Episode 4 - YOU CAN'T HATE ME | Stories by Ima Udott

"And what's that supposed  to mean? Didn't Wendy tell you we've been having an affair even before she met you?" Tom asked, bouncing towards Kelvin. 

Kelvin couldn't believe what Tom, his bestfriend just said. Wendy knew this was the best opportunity to let the cat out of the bag. 

"Kelvin, I know this may come as a shock, but it's true. I liked you because you were popular in school and rich as well, but I never loved you. 

I've been in love with Tom, even before you asked me out. I'm sorry I can't go ahead with the relationship anymore." Wendy said boldly. 

"Yeah, she's said it all. Though you are or should I say you were my best friend, you got whatever you wanted, but you can never take my girl from me. She's mine Kelvin. Go find yours!" Tom said, facing Kelvin who had clenched his fists, shocked at what he just heard from his two most trusted friends. 

Kelvin knew he'd lost this one but he wasn't going to walk away just like that, no way! 

He advanced swiftly towards Tom and blew him so hard on his stomach, making him to stagger backward and fall on the sofa. 

Before Wendy could protest, Kelvin gave her a sounding slap that made her fall on Tom. 

Tom knew Kelvin was more powerful than he was. Trying to fight Kelvin would be like a rat trying to fight a lion. 

So, they just stayed on the sofa, staring at Kelvin and praying in their heart for him to go.

"Fuck you back stabbers! I hate you!" Kelvin said. He looked at the two helpless lovers for a while and stormed out, slamming the door so hard that it almost fell off.  
It was dark when Kelvin got home and was welcomed by Kate, his good old nanny, a middle-aged woman. 

"Kelvin dear, welcome. I've been worried about you" Kate said softly when Kelvin walked into the giant sitting room. 

"I'm fine nanny. Where's mum and dad?" he asked, absentmindedly. 

"They  travelled this afternoon. Thought you were aware" Kate said. 

"Oh yeah! Mum told me, I forgot" Kelvin said, suddenly missing his parents. 

"Are you alright?" Kate asked Kelvin who was fighting the urge to cry. 

Kelvin knew there was no need keeping it away from a nanny whom he'd loved so much, even more than his parents. 

Kelvin was fond of nanny Kate. He respects and opens up secrets which he never tells his parents to her because she cared for him and was always ready to listen to him and advise him.

"No nanny, I'm not alright. Why would I be alright when my own parents do not even care about me?

All they do is travel every blessed day. They care about their businesses more than me. They don't even wanna know what I'm going through. 

I decided to go to Wendy who I thought would make me forget what I was going through at home, but what did I get? A heartbreak! 

My girlfriend cheated on me with my best friend. Why has everyone chosen to betray me, nanny?" Kelvin asked, almost in tears. 

"Oh dear! Poor you! So sorry about that. I know how you feel because I was also betrayed by the people whom I trusted. 

It wasn't easy getting over it, but I just had to. Kelvin, you just have to try and pull through it, such is life. 

Maybe you guys weren't meant for each other. I bet you'll find another girl who's hundred times better than Wendy" Kate said, patting Kelvin softly. 

"Thanks nanny. I need to rest, I'm feeling sick" Kelvin said, hugged his nanny and walked upstairs to his magnificient room.
"Heard Wendy cheated on Kelvin with Tom" Dora said to Bella and Ella in class during break the next week. 

"How did you know?" Ella asked. 

"Has anything ever happened and remained a secret in Baverly High?" Dora asked. 

"Poor him! No wonder he's been quiet and lonely these days" Ella said. 

"Don't tell me you're pitying that bully! Remember I still haven't revenged him for almost killing me the other day. 

His girlfriend leaving him wouldn't stop me from carring out my plan!" Bella said, irritated at Ella's words. 

"I'm not pitying him. But Bella, I think you should be careful with the way you go about this revenge. He 'almost' killed you the last time you revenged him and he may kill you this time around because he is already angry with everyone everything" Ella warned. 

"Kill me? He can't do shit! I'm not scared of him! I must get back at him, as a matter of fact, this is the best time to strike, now that he is sad" Bella said.

Kelvin walked into the class alone, and sat on his seat, looking sad. 

"That's awkward! Kelvin coming to the class and alone during break? It's so unlike him who would merry at the cafeteria with his friends or play volley ball outside" Dora whispered to Ella and Bella.

"Don't think I didn't hear that, and don't think you can gossip about me and get away with it!" Kelvin said, walking toward the girls. 

Bella jumped out of her seat and walked to Kelvin, facing him boldly.

"And what can you do huh? You think you've got everything in life therefore you can bully anyone you like and get away with it? Wait, you think I'm actually scared of you? No, I'm not, you weakly!

I actually thought you were brave, until I saw you cry like a baby because your celebrity girlfriend dumped you for a better person, probably because you've bullied her! 

What are you waiting for? If you are man enough, go ahead and punch me! Pin me to the wall again!" Bella said, boldly to the amazement of Kelvin.

Kelvin stood still in surprise. Nobody has ever challenged him like this in his entire life.

He stood so close to Bella and fixed his eyes on her boobs which were so big and attractive.
He knew just what to do to her.

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