Final Episode - UNPLANNED LOVE | Stories by Ima Udott

King Babatunde instructed Ngozi and Bobo to evacuate Sharon's house within two days. 

They begged to serve him at his palace since they had nowhere to go to and nothing to do, but the King refused.

Bobo decided to go back to the village where his wife and three children were struggling to survive.

Ngozi on the other side couldn't pack because she fell sick. She kept vomiting all day. When she tested herself and found out she was pregnant, she broke down and wept.

She knew it was Bobo who was responsible for her pregnancy, so, she went to tell him when he was about leaving for village.

"Me, responsible for your pregnancy? Na joke you dey joke. You think say I no sabi say you dey sleep with other men. God forbid, I no fit dey responsible for that thing we dey inside your belle. Mercy was not wrong when she said you're ashawo. I get my own family and I dey go back go meet them, bye bye."
Bobo said, carried his bags and left, with Ngozi running after him and begging him not to leave her.

She broke down by the side of the road and wept bitterly when Bobo entered a cab and left her behind.

She remembered that the King was coming to lock the compound the next day, so she had no choice but to go back, pack her own things and leave, not knowing exactly where she was going to.

Absentmindedly, Ngozi crossed the road without even checking if a vehicle was coming. 

Unluckily for her, she was knocked down by a vehicle and died instantly.

"Wey you, come and fan me." Akila, the leader of the prisoners told Sharon who hadn't slept for a long time because of the severe beatings she got from Akila.

She quickly ran to her and started to fan her with a small paper.

"Bow for me and call me your Princess." Akila ordered and smiled, exposing her set of brown, smelly teeth, such that Sharon felt irritated.

Sharon bowed for her and called her princess, making the other prisoners to laugh.

"In fact, kneel down and fan me till I sleep, no be only you wey people go dey kneel down for." Akila said.

"I will do no such thing!" Sharon said out of frustration.

Akila punched, slapped and kicked Sharon till she melted to the dirty floor and cried.

"Oya kneel down and lift your two hands up. You will not eat this night, you will remain like that till tomorrow morning." Akila said, after beating Sharon up.

Sharon quickly knelt down and lifted her hands up. She closed her eyes in pains and remembered that she once did this to Sandra. She now felt how Sandra felt back then.

Sharon swore to change for good and treat everybody she meets nicely, if and only if she survives the suffering of the prison.

After the small party at Adora's house, Tony went out to meet with Tope who was sitting outside the veranda, wondering how Sharon and Kemi were coping in prison.

"I know you are thinking about your friends, I pray and hope they survive it." Tony said and sat beside her.

"They're my childhood friends. I never planned for us to part this way. Right from secondary school, Sharon had always been mean, authoritative and full of insults. I talked to her severally, but she wouldn't stop downgrading people. The most annoying of it was that her father kept pampering and encouraging her, so she grew up that way."  Tope said. Obviously, she was sad.

"It's okay. She will learn to be good. I believe she will be okay."

Tony said, getting hold of her hand.
The connection was natural and the feelings, mutual.

They stayed hand in hand for a while, without saying anything, but they were obviously communicating in their hearts.

Tony didn't know whether to make a move or not, little did he know that he wasn't the only one falling, Tope was also in love with him.

As if he was pushed by a wild wind, he brought his face closer to Tope, and within a twinkling of an eye, they were kissing.

Kelvin decided to celebrate his 40th birthday in a hotel. 

He wanted to use it as an opportunity to reunite with his mother, for all the times he had been absent from the house, so he invited his mother, Sandra, Tony and Tope. 

They all lodged in the hotel a day to his birthday.

"I'm staying with mom in her room." Sandra told Kelvin when it was time to 
lodge a room.

Kelvin laughed and said "Your wish is my command, my princess."

So, Tope lodged with Tony while Sandra lodged with Adora. Kelvin was alone, but never complained because he knew he was still going to get Sandra when the time comes.

That evening Kelvin walked Adora to the massage floor, still in the hotel and she got massaged by one of the masseuses.
Adora felt very flexible and great after the nice massage, all thanks to her repented son.

On their way back, they saw Tony and Tope kissing under a shade.

"I'm so glad Tony has finally found love, but I hope he doesn't break Tope's heart because if he does, I will so break his own heart with hammer." Adora said as they walked past the two loves.

"He won't break her heart. As a matter of fact, he is planning to propose to her this Saturday." Kelvin said. 

He knew it was a secret between just him and Tony, but he couldn't help telling Adora, after all, she was his mother. 

It felt so good having his mother around and boldly confiding in her because ever since his father died, he had isolated himself from his mother and had missed a lot about her.

They went to a quiet place and sat down, enjoying the evening breeze.

"Mom, you know I missed you so much. I missed us like this." Kelvin said, holding his mother's hands.

Adora was gradually getting back her good health and Kelvin was glad.

"I missed you so much, son. Truth is, you were the reason why I kept falling sick back then. I once thought of committing suicide because it was as if I was the only one in this world. Boredom and loneliness became my best friends. I bless the day I met Sandra, she is indeed a gifted child. If she didn't visit me that day and talked to you on the phone for you to come home, I would have been dead. I actually planned to end my life that day, but she changed everything. Now, you see why I love that girl so much?" Adora asked.

