"Yes Ma'am, I'll gladly come over to teach you" Bella said happily. 

Kate gave Bella her house address as she dropped her off after appreciating her once more for the help she renderd at the market.  
"Mum I just made a new friend. She's such a sweet woman. Her name's Kate." Bella said to her mother when she got home. 

"Really? That's nice" Vivian replied, mixing the flour and ready to fry the donuts. 

"Yeah. She said I should come show her how to make donuts whenever I'm free" Bella said as she handed her mother the salt. 

"Great! You could go this evening when we're done frying" Vivian said, smiling at her beautiful daughter. 

"Awwwn! thanks mum! You're the sweetest mum in the world. I love you" 

Bella said, hugging her mother who was busy with mixing the flour. 

"Love you too baby. Get me more water please" Vivian said.
"Knock knock! Anyone home?" Bella said, on getting to the house address which Kate gave her. 

"Hold on! I'm coming!" A voice said from inside. 

While Bella waited, her eyes roamed every part of the lovely compound. From the beautiful garden to the calm blue swimming pool. 

"OMG! Bella, it's you! Please come in! So sorry I kept you waiting, was cooking" Kate said when they got inside. 

"No problem Ma'am. Mum sent her greetings" Bella said, looking at the well furnished house which smelt so sweet. 

She dropped her bag on the chair and offered to help Kate in the kitchen. They talked and laughed constantly.

"So,now, to the main business. Let's get started.  Can't wait to eat the donut, I bet my boy will love it when he returns" Kate said 

"I pray he does" Bella said.

They were almost through with the frying when the door bell rang. 

"That should be my boy. He's back from the party he went to. Let me open the door for him, I'll join you in a minute" Kate said and left to open the door.

Kelvin dear, welcome" Kate said, giving Kelvin a peck. 

"Thanks nanny. What's that sweet aroma that I'm perceiving?" Kelvin asked, salivating. 

"An angel came over to teach me how to prepare something special. Come to the kitchen and have a taste, you'll so love it!" Kate said, excitedly. 

"Alright. Can't wait to taste it" Kelvin said, following Kate to the Kitchen.

"What! What're you doing here, you bully?" Bella asked Kelvin in shock as he entered the kitchen. 

"I should be the one to ask what you're doing here cos the last time I checked, this was my house!" Kelvin replied, also shocked.

What would be the outcome of Bella in Kelvin's house?

Stay tuned for the next episode!

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