Nothing else mattered to him as he deepened the kiss, making Bella to throw her hands round his neck for support and then suddenly Bella tore her mouth away, bringing Kelvin back from the land of pleasure.

Bella couldn't do this. She would have been very okay if this was some other guy, but of all the guys in school, it was Kelvin who stole her first kiss, what a contradiction! She thought.

She knitted her hands together and blinked uncomfortably, unable to get the words together. But she needed to ward herself after all.

"Just assume this didn't happen because you can't bribe me with your kisses!" She said, almost in a whisper.

"Really? Bella, why don't you just swallow your ego and admit that you're madly in love with me?" Kelvin asked, folding his arms around his broad chest.

He didn't want this opportunity to slip through his hands just like that. So many wild thoughts ran through his mind while he watched her speak. He felt like eating her up, she was too sweet, only if she would see it.

"In love with you? Don't let your mind deceive you, I can never fall in love with a guy who finds pleasure in hurting me. 

A guy who almost killed me. A guy who can't even say sorry when he's at fault. I can never fall for you!" Bella said, looking Kelvin straight in the eyes. 

Kelvin realized Bella wasn't as easy as he thought she'd be. Any time he was at fault with Wendy, he'd kiss and romance her so that she'd forget he didn't apologise, but Bella didn't forget.

"Would you at least give me your contact?" Kelvin asked, frustrated

"I don't have a phone and even if I did, I wouldn't give my contact to a bully" Bella replied sharply.

 Why was she mean to him, like she didn't share a moment with him some minutes ago? He had tasted her and had found out she was all hot for him, so why the pretence? He thought.

"Oh! So the almighty slay queen that has been making mouth all along does not have a phone at her age? 

Are you so careless that you feel you won't be able to handle a phone or your parents don't trust you enough to give you a phone?" Kelvin asked, making Bella to remember the bitter experience that made her to sell her phone.

Her mother was almost beaten up by a woman whom she borrowed money from.

She didn't have a penny to pay back the angry woman. Bella had to sell her phone to pay her mother's debt. Though she missed her phone, but she was happy her mother was alright. 

At least it was better to have a peace of mind and avoid embarrassment than to have a good phone yet no peace of mind.

Bella felt humiliated by Kelvin's words.
She was sad and angry at the same time.

"You think you can degrade others because you have everything right? You can go ahead and say anything that comes out of your mouth. 

Go ahead and brag, clap for yourself, you deserve an accolade as the richest guy in town.

You have a phone, a good house, a car and even a nanny to take care of you, but let me tell you something, you are not different from a wretched beggar in the street.

Your mates are hustling to make money, you are here boasting of your father's money, shame on you Kelvin.

You will only be a man, if you know what it means to work. For now, you are a beggar with no choice but to accept where your father tosses you to, rubbish.

 I swear to God, if you dare come close to me again, I'll do something that will make you regret for the rest of your life" Bella said and stormed out of the house, not minding the heavy downpour or the scarey thunder that struck as if it was going to pieces the angry sky.

Kelvin felt every word that Bella said to him. Nobody has ever made him have a deep thought about his life. What kind of a girl was she? He asked himself.

"Bella please wait, I  didn't mean what I said please," he pleaded, but it was too late. She was out of sight.

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Bella fell very ill when she got home because she was drenched by the rain.

She couldn't go to school that Monday. She  was shaking on the bed, even with the thick duvet on her.

Her mother was worried. She took to praying after Bella vomited the food and drugs she gave her.

This was the kind of period Vivian missed her husband. If he was here, it would have been easier for her because they would have had the money to take their daughter to the hospital for proper treatment.

This thoughts made her to shed tears because she was pained to see her daughter sick yet she couldn't help her, she didn't have the money.

The money she made from the donuts she sold was not enough, she needed more, but how was she going to get it? She thought.
Ella and Dora knew something wasn't going right with Bella because she had never stayed back from school before.

Kelvin on the other hand was very worried and restless. Something told him Bella wasn't alright.

What if she couldn't make it home? What if she fell sick as a result of the rain that drenched her? He thought.

 He blamed himself for hurting and letting her go while it was  raining.

He realized he was madly in love with this girl and he knew there were changes he had to make if he must have Bella.

He'd have to admit when he's at fault and learn to apologize. He'd have to stop his pompous behaviour. 

He'd have to stop bullying people and he'd have to learn how to be caring for Bella's sake, but will he be able to do all these for one person?
Tuesday, Bella still didn't show up in school. Kelvin couldn't take it anymore. 

He walked up to Ella and Dora who were scared, thinking he was going to bully them since Bella wasn't there to defend them.

"I'll report you to Principal Sarah if you try bullying us" Dora said quickly, when he got to them. 

"Really? What makes you think I came to bully you?" Kelvin asked, folding his arms. 

"Because you're known for bullying almost everyone in school" Ella replied.

"Well, someone made me realize there's more to life than bullying. I don't bully anymore.

 I didn't come to bully you guys, I came to ask for Bella's house address" Kelvin said, calmly to the surprise of the two girls.

"How sure am I that this isn't one of your pranks to hurt Bella?" Dora asked.

Kelvin felt sad. Has it gotten to this? He really needed to turn a new leaf if he must be acquainted with Bella.

"No, I promise I won't hurt her. I am just as worried as you are that she has been absent from school for two days." He replied in the calmest way he could.

 "Fine. We were planning to go see her after school today, we're more worried about her " Ella said.

Kelvin drove in his car with Ella and Bella sitting quietly inside and wondering who could change him from a bully to a caring guy they never thought he'd be.

"Left please," Ella directed. Kelvin followed the girls' directions patiently till they got to a small compound that had a bungalow with a faded paint.

"Here is the house," Ella said, much to Kelvin's surprise. He thought Bella lived in a mansion.

They got down and walked inside the house. Vivian was sobbing in the sitting room.

She cleaned her eyes when they entered the room and welcomed them. She knew Ella and Dora because Bella had brought them home on several occasions.
When they asked her of Bella, she narrated everything to them. She obviously needed someone to talk to and she was thankful they showed up.

"Ma'am please don't cry, nothing will happen to her. Where's she?" Dora asked while Kelvin patted her gently.

"She's not here" Vivian replied, crying more than before.

"Then where's she?" Kelvin asked, almost in tears.
Could Bella be dead?
Would Kelvin forgive himself if it happens that Bella's dead?
Stay tuned for the next episode.

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