"Yes mom. She's an angel. I'm so sorry for everything I made you pass through. Thank God she came around, I don't know what I would have done if you had died, God forbid. I also bless the day I met Sandra. I had crossed my heart and told myself I would never fall in love   because of what I assumed you did to dad. I felt every woman was the same, but when I beheld Sandra kneeling before me at the eatery the day I had an encounter with Sharon, something melted inside of me. I didn't understand it, but then, I realized that I felt that way each time I saw Sandra, so I knew I was in love." Kelvin said.

"Love is a beautiful thing, my son. I'm very happy it's Sandra you fell for, not Sharon, because if it was Sharon, I would have been a dead person by now.
Did Sandra finally accept to date you?" She asked.

"She hasn't given me a reply yet o, but tomorrow, whether she likes it or yes, she will. In fact, since she has decided to keep my request hanging for this long, I'm going to torture her small." Kelvin said, smiling.

"How do you intend doing that?" Adora asked, also smiling.

Kelvin whispered something into her ears and both mother and son threw their heads back and laughed loudly.

"Chai! Wicked boy. Let's go back jhoor, I'm getting cold." Adora said and they walked back to the hotel, hand in hand.

The next day, being Kelvin's birthday,   Sandra was the first to wish him that morning.

12:00am on the dot when every other person had gone to bed, Sandra knocked at Kelvin's room door and when he opened, she shouted a happy birthday to him.

He was very happy and invited her inside, but she declined.

"What are you scared of?" He asked.

"Nothing. I just don't feel like coming inside."

"Wait, are you scared we're gonna kiss again, like it happened at the library?"

"I am not scared."

"Then what's wrong? First, you chose to stay with mom in her room, now, you don't even want to come inside my room, have I done anything wrong? Because I've noticed you've been avoiding me lately."

Sandra turned and was about walking out when Kelvin held her back.

"Sandra please don't get me scared, talk to me."

Sandra contemplated whether to tell him or not.

"My past has been a very ugly one." She started.

Kelvin sat her down on the couch close to his room and sat beside her.

"What happened?" He asked.

"I was once married. My uncle made me marry a man old enough to be my father. He molested me sexually. Ever since my experience, I became scared of sex because he always made it so painful that I'd bleed after sex. So, before you think I'm a virgin, I'm not." She said, painfully.

"What! Why didn't you tell me all these while?" Kelvin asked in anger.

"I didn't know how to say it." She replied.
"You have been married before and didn't know how to tell me? Just go. Goodnight." Kelvin said in anger and walked past her into his room.

Frustrated, Sandra went back to Adora's room and wept all through the night.
Adora who was fast asleep had to wake up to console her.

"Do you really love him?" Adora asked her, making her to rest her head on her laps.

"Yes mom, I love Kelvin so much." Sandra said, still crying.

"So if he proposes to you, would you accept to marry him?"

"With all my heart mom, I'd gladly accept. But he wouldn't, because I'm not good enough for him. He thought me to be a virgin. Now that he knows that I was once married, he will never marry me." Sandra said, sobbing the more.

"It's okay my daughter, stop crying. Today is his birthday, a day of celebration, so, don't cry, things will fall into place with time." Adora said.

Adora smiled when Sandra finally fell asleep. She had confirmed what she wanted and truly, everything had fallen into places.

In the evening, the hall was filled up with Kelvin's guests.

Tony and Tope looked perfect and were hand in hand all through the event. It was obvious to everyone that they were a pair.

Adora was very beautiful and young in her dinner gown. It wasn't surprising that some handsome men came asking her for a dance because she still had her charming look.

Kelvin, the celebrant was just too handsome. Masculine, bearded, tall and dark with red lips and a killer eyes.

Sandra who was done dressing, stayed back in the room alone, still very sad because it seemed Kelvin wasn't going to forgive her. That evening when Kelvin had knocked on his mother's room to tell her something Sandra didn't hear, he acted as if he didn't see Sandra and when she greeted him, he refused to answer. 

So she concluded he didn't need her in his party and stayed indoor.

Though still sad, she looked so beautiful in her tight red gown that exposed her shape. 

Her hair made her look like a foreigner, coupled with her pointed nose and flawless face. She was indeed an epitome of beauty.

While she was still in the room, there was a loud knock on the door. When she opened it, it was Tope. She was panting.
"Kelvin just got shot by some bad guy!" She announced, almost in tears.

"Blood of Jesus! How? Where is he?" She asked in shock.

"He's in the hall!"

Sandra didn't wait for Tope to finish, she ran as fast as her legs could carry to the hall.

She saw people gathering around Kelvin who was on the floor.

Sandra ran to where they were, knelt beside Kelvin, and was about crying when Kelvin stood up, smiled at her, lifted her up and knelt in front of her with a very beautiful glittering ring.

"Sandra, I have been longing to spend the rest of my life with you, please marry me and be the mother of my children." He said.

