Prologue - FIND ME A PERFECT WOMAN | Stories by Ima Udott

Richard closed his eyes and opened them constantly because he could not sleep. 

It was a Saturday evening, and the weather was perfect for anyone who wished to have a peaceful sleep. 

The rain was falling heavily and the breeze blew fiercely, making the trees to dance helplessly as if they were going to tear apart.  

The road was empty, but for the eager and noisy rain water that was running enthusiastically from one road side to the other and into the gutters, flooding every empty gutter and hole in the streets.

Richard wasn't a fan of rainy seasons, he felt the rain was a hindrance and an excuse for people to get more lazy by sleeping, instead of going about with their chores. 

He hated it whenever he heard people saying that it's a weather for two. He wondered why people engage in all sort of immoral acts, all in the name of rain. 

He wished he could go to their houses, one after the other and beat the hell out of them. Yes it sounded funny, but he was serious because he felt that the rainy season was one of the causes of unwanted pregnancies that leads to abortion of innocent babies by some heartless idiots.  

And those that are brave enough to keep the babies will make the innocent children suffer for crimes they never committed.

Richard gave up trying to sleep, he stood up from the warm and magnificent bed and strolled to the window. 

He opened the curtain and glanced through to see if the rain was going to stop anytime soon.

To his relieve, the rain stopped gradually, though it seemed it was just a preamble to the next heavier rain that was happily gathering in the sky.

He closed the curtain and went downstairs to get himself a cup of coffee.

He met his house help sleeping on the couch and wondered what gave her the effrontery to sleep on his couch and in his neat sitting room when he had given her a room.

Her body odor was so strong that it filled the whole parlor. Richard had to hold his nose before he was able to go close to her.

"Will you stand up from here before I kick you to your grave!"

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  1. Ima I am a lover of raining season ohh so Richard shld calm down. It's a nice story, keep it up.