Bella couldn't hold the burning desire she felt for Kelvin anymore. She walked slowly to where he stood, staring at her like a hungry lion, ready to devour its prey.

"I know we agreed to be best of friends but I can't help but get jealous each time I see you with that girl. It may sound funny to you, but I'm in love with you, Kelvin" She blurted out.

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Kelvin's joy knew no bound. His dream had finally come true. He was not only crazy about Bella, he was addicted to her since the day he kissed her in his house.

He had prayed and wished that someday, she'd feel the same way he was feeling for her and make his life complete because he felt incomplete without her. The bestie stuff wasn't working for him, he wanted more. He wanted her, badly.

After battling with his emotions for a long time, he had decided to go seek nanny Kate's advice.

She told him to give her time to realize herself, meanwhile, he should get a girl and pretend to date her, while watching Bella's reactions.

If Bella was truly meant for him, she'd get jealous and come for him but if she wasn't, she wouldn't.

Kelvin was happy nanny Kate's advice worked as planned. He smiled to himself for a job well done and looked at Bella who had grown from the innocent school girl he used to know to a stunning young lady. How time flies.

She looked glamorous in her short gown, standing right before him and expressing herself to him. He wanted to do everything to her, she was too beautiful and he had waited so long for this moment.

Kelvin couldn't stand the next second without the urge to touch her.
He walked closer, his heart beating very fast and loudly. He held her right hand and placed it on his chest.

Bella was surprised on how fast his heart was beating. He held her tiny waist and pulled her to himself, looking deeply into her eyes. Bella could see the passion in his eyes, she could read what they meant now.

"This is how my heart beats, each time I'm with you. You own my heart Bella, you've always do.

I love you with everything in me. I've always loved you and I'll spend the rest of my life loving you, if you give me the chance," Kelvin whispered to her ear.

Bella put her face down again. She couldn't look at him for she feared she was going to do something crazy. He was too handsome. Too perfectly structured. His sweet cologne filled her nose and she loved it.

"Look at me Bella" Kelvin said, holding her firmly to himself and running his killer eyes all over her. The kind of look that can sweep any girl off balance.

"I can't. If I do, I'm afraid I'll lose control and do something crazy" Bella replied.

"Please look into my eyes and do that crazy thing to me. Anything you wish to do, baby I'm all yours. Do it, I've been waiting and yearning all day for this"

Bella looked up at Kelvin who was eagerly waiting for their eyes to meet.
They locked up, staring into each others eyes.

A strong flame of passion and intimacy suddenly awoke and desire swept through Bella who suddenly acted as if she was possessed.

She threw her hands round Kelvin, pressing her soft breast to his chest. She kissed the corner of his lips gently. She then thrusted her tongue in and he welcomed her graciously.

Kelvin who was now moaning in pleasure, responded and even took over the kiss, cupping her soft boobs.

When he realized she couldn't control it anymore, he carried her to the room and laid her on the bed like a baby.

He took off her clothes and his as well and did what he had been dying to do since the day he fell in love with her. He explored her till she began to call his name.

"Make love to me" She whispered into his ear.

He went down, took off her panties, kissed her thighs. As if that wasn't enough, he sucked her and heard her moaning in pleasure. He went back to her lips and continued kissing her.

"Please make love to me, you're killing me" she whispered again, extremely wet.

He smiled. He knew he had tortured her enough and he was going crazy because he wanted her as much as she wanted him.

He filled her mouth with his and just as he was about to make love to her, there was a loud knock on the door.

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