Sandra blushed, smiled and covered her face. She never believed in fairy tales, she had always been seeing them happening in movies, but today, she was experiencing it. Her prince charming just proposed to her.

"I will! I will marry you, Kelvin." She screamed and everyone clapped. Some videoed them while some took pictures of them.

So, Kelvin accomplished two things on his 40th birthday, he got back his mother and got the best woman for a wife. A perfect birthday, never to be forgotten.

"Baby why are you still moody, I hope you know I already knew your past even before you told me. In fact, I liked you the more when mom told me of your early marriage and all of those. It makes you a stronger woman. I just wanted to scare you a little." Kelvin told Sandra when they were sitting beside the pool that night, after the party.
Sandra laughed. 

"So you all planned it?" She asked.

"Yeah." Kelvin answered.

"That's funny though, no wonder mom wasn't bothered. I'm actually worried about Mercy. She is like a sister to me. She has passed through so much for my sake. I wish I could help her now because she doesn't have anything doing." Sandra said.

"Is that why you are moody? That's not a problem. Tomorrow morning I'll write a cheque of two million for her to start a business." Kelvin said.

"Just like that?" Sandra asked happily.

"Yeah, just like that. Can we now go inside, my princess?" He said, holding her hands up.

When they got upstairs, Sandra didn't argue that she was going to Adora's room, she followed him as he led her to his room.

Kelvin barely locked the door when he started kissing Sandra. This time,  she didn't resist, she just surrendered herself to him. She responded, taking off his shirt so she could get access to his fine body.

He was going to make her enjoy what she had never enjoyed before. He was going to make her feel like a real woman, not what her first husband did to her.

He unzipped her gown and it fell off, showcasing her smooth body. She was magnificently endowed with both breasts and butt. She didn't bother holding back herself, she wanted him to have it all.

He kissed her, fiddled with her bra and before she knew it, her bra and panties were off, leaving her unclad. His trousers and undies were also thrown down.

He lowered her to the bed, parted her legs which were now shaking.

"Don't be scared, I've got you." He said softly.
He kissed her thighs, then slowly, he   began to suck her wet vagina.
Sandra had never had such an unexplainable pleasure before. 

She moaned, called his name, held him tight and closed her eyes.

Kelvin's hands wandered to her full beautiful breasts and caressed them, while still sucking her.

"Kelvin.... please.... please Kelvin.... please...I want you." Sandra cried, unconsciously.

Kelvin smiled. "You have me all to yourself baby." He said, looking at her, passionately.

He kissed her stomach, her neck, her ears, then back to her lips where he devoured her hungrily.

"I've never been this crazy for a woman. You have casted a spell which I don't ever want to break free from. I want you more than anything else in my life." He whispered softly into her ear, fixing his killer eyes on her.

"I want you too, Kelvin. Please make love to me." She said, half moaning.
Kelvin thrust his dick into her and she cried out in pleasure.

"Yes....yes....oh yes." Sandra kept screaming, making him to thrust in even deeper and rocked her till she was practically calling his name.

Sandra held Kelvin very tightly and he knew she would soon reach her climax. He began to moan loudly because his peak was gradually building as well. They were both practically moaning till they reached their orgasm the same time. It was as if there were fire works blasting in the their brains.

"I love you baby, you are the best." Kelvin said, still on top of her and kissed her deeply before he lay by her side.

"I never believed I could feel such pleasure in my entire life. I used to think that sex was painful." Sandra said, shyly.

"Baby, you are just so perfect, you deserve to be happy. I'd like us to wed outside the country, and don't worry about your friend, Mercy, she is coming, because I know you'd want her to be your Chief bride's maid." Kelvin said.
"Yes, I want her, because I promised not to forget about her. Thanks so much baby, you are the best." Sandra said.

"You need not thank me, thank nature for bringing you to me because I never planned to love. According to Tony, it's called unplanned love"
Kelvin said and they both laughed.




Mercy, now a business woman who was now happily married with three children was in front of her well equipped boutique when she saw a familiar face, preaching the gospel to some group of people outside.

To be sure of who she saw, she went outside and was shocked to see Sharon with a Bible, preaching the gospel. Surprised, she went back inside, took her phone and dialed Sandra's number.

"Tamara, get me my phone from the room." Sandra said to her seven year old beautiful daughter.

"Mum I'm trying to, but Charles is struggling with me." Tamara said from the room."

"Charlie boy, come to daddy, let Tammy get the phone for mummy." Kelvin who sat beside his wife on the couch said, laughing at his two smart children.

His five year old son, Charles left the phone and came out to meet him, while Tamara brought the phone to Sandra.

"The call has ended sef. These children enh..." Sandra said, dialing Mercy's number.

She was surprised when Mercy told her of Sharon. After the call, she told Kelvin about it.

"Maybe that was the only way God could win her. Everything works out for good." Kelvin said, then he whispered to Sandra "Baby, I'm damn horny."

Tamara looked at her father, smiled and said 

"Is this the part where I call our driver to come and carry Charles and I to grandma's house?"


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