Packing was something Benita hated doing, but after pondering about how to go about it, she realized she was left with just one choice; to go back inside and continue packing her things if she must get to wherever she intended going to on time.
She didn't know why she was doing this, but a part of her told her it was the best thing to do.
She needed to go very far, far away from her worries, and most importantly, far away from Dele and Diana who were the reasons behind her relocation.
She brought down her big box and started flinging her clothes inside, not bothering to fold them.
She was still throwing the clothes into the box when she had a reminiscence of her experience with Dele.
She remembered how she was engaged to him for two years and how he proposed to her in a party before her friends.
How they had fixed the date for the wedding, and then her best friend, Diana came back!
"I regret having that bitch as my best friend!" She said, throwing the cloth into the box as if Diana was the cloth.
Two weeks to their wedding, Dele had come to her like a possessed man and told her he couldn't go ahead with the marriage.
Benita was of course shocked, but when he mentioned that he was in love with no other person but her best friend, Diana, Benita couldn't take it anymore.
She had fainted, cried and prayed, but all the pastor could tell her was that Dele wasn't the right man for her.
When she thought about Diana who was supposed to be her chief bride's maid, Benita let out the tears she had been holding for long and they flowed freely on their own accord.
She was brought back from her bitter thoughts when her phone rang.
She quickly picked the call without looking at the caller.
'For English, press one...' the caller went on.
"Airtel, God will punish you people, idiot!"