"She's not here" Vivian replied, crying even loudly.

Then where's she?" Kelvin asked almost in tears.

 "She's in the hospital. I had to borrow money from my friend and take her to the  hospital.
Shes has refused to eat for three days now and her situation is getting worse because she's so weak, she can't even walk without being supported. 

The money I got wasn't enough, so I came back to look for more money, but I have no idea of how and where to get it.

 I don't know what to do, don't want to lose my only daughter. I'll  kill myself if anything happens to her," Vivian said, still sobbing. 

"Ma'am, nothing will happen to her. Bella will not die. Can we go see her?" Kelvin asked. 

"Yes my children. Wait let me get the food I prepared for her, I'll take you there" Vivian said, walking into the kitchen. 

Kelvin realized Bella was the carbon copy of her mother. Even with the sadness on Vivian's face, the resemblance was clearly visible. Tall, fair and beautiful just like Bella. One could even mistake them for sisters.
They met Bella sleeping when they got to her ward. Dora and Ella dropped some beautiful flowers with a small note boldly written: 

Kelvin just stood there and looked at Bella who looked even more beautiful while asleep. 

He prayed silently for her to wake up and hear him out, but his prayer wasn't answered. She was asleep till they left.

Kelvin had never felt this way before all through the years he had spent with Wendy and other girls. There was something very different about Bella that attracted him like a magnet to her.

He never knew that he was going to fall this deep for a girl he detested some time back. The worst of it was that he couldn't control the strong attraction that was drawing him helplessly to her.

He thought about her all day and night. He hallucinated about her the day he got back from the hospital. She was beautiful while asleep.

He saw her long lashes, her flawless face and pour skin. Her pink and succulent lips looked so tempting that he imagine kissing them again, this time, slowly, unleashing all the emotions inside it.

Kelvin was physically unstable till his nanny noticed it.

On Thursday, Bella was finally discharged. Kelvin had paid her bills. He had told Vivian not to let her know he was the one that paid the bill. So she wasn't told.
"We're so happy to have you back. We missed you so much" Dora said when Bella got back to school. 

"I missed you too besties. Thanks for your lovely gifts and wishes" Bella said, smiling. 

"En! Bella do you know that Kelvin is now a changed person? He doesn't bully anymore. He even offered to drive us to your house and to the hospital" Ella said. 

"Kind of impressive, but that's none of my business" Bella replied.

She didn't tell anyone what transpired between her and Kelvin the day she visited. She made up her mind nothing was going to make her talk to him again.
She carefully avoided him in school.

"Bella please wait. I have something to tell you," Kelvin said on Friday after school. 

Kelvin had waited patiently for everyone to leave the class so he could pour out his heart to her and this was a great opportunity for him because he met her alone in the class, packing her books and ready to go.

"Don't you dare come close to me, Kelvin. Stay away from me" Bella replied angrily at Kelvin who was already facing her.

"Bella, I know I've hurt you so much. I know I'm the reason why you fell sick. But please, find a place in your heart and forgive me, I promise I will never ever hurt you again," Kelvin begged. 

"I've forgiven you. Can I go now?" She asked. 

"No, there's one more thing. Bella, you've changed me completely from the rugged guy who bullies and hurts almost everyone to a guy who thinks twice before saying or taking any action. 

Baby, I'm helplessly in love with you. I've never felt this helpless before. Please make me the happiest guy in the world by accepting to be my girlfriend" Kelvin said, looking at Bella straight in the eyes and praying she gives him a positive reply.

Bella looked at him. A lot of things ran through her mind. What if he just wanted to sleep with her and leave, because he had had a taste of her lips.

She needed to be very careful with him, she didn't completely trust him, especially for the fact that he used to be her bully.

"Kelvin, I would have loved to be your girl friend, but it's just not the right thing to do. Moreover, we're about to start our final exams and I wouldn't want to be distracted." Bella replied.

Kelvin looked sad. But he still wanted to establish a strong relationship with this girl.

"Then can we be best of friends?" Kelvin asked

"Sure, I'm fine with that" she said, smiling. 

Kelvin became very happy. 

"Can I get a hug from my bestie?" He asked. Before Bella could reply, Kelvin hugged her so tightly, her two legs dangled.

Since then, Kelvin and Bella became very close to each other. After school, Kelvin would drop Bella at her house before going home.

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He became a frequent visitor to her house. Sometimes, he would stay and watch while Bella and her mother prepare the donuts. Vivian would give him to eat. 

Each time Kelvin loses control and wanted to be intimate with Bella, she would remind him their agreement to remain best of friends. Kelvin would get rid of himself, even though he was filled with burning desire to touch her.

Their friendship was strong till they graduated from high school.

They both chose the same University just as they agreed, though Bella missed Ella and Dora who schooled outside the Country.
Everything went perfectly until Kelvin got to his final year. Bella started seeing him with a particular girl who looked older and more beautiful than she was. 

Each time she confronted Kelvin, he'd ask if there was any problem. She'd smile and tell him there was no problem, after all they were best friends, not lovers. But deep inside her, she was feeling extremely jealous.
One Sunday evening, Bella decided to pay Kelvin a surprise visit in his big apartment. She felt even more jealous at what she saw.

"Bella! What a surprise! You never told me you were coming," Kelvin said, letting go of the girl he was romancing. The same girl she had been seeing him with.

"Yeah, I wanted it to be a surprise visit, but I think i should get going since you are obviously busy" Bella said. 

Kelvin sent the girl away and pleaded for Bella to stay and she did.

Bella couldn't hold the burning desire she felt for Kelvin anymore. She walked slowly to where he stood, staring at her like a hungry lion, ready to devour its prey.

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